FXpansion announces 50% off on BFD XFL

FXpansion has announced a 50% discount on BFD XFL, an expansion pack for BFD offering a hugely varied pallette of sounds to add into your BFD installation. BFD XFL’s 5 DVDs arm you with 22GB … read more

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FXpansion releases BFD Yamaha Oak Custom

FXpansion has released the BFD Yamaha Oak Custom, a new downloadable expansion kit for BFD 2. BFD Oak Custom Expansion Kit features a high-end Yamaha Oak Custom drum kit and Bamboo snare. Oak is a … read more

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Platinum Samples releases Jim Scott Rock Drums

Platinum Samples has released Volume 1 and 2 of Jim Scott Rock Drums, two BFD2 compatible Expansion Packs, featuring a selection of Jim’s personal classic drum kits recorded with as many as 256 velocity layers … read more

Platinum Samples releases Evil Joe Barresi Glamouflage Kit QuickPack for BFD

Platinum Samples has released Evil Joe Barresi Glamouflage Kit QuickPack, a BFD compatible QuickPack featuring the Pork Pie Glamouflage drumkit from the critically acclaimed Evil Drums expansion pack. Evil Joe Barresi is famous for producing … read more