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Time+Space intros EPIC: Cinematic Drums & Sound Design by Big Fish Audio

Big Fish Audio EPIC

Time+Space has announced the release of EPIC: Cinematic Drums & Sound Design, a virtual instrument by Big Fish Audio.

Looking for a quick and easy solution for creating your next cinematic soundtrack? Created for use with Kontakt 5, EPIC is colossal in scope yet simple to use so you can get that tremendous cinematic sound in just a few clicks.

EPIC features hundreds of killer performance loops, organised into 24 different Kontakt construction kits making it fast and easy to compose Action, Suspense, or Horror cues when you’re on a tight deadline. What’s more, EPIC also includes multi-sampled versions of all of the drums used in the performance loops, so you can easily create your own fills, rhythms, and sounds, or mix and match pre-generated loops with your own custom material.

A huge variety of ethnic drums and percussion were recorded for this library including Chinese drums, taikos, African drums, frame drums, small and large gongs, cymbals, quints, a complete set of five Roto-Toms, and a massive, studio-shaking 39″ nagada drum from India. You’ll also find hundreds of high-quality cinematic sound design elements, such as thundering Hits, Impacts, Metals, Risers and Whooshes.

EPIC is available to purchase for RRP £125 GBP / 159 EUR.

More information: Time+Space / EPIC


Big Fish Audio launches 4th of July Sale

Big Fish Audio has launched its 4th of July Sale, offering up to 35% off on selected virtual instruments and sample libraries.

Big Fish Audio 4th of July Sale

Now through Sunday, July 7th find huge savings at Big Fish Audio!*

If your shopping cart totals $299 or more, take a 35% discount on your entire order. Take 25% off for orders of $99 to $298 and 15% for orders of $19 to $98.

4th of July Sale

  • 35% off all orders of $299 or more. Use code: 4JLY35
  • 25% off all order of $99 to $298. Use code: 4JLY25
  • 15% off all orders of $19 to $98. Use code: 4JLY15

The sale ends July 7th, 2013.

More information: Big Fish Audio

*Excluding Sonokinetic and Ueberschall. Offer can not be combined with any other coupon, sale or special offer.


Big Fish Audio releases Vintage Vibe for Kontakt and ReFill

Big Fish Audio Vintage Vibe

Big Fish Audio has released the Vintage Vibe sample library, a collection of multi-sampled instruments that captures the great retro sounds of classic Rock, R&B, Soul, Funk, Country, and Jazz tracks from the 1960s and 1970s.

The list of instruments ranges from rare, collectible, and even one-of-a-kind pieces to cheap knock-offs and banged-up stuff found in junkyards. Instruments weren’t included just because they were rare or expensive. Instead, they were chosen because they sounded cool, and had a unique character: a “vibe” that’s often absent from the “meticulously recorded, “pristine” sampled instruments of today.

The drum sets in VINTAGE VIBE are live and open: snares crack and ring and toms thunder, untamed by gates or compressors. Keyboards were sampled clean and through old amps, yielding sounds ranging from “classic” to “borderline psychotic” (see the Filthy Wurlitzer patch). Basses and guitars were set-up to replicate a variety of retro sounds and styles from many musical genres. And for good measure, we even included a psychedelic staple of the late 1960′s, the electric sitar.

The sound library is available for Kontakt Player 5 and as a ReFill, priced at $199.95 USD.

More information: Big Fish Audio / Vintage Vibe


Big Fish Audio launches SWAGG urban synth library

Big Fish Audio SWAGG

Big Fish Audio has announced the release of SWAGG, an urban synth virtual instrument developed by VIP Loops in collaboration with Big Fish Audio.

Based on the hottest sounds that create today’s hip hop, R&B, pop, and soul hits, SWAGG is the ultimate urban instrument! Make your productions stand out from the competition with huge sounds that cut through your mix. Designed completely from the ground up, SWAGG contains over 8GB (11GB uncompressed) of samples and a total of 345 patches specifically designed for urban music production.

When you’re in the studio and under deadlines, you need to get down to business quickly. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to virtual synths, SWAGG is easy to use and delivers go-to sounds allowing you to create top notch productions without wasting studio time.

SWAGG features

  • Triggerable Pitch FX (preset pitch envelope settings).
  • Triggerable Stutter FX (synced to tempo).
  • Toggleable reverse sample playback.
  • Amp, Filter Envelope and Filter Cutoff/Resonance.
  • Morphable Q-Tone filter and 5 compressor presets.
  • Modulation FX (chorus, flanger, phaser – 3 presets each), Reverb (9 presets), Delay (8 presets), each with adjustable wet level.
  • Easy to use 24/7 arpeggiator with several modes.
  • LFO with 5 different waveforms assignable to pitch, filter, cutoff and pan.
  • Velocity routable to filter cutoff and amp.
  • Mono mode with portamento (glide).
  • ADSR right at your finger tips.
  • All features accessible from the front screen.

SWAGG for Kontakt Player 5 is available as a download and on DVD, priced at $199.95 USD.

More information: Big Fish Audio / SWAGG


Time+Space launches Easter Eggstravaganza – 50% off selected Big Fish Audio

Big Fish Audio Sale at Time+Space

Time+Space has announced the Easter Eggstravaganza, offering a 50% discount on selected Big Fish Audio sample libraries for a limited time.

With the long Easter weekend almost upon us, you might find you’ve got some extra time to make music so why not get some inspiration courtesy of Time+Space and Big Fish Audio with 50% off selected libraries until 31st March.

Having been established since 1986, Big Fish Audio are among the original pioneers of the sample library industry and the fact that they are still going strong today is testament to the quality and variety of sample collections they produce.

With prices starting at just £12.48 and genres ranging from Hip Hop and Jazz to Rock, Punk, Blues and more, all titles in the 50% off sale are available for immediate download so you can get started straight away!

The sale ends March 31st, 2013.

More information: Time+Space


Win your choice of up to £500 worth of Big Fish Audio samples at Time+Space

Time+Space has launched a Big Fish Audio giveaway, an opportunity to win up to £500 GBP worth of sample libraries.

Big Fish Audio at Time+Space

Big Fish Audio are one of the original pioneers of the sample library industry having been established since way back in 1986. The company stands out as one of the most reputable and top notch sample developers when it comes to quality and variety.

In fact, there are few sample companies who can boast such a diverse product range. From real instruments, orchestral and cinematic sounds in the form of Symphonic Manoeuvres, Guitar Soundscapes and Ambient Skyline to sounds from all corners of the world – Rhythms of Arabia, Score of India, Americana Country , Nashville Sessions and Mexican Mariachi.

Dance music producers will find plenty of inspiration in Dubstep Killers, Technocore and Pure Hard Trance and those looking for something more unique will be spoiled by titles such as Spy: Top Secret, Hot Fuzz Vintage Cop Show Kits and Gypsy Cafe.

We could go on for hours but instead, thanks to Big Fish, we´re giving you the chance to win your own choice of sample libraries!

Win the Grand Prize and you can choose Big Fish Audio samples up to the value of £500, or, win one of two runners up prizes and you´ll get £250 to spend!

The competition ends February 28th, 2013, and winners will be published on the Time+Space website in early March.

More information: Time+Space


Big Fish Audio releases Altered Reality: Dark Cinematic Elements

Big Fish Audio Altered Reality Dark Cinematic Elements

Big Fish Audio has announced the release of Altered Reality: Dark Cinematic Elements, a sample library featuring a collection of instruments and atmospheres from an altered reality.

Over 3.5 GB of pristinely crafted cinematic loops and samples to help you create dark worlds and suspenseful cues quickly and easily. Altered reality includes both loops and one-shots. The loops section includes drums, percussion, basses and synths. The one-shots section includes FX, atmospheres and hits that bring complex layers and depth to any cinematic production.

All of this has been formatted in Acidized WAV, REX, Apple Loop, and Kontakt formats. This cinema-ready product speaks for itself, from robots and space ships to desert wastelands, Altered Reality has it all.

The sound library is available to purchase for $129.95 USD.

More information: Big Fish Audio / Altered Reality: Dark Cinematic Elements