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KV331 Audio releases BigTone Signature Sounds Volume 1

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BigTone Signature Sounds Vol 1 for SynthMaster

KV331 Audio has announced the release of BigTone Signature Sounds Volume 1, a new preset expansion bank for the SynthMaster software synthesizer for Windows and Mac.

This new preset bank, created by BigTone, features the classic BigTone signature sounds, mostly in Bass, Sequence and Pad categories.

BigTone Signature Sounds Vol 1 features

  • 50 presets, in the following categories:
    • 3 Arp.
    • 9 Bass.
    • 8 Bass/Sequence.
    • 8 FX.
    • 1 Flute.
    • 1 Keys.
    • 10 Pad.
    • 1 Drum/Percussion.
    • 5 Sequence.
    • 2 Vocal/Pad.

The soundset is available to purchase for $12 USD during KV331 Audio’s 20% OFF Spring Sale until April 30th, 2013.

More information: KV331 Audio / BigTone Signature Sounds Vol 1


Tone2 releases The Dark Toxic soundset for Saurus

Tone2 has announced the release of Dark Toxic, a soundset for the Saurus virtual analog synthesizer plug-in for Windows and Mac.

Tone2 The Dark Toxic for Saurus

In a world filled with sounds it is sometimes hard to find something new, something from the depths of darkness that rips through the norm and sets your track apart.

Dark Toxic is that something! Using Saurus’ powerful oscillators, squelchy filters and a wealth of modulation options, our sound designers set out to create the dirtiest of the dirty.

140 original sounds programmed from scratch to showcase the dark side of Saurus, with a clear focus on the harder edged sounds for genres such as Drum and Bass, Complextro, Dubstep, Grindcore and Electronica. Dark Toxic covers the entire dirt range, from cone trashing basses to club smashing leads and pads, all to bring you the best in raw dark synth power.

The Dark Toxic features

  • Hand-picked selection of 140 presets created by a large number of professional sound designers: Ed Ten Eyck, Aiyn Zahev, George Zondagh, Massimo Bosco, Jamie Docwra, Marco Scherer, Bigtone, Rob Fabrie, Reinhard Reschner, Jeff Rhodes, Bryan Lee, SupremeJa, The Unshushable Coktor, Grzegorz Bartoszek, Sean Charles and Bastiaan van Noord (Tone2).
  • Supports modwheel, velocity and aftertouch.
  • Volume of all sounds has been carefully normalized.

The soundset is available to purchase for $39 USD / 29 EUR incl. VAT.

More information: Tone2 Audiosoftware / Dark Toxic


Camel Audio Alchemy Mobile updated to v1.1.35 + 60% off Electronic Sound Libraries

Camel Audio has announced the release of Alchemy Mobile version 1.1.35, an update to their free iOS app that turns your iPhone/iPad into a powerful synthesizer.

Camel Audio Alchemy Mobile
The Performance screen in Camel Audio’s Alchemy Mobile software synthesizer for iOS.

This update adds keyboard scales, an easy to use slide out keyboard menu, a larger menu for the iPad version and various bug fixes.

Additional new features will integrate with the upcoming Alchemy v1.5 for Mac/PC including polyphonic pitch bend for expressive, unique control of the desktop synth – especially when combined with polyphonic aftertouch – and improved Alchemy desktop preset import via single bundled file.

Camel Audio has also aanounced a 3-day 60% discount on three of their electronic Alchemy Mobile Sound Libraries. Dubstep, Dance & Trance and BigTone are available as in-app purchases for $1.99 USD / 1.59 EUR / £1.49 GBP (regular $4.99 USD / 3.99 EUR / £2.99 GBP).

Alchemy Mobile Free is available for iPhone/iPad from the iTunes app store. Alchemy Mobile Pro Upgrade is available as in-app purchase from the free version, priced at $14.99 USD / 11.99 EUR / £10.49 GBP.

More information: Camel Audio / Alchemy Mobile


KV331 Audio releases SynthMaster v2.5

KV331 Audio has released version 2.5 of SynthMaster, a semi-modular synthesizer and effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

With version 2.5, SynthMaster becomes a cross-platform plug-in running on Windows (32/64 bits) and Mac OSX (32 bits) operating systems in VST and AU formats.

The latest version comes with 400 new factory presets, while introducing new filter types, improved filter algorithms with pre/inside/post distortion routings, stereo oscillators with improved unison, vector synthesis with 2D envelopes, sample playback (SFZ) synthesis, improved arpeggiator, improved modulation architecture, improved easy parameters, online preset browser, multiple skins, flexible effects routing, improved effects as well as 3 new effects: Phaser, Ensemble and Compressor.

KV331 Audio SynthMaster 2.5

Changes in SynthMaster v2.5

  • Cross-platform VST & AU: SynthMaster 2.5 now runs as a VST instrument/effect on both Windows and Mac OSX, and as an Audio Unit instrument/effect on Mac OSX.
  • 400 New Factory Presets: SynthMaster 2.5 comes with 400 new factory presets from a world class team of sound designers: BigTone, Ümit ‘Insigna’ Uy, Frank ‘Xenox’ Neumann, Teoman Pasinlioglu, Mr Shoufuku and Brian ‘Xenos’ Lee.
  • Improved Filter Algorithms: The ‘analog’ filter models have been improved to better model the analog ladder filter. The ‘digital’ filters on the other hand have been rewritten from scratch for better VA sound.
  • Before/After/Inside Filter Distortion: Custom distortion stage added into the filters so that signals can be distorted before, after or even inside the filter. With this flexibility, it is now possible to create screaming sounds using the filters in SynthMaster.
  • ‘Multimode’ Filters: With the new ‘multimode’ filter type, it is now possible to switch from Lowpass to Bandpass to Highpass filter types continously using the ‘filter mode’ parameter. For analog multimode filters, it is even possible to change the slope of the filter continously from 0 db/oct to 24 db/oct using the ‘continous slope’ parameter.
  • ‘Dual’ Filters: With the new ‘dual’ filter type, it is now possible to run two multimode filters simultaneously, either in parallel, or in series. The mix ratios between the filters, and the topology (parallel/series) between them can be changed continuosly, as well as the modes and cutoff frequencies of the filters.
  • Vector Synthesis: A new ‘vector’ oscillator type has been added to add support for vector synthesis in SynthMaster.
  • 2D Envelopes: A new envelope generator type called “XY envelope” is added, so that line segments between points in 2 dimensions can be used to generate 2 dimensional envelope signals. XY Envelopes can be used not only for modulating “vector” oscillator x/y indexes, but also for all other voice parameters within SynthMaster.
  • Sample Playback (SFZ) Synthesis: A new “sample playback” oscillator type has been added so that SFZ files can be played back. It is also possible with version 2.5 to generate SFZ files by dragging and dropping multiple WAV/AIFF samples onto an oscillator waveform display.
  • Stereo Oscillators with Improved Unison: Oscillators in SynthMaster 2.5 have now stereo output. With the new “voices”, “pan spread” and “detune spread” parameters, each basic/wavescanning oscillator can have its own unison settings which eliminates the need to enable unison for all voice elements.
  • Improved Arpeggiator: The number of steps in the arpeggiator is increased to 32, while classic arpeggiator modes such as up, down, updown, downup and as played are added as well. Drag and drop of MIDI files onto the arpeggiator display is also possible now so that monophonic/polyphonic sequences can be imported into the arpeggiator.
  • Improved Modulation Architecture: The modulation architecture has been vastly improved, so that now there are 3 modulation sources available for each modulation target. A modulation matrix with 64 slots is also added. The matrix has filtering as well so that targets for a specific source, or sources for a specific target can be filtered and shown on the user interface.
  • Improved Easy Parameters: The easy parameters can now be globally linked to MIDI controllers, and they can be assigned automatically by SynthMaster.
  • Online Preset Browser: Registered users can now upload their own presets to the online preset library, or browse and download presets created by other registered users; using the preset browser right inside the plug-in UI.
  • Multiple Skins: SynthMaster 2.5 comes with 3 different skins in different color variations. Using the included user interface editor, users can not only customize the existing skins but also can create their own custom interfaces as well.
  • Flexible Effects Routing: With version 2.5, there is no more the differentiation of layer/global effects. Each effect can be inserted on a layer or on one of the 2 global effect buses.
  • Better Reverb: The reverb effect in SynthMaster 2.5 has been improved and now it is a high quality reverb with advanced parameters such as 2 band EQs for early/late reflections, early/late mix ratios, damping control, distance and room size.
  • Better Delay: The delay effect in SynthMaster has been improved and now it contains a 2 band EQ and a custom distortion curve to filter and distort the delayed input signal.
  • Better Distortion: The distortion effect in SynthMaster has been improved and now it contains 2 band EQs before/after the distortion stage and a custom distortion curve as well.
  • New Effects: 3 new effecs are added to SynthMaster: 4/8/12/16 stage Phaser, 2-8 voice Ensemble, and Peak Compressor.

SynthMaster 2.5 is available to purchase for the introductory price of $99 USD until October 15th, 2011 (regular $129 USD). Academic licensing is also available for students, teachers and academics for $59 USD.

Following the release of SynthMaster 2.5, KV331 Audio will start releasing preset expansions for different genres. The first expansion pack will be Rob Lee’s House/EDM expansions, scheduled for release by the end of November 2011.

More information: KV331 Audio


Review: BigTone Stratospheres for u-he Zebra 2

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Hot on the heels of the recent updates for Zebra follows the release of three new patch libraries for the virtual modular synthesizer.

Big Tone Stratospheres

One of them is Stratospheres, the sequel to the acclaimed Chronospheres soundset by BigTone Studios.

The main focus of this soundset is on meticulous emulations of classic analogue sounds – but several surprises are also included! Great care has been taken to ensure that all patches remain rich and expressive across several octaves: all sounds are truly playable… Stratospheres is a must for all aficionados of analogue synthesis!

The Stratospheres soundset includes a total of 136 patches for Zebra. The sounds are generally extremely expressive, with many patches having modwheel, pitchbend, velocity and aftertouch assigned. The patch names indicate which controls are used, and Zebra’s info panel has detailed information for each patch.

The sounds are divided into eight categories:

  • 18 arpeggiated sounds,
  • 27 basses,
  • 15 drum & percussion hits,
  • 8 sound fx,
  • 17 keys,
  • 10 leads,
  • 34 pads,
  • and 7 sequenced sounds.

With a focus on classic analogue type sounds the set includes deep bass sounds, lush house chord stabs, polysynth sounds, 303 acid type bleeps, a large selection of huge pads, and much more. Classic, but not outdated.

Have a listen to the Stratospheres demo sounds below.

So what do I think?

Product: Stratospheres by BigTone
Format: .h2p for Zebra 2.5
Price: $30 USD excl. VAT
Like: High quality, expressive sounds, especially pads section is amazing
Don’t like: –
Verdict: 9/10

To be honest I already knew I was going to like this set before even checking it. BigTone already impressed me with his previous soundsets (LinPlug Albino, Camel Audio Alchemy, and Tone2 ElectaX) and Stratospheres does not disappoint either.

The set features a wonderful blend of useable, bread and butter type sounds. Never too experimental, never bland either. Even though this set has a focus on classic analogue sounds there is still a lot of unique material in here. The “granular beauty” patch is just gorgeous. There’s hardly a dud to be found in the soundset, but the pads section is my favorite. Huge sounds, wonderfully dynamic. So inspiring.

Seeing as there are already thousands of free sounds available for Zebra, any commercial set really needs to offer something worthwhile. Stratospheres surely delivers. Nico Herz is a top notch sound designer and in my opinion you can’t go wrong with picking up any of his soundsets.

More information: u-he / BigTone! Stratospheres


u-he releases Bigtone Stratospheres soundset for Zebra 2.5

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Big Tone Stratospheres

u-he has released Stratospheres by Bigtone Studios, a new soundset for the Zebra 2.5 virtual synthesizer.

BIGTONE Studios proudly presents Stratospheres, their second soundset for Zebra² 2.5+.

Once again BIGTONE returns to every aspect of Zebra² bringing you Arps, Basses, Keys, Leads+Seqs, and Pads+Athmos for any aficionado of electronica, from sublime aural touches to powerful in-your-face sounds. We think you’ll be glad BIGTONE returned and applied their fantastic sound production techniques to Zebra²!

Stratospheres features

  • 136 expressive patches for u-he Zebra 2.5
  • Includes 18 arps, 27 basses, 15 drums/perc, 8 sfx, 17 keys, 10 leads, 34 pads, 7 sequencer.
  • BigTone’s emphasize with this patch bank is on expression through common controllers such as Velocity, Aftertouch, PitchBend and Modwheel.
  • Preset names indicate the main controllers by their endings, such as mw for ModWheel and pb for PitchBend.
  • Most patches have various hints for playability and usage.

Stratospheres for Zebra is available to purchase for $30 USD excl. VAT.

More information: u-he / Stratospheres


LinPlug Soundsets Sale + 64-bit Mac support for Albino, CronoX & Alpha

LinPlug Soundsets Sale

LinPlug has announced a limited time promotion, offering special prices on three of its soundsets.

We are drastically reducing the price of three of our soundsets during June 2011.

LinPlug Soundset Sale

  • Ian Boddy Alpha Signature Set for the Alpha Synthesizer
    only 14.50 instead of 39 Euro / only 19.99 US$ instead of 49 US$
  • RMV Lambik Loops for the RMV
    only 14.50 instead of 39 Euro / only 19.99 US$ instead of 59 US$
  • Bigtone Ambient Excursion Set for the Albino 3
    only 22.50 instead of 59 Euro / only 29.99 instead of 79 US$

The soundsets sale is available throughout June 2011.

LinPlug has also announced the release of some more native 64-bit Mac instruments.

MorphoX is available in 64 bit format for Mac since March and doing pretty well. So we released another three instruments as 64 bit versions: Albino, CronoX and Alpha. They can be found at the location mentioned in your registration mail (the mail you got after your purchase or registration). Win-Users: all products are Win 64 bit too!

More information: LinPlug