Positive Grid updates BIAS to v1.5.7 incl. Amp Match!

Positive Grid has released version 1.5.7 of its BIAS Desktop amp designer, modeler and processor plug-in for Windows and Mac.

Positive Grid BIAS Amp Match!

Now we bring BIAS to the next level – BIAS Desktop with Amp Match! Now some of the best and most requested artists amp tones are available as a free download for all BIAS Desktop users.

Positive Grid updated today the recently launched guitar amp plug-in with amp matched presets personally created and engineered by artists such as Mark Holcomb from Periphery, Ola Englund, Rusty Cooley, and other professional recording artists. All these presets we created using the same amp, cab, and mic configuration as they use in the studio for album recordings.

The update also fixes an amp selection menu freeze issue and includes other minor improvements.

BIAS for Windows and Mac is currently available for purchase for $4.99 USD (regular $19.99 USD).

More information: Positive Grid / BIAS


Soundness releases SoundSoap 4 audio restoration software

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Soundness has released SoundSoap 4, the latest version of its audio cleaning software for Windows and Mac.

Soundness SoundSoap 4

SoundSoap 4 has some amazing new features and enhancements! A new Loudness Maximizer boosts the volume of your audio tracks without introducing distortion. SoundSoap 4’s new Declipping feature automatically fixes distortion on audio that was recorded too loud, using an advanced digital signal processing algorithm to restore clipped audio signals.

The new Track feature automatically reduces the amount of noise reduction during louder sections of the audio material, effectively increasing the amount of noise reduction you can apply. It is like having your own audio mastering engineer riding the noise reduction controls!

SoundSoap 4 now saves WAVE and AIFF files in 24-bit format for pristine audio quality (Mac). SoundSoap now includes a large parameter value display and a waveform display now shows the audio material when working with audio-only media sources.

SoundSoap 4 is available for purchase for $149 USD. BIAS SoundSoap and SoundSoap Pro user can upgrade for $49 USD. Registered owners of SoundSoap 3 who purchased after September 1 will receive a free upgrade.

More information: Soundness / SoundSoap 4


Soundness releases SoundSoap 3 noise reduction software

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Soundness SoundSoap 3

Soundness has launched SoundSoap 3, the noise reduction software previously sold by BIAS.

SoundSoap 3 solves audio noise problems like unwanted hiss and background noises, clicks, pops, crackles, electrical hum, and rumble. SoundSoap is used by hundreds of thousands of consumers and professionals worldwide to create stunning audio for their video and audio projects.

This new version of the venerable SoundSoap software adds new features, a new user interface, and 64-bit compatibility.

Changes in SoundSoap 3

  • Compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit hosts.
  • New user interface, including an improved high-resolution Wash Window.
  • Improved Learn Noise feature that allows learning from any length portion of the media, for as long as the Learn Noise button is pressed. Earlier versions of SoundSoap required 2-3 seconds of isolated material to use the Learn Noise feature.
  • The standalone SoundSoap 3 application now features audio recording.
  • After media files have been cleaned with SoundSoap, they can now be shared with one click directly to Facebook, Email, Messaging, AirDrop, and more.

SoundSoap 3 for Mac (Standalone/AU/VST) is available to purchase for $149 USD. Previous owners of BIAS SoundSoap can upgrade to SoundSoap 3 for $49 USD.

More information: Soundness


Steinberg offers WaveLab 7 Crossgrade Deal for BIAS Peak users

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Steinberg has announced a bargain deal on a time-limited 50% off crossgrade offer for BIAS Peak customers to switch to the acclaimed WaveLab 7 audio editing and mastering suite.

Steinberg WaveLab Crossgrade
BIAS Peak customers can get WaveLab 7 or WaveLab Elements 7 at a 50% discount.

“We deeply regret that such an acclaimed software product like Peak has ceased to be,” said Frank Simmerlein, director of marketing at Steinberg. “We feel that many Mac users currently running Peak might find a new home with WaveLab, hence our crossgrade offer at an exceptional price.”

WaveLab belongs to the very first mastering applications available and is today’s industry-standard for mastering, audio editing and restoration. Employed as the number one audio editing and mastering application in music studios, mastering facilities and broadcast stations, WaveLab perfectly meets the demands of both professional engineers and home musicians with its impressive set of features.

The crossgrade offer is available until October 31st, 2012. Eligible for this offer are users of BIAS Peak Studio XT 7, BIAS Peak Pro XT 6, BIAS Peak Studio 7, BIAS Peak Pro 6, BIAS Peak Studio LE 7 and BIAS Peak LE 6.

Crossgrades to WaveLab 7 are 299 EUR, crossgrades to WaveLab Elements 7 are 49.99 EUR. Prices including German VAT.

More information: Steinberg / WaveLab Crossgrade


Time+Space announces ESI Phonorama USB audio interface

ESI Phonorama

Time+Space has announced the Phonorama by ESI, a USB audio interface for recording analog audio to digital formats.

If you’re looking to transfer your old tapes and records to mp3 or wav files quickly and with a high quality result, the ESI Phonorama is the perfect solution.

The USB interface features an adjustable phono preamp and comes bundled with the powerful and convenient BIAS SoundSaver audio restoration solution for Mac and PC.

The PHONORAMA USB audio interface features a phono preamp that can be matched to MM (moving magnet) and MC (moving coil) systems with its RCA inputs. It also features a convenient ground connection screw. For transfers of signals from tape and other sources, the phono preamp can be turned off for line signals. There is also a stereo line and headphone output.

Bundled with PHONORAMA is SoundSaver, the easy all-in-one analog media archiving solution from BIAS. It allows capturing of your favourite records and tapes, either manually or with the automatic record timer. Then remove unwanted noise, tape/needle hiss as well as click and crackles, before exporting separate tracks as mp3, to your iTunes library or as WAV files for CD recording.

The ESI Phonorama is avaialble to purchase for RRP £76.95 GBP / 89 EUR.

More information: Time+Space


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