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Short links for October 15th, 2008

Some interesting things I found recently:

Gijs Gieskes Acid-Machine

# Gijs Gieskes Acid-Machine – A machine that makes sort of party like music.. (it can also make other types of music).

Gijs explains:

The circle with the lines that you see on the top of the machine, rotates and displays the note you are playing. When you play a C the lines in the middle circle will be standing still.. from the C it will go outward, displaying all notes on a keyboard in 12 steps. It works by making a LED blink in the frequency of the sound, and rotating the image at a set speed. For the distance between the lines i used this table, it displays musical frequencys in centimeters. The sound part of the machine is based on logic ICs, but it also has a simple noise generator, and a filter. The sound the synth generates, is a 4 bit saw, or the same saw clipped to a square. The 4 bit saw is made with a binary counter and a resistor ladder. A nice feature is that you can mix in the binary pins, making one octave jumping chords (like c1 + c2 + c3 or d1 + d2 + d3 and so on).

# Mark Growden plays the handlebars (link to video) – Doctor Popular talks to Mark Growden about his unusual use of bicycle handlebars as a musical instrument.

# Cybernetik Mayhem Samplepack – by Cybernetika (direct download)

Compressed Size: 480 MB / Uncompressed Size: 844 MB
Sample format: 44.100-48.000khz / 16 bit .WAV

Cybernetika writes:

These are the best samples I used in my released or unreleased tracks. This Sample Pack is focused on Dark & Cybernetic Sounds for Psytrance, Techno, Drum’n’Bass, Dark Ambient & IDM.

Feel free to use them in your tracks, these samples are 100% free to use however you like to use them. Please give me some credit if you use them and like them.

The sample pack includes basses, pads & Atmos, FX, psy riffs & sequences, and percussion loops.

Check here for more info on Cybernetika.

Short links for May 28th, 2008

Some interesting things I found on May 28th, 2008:

# CrackleBook – A cracklebox project from Worth Ekik.

Matthew writes:

I strongly recommend building this if you like noisy toys. The touch-pad interface is fun, and a nice change from the more traditional knob or key methods. As far as musicality goes, it’s not great. However, it is capable of some very interesting ambient textures such as white and pink noise. It even has some Theremin-like capabilities (see the video for me waving my hand over the pads). It’s pretty unpredictable, but if you can find the 709 chip, this is a great box to experiment with.

Worth Ekik Crackle Book
Worth Ekik Crackle Book – looks like a nice read

# Hybrid Scrapyard workshop – Hybrid Scrapyard is an extended version of The Scrapyard Challenge workshops. Participants build simple electronic projects (both with digital and analog inputs) out of found or discarded “junk” (old electronics, clothing, furniture, outdated computer equipment, appliances, turntables, monitors, gadgets, etc..).

# iPod/MP3 Player Bicycle Speaker – A simple passive speaker for your bicycle using the parts you have lying around. Loud enough to hear on quiet roads. A person with very basic soldering skills should be able to do this; doesn't require any advanced electronics knowhow.

# BalvenAmp – DIY tube amp. It's not a very good speaker, so there's a lot of low-end distortion, but at low volumes the treble is actually quite clear.

Short links for May 23rd, 2008

Olympus LS-10

Some interesting things I found on May 23rd, 2008:

# Review: Olympus LS-10 WAV/WMA/MP3 Recorder – Olympus brings its expertise in cameras and voice recorders to the exploding field of portable WAV/MP3 recorders and comes up with some new twists. Guitarist Mark Nelson tests this 24-bit, aluminum-clad beauty and likes what he hears.

Mark writes:

I like the Olympus LS-10 a lot. I’m tickled with the design, ergonomics, audio quality, and the rugged aluminum case. I even like the little carrying case; it’s just big enough for the recorder and a mini tripod.

# Peter Vogel’s Fairlight Audio Archives – A collection of audio material including Fairlight demos, radio interviews and CMI pieces from the eighties. There are even a couple of recordings from the Fairlight CMI's predecessor, the Qasar M8, designed by Tony Furse.

# S T E I M needs your support

Things are not well at STEIM. We are in the danger of losing our structural funding from the government, based on a review from the advisor board which called us ‘closed and only appealing to a niche audience’. The outlook isn’t exactly bleak, but at the moment our future is unclear.

You can help out the creators of the Cracklebox by writing to the Dutch government, more info here.

# Cyclepong 2.0 – Cyclepong is an update of the classic arcade game Pong to use bikes as the controllers.

# Interview: New Virtual Instrument Maker FAW Talks Usability and Design

Peter Kirn writes:

Eoin Rossney, our new writer and contributor to the Kore minisite, got a chance to talk to FAW co-founder Gavin Burke, a fellow Irishman. We’ll have more on the instrument itself soon, but it’s an excellent, coffee-fueled discussion.

Short links for December 3rd, 2007

Some interesting things I bookmarked on on December 3rd, 2007:

Guy with big sound on his bike
Guy with big sound on his bike (photo by Tyler Hicks/The New York Times)

ME BIKE – The Dream Bike Festival 2007

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ME BIKE – The Dream Bike Festival highlights the question: How do artists envision their dream bike?

ME BIKE logo

From the ME BIKE website:

The Dream Bike concept is based on a Simpson’s episode where homers brother asked him to build his dream car which he calls the “Homer”, Homer adds all sorts of weird effect like bubble domes, fins and several horns that play “La Cucaracha”…

This year in Amsterdam style, over fifty international and nation artists, bike lovers, bike designers and bike riders, will bring their own dream bike to the ME BIKE – THE DREAM BIKE FESTIVAL at the Carhartt Store and the Westergasterrein in Amsterdam.

So, if you’re in Amsterdam this weekend, it might be cool to join the Dream Bike Festival and check out expositions of real bikes, paintings, sculptures and installations. There will be a BMX presentations, a children’s parcour, a big live painting session, outdoor and indoor cinema and lots more.

Some images from the 2006 ME BIKE - THE DREAM BIKE PROJECT
Some images from the 2006 ME BIKE – THE DREAM BIKE PROJECT

There’s a big city for everyone on Saturday (5.30pm) so bring your own bike and you can join.

On Sunday there are is a Graffiti-Streetart-Tour around the area, more BMX presentations and the ME BIKE – The Dream Bike Awards for the categories “Best of Show”, “Most Creative Design” and “Worst of Show”.

For more details, check the ME BIKE website.

Star Wars helmet for cyclists

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Breathe Air helmet

This Breathe Air helmet looks like it came straight from a Star Wars movie.

According to 22-year-old Brunel University industrial design and technology student Luke Pannell it’s not just a cool looking helmet.

From the Lancashire Evening Post:

The helmet was created to filter out particles which irritate hay fever and asthma sufferers. It covers the cyclist’s nose and mouth with a shield behind which the filtered air circulates. Used air is expelled via a plastic tube when the cyclist exhales.

Stephen Green, lecturer at Brunel University’s school of engineering and design, said: “Combining a helmet with effective filtering will provide considerably more reassurance to people whilst cycling.”

Luke is looking for a manufacturer to produce Breathe Air helmet, which is expected to retail for around 100 pounds.

Bicycle wheel table

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MakeZine has images of a bunch of cool looking tables you won’t find just anywhere.

One of them is a Bicycle wheel table.

Bicycle wheel table
Bicycle wheel table by Madeindesign

Check MakeZine for the Knife, fork and spoon table, Multiprocessor CD-ROM chess table and more.

Reel to Wheel: Bicylces and reel-to-reel tape machines

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Reel to Wheel is an interesting project by Sasha Leitman, Steven Backer, Jesse Fox, and Jen Carlile.

Reel to Wheel currently includes two main instruments, Hank’s Wild Ride (two bikes facing in opposite directions and connected by a gear box) and The Looping Pedal which was shown at the Maker Faire last weekend.

Drawing sketch of The Looping Pedal
Drawing sketch of The Looping Pedal

The Looping Pedal, rotates two sections of 1/4” audio tape over two tape heads. This is a loop in the most literal sense. The instrument can make a typical “scratching” sound by pushing the wheel back and forth or it can create a different timbre by spinning the wheel freely. In addition to the “traditional” scratching gesture, the left wheel can also be rotated using the attached pedal. The result is a sound that builds on the sound of turntable scratching while adding other sonic possibilities.

Check here for an image of the real thing.

More information about projects shown at the Maker Faire can be found at CDM. Also check the Maker Faire 2007 Flickr set for a visual impression of the faire.

Link via CDM