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Tone2 Audiosoftware releases Voltage! soundset for ElectraX

Tone2 Voltage! for ElectraX

Tone2 Audiosoftware has announced the release of Voltage!, a soundset for the ElectraX virtual synthesizer for Windows and Mac.

Voltage! is an inspiring collection of 200 presets ingeniously programmed by professional sound designers, suitable for Techno, Trance, Electronic, Dubstep, House, Dance, Progressive and a wide variety of other music genres.

With its multi-layered Arps & Sequences, smooth Leads and massive Bass sounds Voltage! is the perfect complement to your ElectraX experience.

Voltage! features

  • 200 presets for ElectraX:
    • 45 inspiring arpeggiators and multilayer-sequences
    • 61 unique synth, leads and stack sounds
    • 47 fat, deep bass sounds
    • 47 exciting pad and rhythmic gate sounds
  • The high quality sounds are a hand-picked selection created by a large number of professional sounddesigners: Electric Himalaya, BigTone, Marco Scherer, Massimo Bosco, Bryan ‘Xenos’ Lee, Reinhard Reschner, Supremeja, George Zondagh, Robert Cecil, Motoko, Bastiaan van Noord (Tone2), Markus Feil (Tone2).
  • The soundset supports modwheel, velocity and aftertouch. For excellent usability the volume of all sounds has been carefully normalized. Most sounds can be morphed with the modwheel.

Voltage! is available to purchase for 39 EUR incl. VAT.

More information: Tone2 / Voltage!


BigTone Studios releases Chronospheres

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BigTone Studios Chronospheres

BigTone Studios has released Chronospheres, a collection of 128 expressive patches for u-he Zebra 2.5.

Several features and enhancements were added to Zebra² 2.5 at the request of BT to complete this bank of 128 carefully-crafted presets. The sounds cover a wide musical range and BT is confident there is something for everyone. Be sure to lisen to the demo mp3s and read the patch listing to get a good feel for the set. And of course, Zebra² 2.5 or greater is required. Enjoy!

Chronospheres features

  • 128 patches: 16 arps, 8 athmospheric stuff, 24 bass, 6 fx, 9 keys, 5 leads, 4 loops ‘n things, 13 semi-real, 19 pads, 7 sequencer, 16 syndrums and percussion.
  • Most patches have 1-3 XY-controls assigned (these are mainly set up in a surgical way, such as reverb mix).
  • Emphasis on expression through common controllers such as Velocity, Aftertouch, PitchBend and Modwheel (preset names indicate the main controllers, e.g. mw for ModWheel and pb for PitchBend).

Chronospheres is available to purchase from u-he for $30 USD.

More information: u-he / Chronospheres


reFX releases HandsUp-Electro Bass Vol.2 and Bigtone Signature 3

reFX HandsUp-Electro Bass Vol.2 / Bigtone Signature 3

reFX has released HandsUp-Electro Bass Vol.2 and Bigtone Signature 3, two new sound expansions for NEXUS2.

New Nexus2 expansions

  • HandsUp-Electro Bass Vol.2
    More than 150 presets supply producers with everything they need in the dance/electro scene. The latest trends in the clubs – Manuel Schleis (Spencer & Hill etc.), the expert of Dance music, demonstrates his impressive skills once again.
  • Bigtone Signature 3
    Volume 3 of the BigTone series has landed. Breath-taking pads – soft, silky, teeming with life. You have never heard such beautiful pad-sounds before.

HandsUp-Electro Bass Vol.2 and Bigtone Signature 3 are available for purchase for 69.99 EUR each. Demo mp3 files and preset lists are available from the reFX website.

More information: reFX / NEXUS2 Expansions


Camel Audio releases BigTone Alchemy and updates Alchemy to v1.11

Camel Audio BigTone Alchemy

Camel Audio has announced the release of BigTone Alchemy, a new collection of patches for Alchemy by BigTone.

BigTone is a collection of 150 immaculately programmed pads, playable arps and warm synth sounds for Alchemy, which is suitable for a wide range of genres including trance, ambient and electronica.

The set was created by respected sound designer BigTone, and comes with a library of over 100MB of his specially created samples. Each preset has fully programmed perform assignments which make them fun and easy to tweak, and comes with 8 remix pad variations for a total of 1200 sounds.

BigTone Alchemy features

  • Sound Types: 42 Synths, 24 Arps, 23 Pads, 22 Loops, 15 Basses, 9 Leads, 7 Sound Effects, 5 Soundscapes, 3 Keys
  • Sound Designer: BigTone
  • Genres: Ambient, Dance/Trance, Electronica, IDM, Techno/Electro, …
  • Download Size: 107 MB

BigTone Alchemy is available as a download for $59 USD.

Camel Audio Alchemy

Camel Audio has also updated Alchemy to version 1.11, including many new features and bug fixes, and providing Windows 7 and Snow Leopard compatibility.

The new version offers Cameleon 5000 preset import, new formant filters for the additive and spectral sections, much enhanced spectral synthesis quality, new additive editor features, punchier unison VA attacks and numerous other improvements.

Alchemy is now able to import and export additive and spectral data to CSV files. These files can be read and written by spreadsheets or third party utilities. Aladdin by Paul Nauert is now available from the User Library and is the first such utility and offers the ability to generate anything from plucked sounds to wave sequences using techniques such as cellular automata, random walks and FM.

Changes in Alchemy v1.11

  • Cameleon 5000 preset import.
  • New formant filter for additive and spectral engines, accessed via Amp knobs.
  • Much enhanced spectral synthesis quality when pitching sounds up and down.
  • Improved additive editor modes including dark and bright partial editing.
  • Can now edit multiple breakpoints at once in the additive editor.
  • CSV file import and export for additive and spectral engines.
  • AAZ file import and export for additive and spectral engines.
  • In VA mode PVar values less than 100% now set all oscillators to given value.
  • Much more responsive MSEG and additive editors on Windows.
  • Zoom position of all editors now anchored to current scroll bar location.
  • MIDI learn and automation read / write for individual source edit controls.
  • SFZ files listed at the top of the import browser list for easier selection.
  • Swap Snapshot command added to Perform section file menu.
  • Spectral editor loop indicators are displayed using a different colour.
  • New indicator to show that second level modulation depths are being edited.
  • Additive oscillator count updates when higher partials are created in editor.
  • Displays message when attempting to load presets created in more recent version.
  • MIDI Unlearn All is now displayed on the main file menu.
  • Easier to skin – skin folder tidied up.
  • Fixed Move Up / Move Down reordering of effects in FX section.
  • Fixed double clicking of FX section and spectral editor scroll bars.
  • Fixed closing and re-opening the GUI locating the wrong preset in the Alchemy folder structure when two presets have the same name.
  • Fixed missing import path variable in config file causing file browser crash.
  • Fixed Alchemy save dialog boxes to display in front of host.
  • Fixed click when modulating additive mode symmetry across zero point.
  • Fixed effects disappearing when clicking on scroll bar.
  • Fixed saving of presets while a project is being loaded.
  • Fixed bank and category to set the current folder on File -> Clear.
  • Fixed Copy & Paste of modulation source to include modulation depth.
  • Fixed additive editor to allow dragging of last breakpoint.
  • Fixed blank references to missing sample files in a cleared patch.
  • Fixed host reserved MIDI CC values in MIDI learn mode.
  • Fixed termination of additive data when all breakpoints deleted.
  • Fixed ‘Auto-Assign Empty’ to no longer create variations of remix pads.
  • Fixed Invert Knob causing the sound to change under certain conditions.
  • Fixed Perform Clear causing some presets to sound different.
  • Fixed click in output when modulating the number of oscillators.
  • Fixed update of source GUI controls when receiving automation values.
  • Fixed foreign language characters causing crash or folder display to fail.
  • Fixed menu display for snapshot volume and removed modulation.
  • Fixed memory leaks in file sub-menu selector.
  • Fixed current preset folder when re-opening the GUI after clearing a preset.
  • Fixed PVar modulation in VA mode.
  • Fixed display of modulation depth ring image after reset.
  • Fixed loop syncing between sources when modulating position control.
  • Fixed randomise menu commands crashing new instances of Alchemy.
  • Fixed rare crash when importing a PNG file to the spectral editor.
  • Fixed additive editor not displaying partials after importing a sound.
  • Fixed Morph-XY mode when morphing between different synthesis types.
  • Fixed spectral rendering after import from source menu.
  • Fixed 96 KHz project sample rate when rendering spectral sources.
  • Fixed handling of missing data files.
  • Fixed automation data not sent to host for learned MIDI controls.
  • Fixed looping not working correctly when morphing in some circumstances.
  • Fixed incorrect message after canceling Save Consolidated.
  • Fixed rare crash when re-opening GUI after loading a preset after Clear.
  • Fixed source labeling after PNG file import.
  • Fixed scaling of the spectral high-pass filter.
  • Fixed save consolidated creating AAZ files for inactive sources.
  • Fixed EQ effect buffer clear causing click at note on.
  • Fixed rare crash importing SFZ that fails to specify ‘keycenter’ on Mac.
  • Fixed Automap / Kore perform controls not updating in AU version.
  • Fixed alt-click circular knob mode for GUI controls on Win.
  • Default installation path on Windows Vista and Windows 7 is now “My Documents/Vstplugins” to avoid permissions problems.

Alchemy version 1.11 is now available for download for registered users.

More information: Camel Audio / Alchemy / BigTone Alchemy


reFX updates Nexus2 and releases two new expansions

reFX NEXUS 2.0

reFX has released version 2.0.5 of NEXUS2, a next generation ROM synthesizer for Windows and Mac.

Changes in NEXUS2 v2.0.5

  • EQ frequencies were scaled wrongly, so some presets will sound different now. The way they sound now is the intended way. This bug was new since NEXUS 2.0.0.
  • Arp- and Trancegate-pattern editors had some precision issues, especially when the length of the pattern was odd.
  • Arp-Mode ‘random’ was not playing the held keys randomly, but in order.
  • LFO-shape ‘chaos’ was not creating random values.

reFX also released two new expansions for Nexus2.

Bigtone Signature 2
Experts know what to expect: 128 impressive, atmospheric synth sounds. Breathtaking, endlessly moving pads; warm analog basses – BigTone2 has arrived!
All preset use the modwheel for modulation. Most of the time the aftertouch and pitch-bend wheel are also used, so experiment.

A well-known name in Electro scene. This signature expansion by Rauschwerk supplies you with 128 electronic sounds in perfection. Electro and Space/Pop – it’ll work perfectly for you.

Bigtone Signature 2 and Raschwerk are available for 69.99 EUR / 79.99 USD each.

Visit reFX for more information.


LinPlug releases Albino Bigtone Ambient Excursion Set

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LinPlug Albino Bigtone Ambient Excursion Set

LinPlug has released Albino Bigtone Ambient Excursion Set, a soundset for Rob Papen Albino.

The second Bigtone Soundset is again both a great and a huge soundset, with 400 professional patches from Nico Herz of Big!Tone sound factory. If you ever heard Big!Tone presets you know what to expect.

As usual, organized into categories:

  • 41 Ambient Keys
  • 56 Arpeggiator Sounds
  • 47 Basses
  • 37 Dance Sounds
  • 26 Effects
  • 88 Leads
  • 11 Pads
  • 23 Semi Real
  • 34 Seq
  • 16 Stacks
  • plus 21 Sounds which not fit any category

Be sure to listen to the audio demos, they are really superb! Bigtone Ambient Excursion is available for download and costs 79 US$ / 59 Euro.

More information: LinPlug


LinPlug announces The Octopus

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LinPlug The Octopus

LinPlug has announced The Octupus, a Dual Matrix Synthesizer built in collaboration with Maxx Claster.


  • Hybrid Frequency Modulation and Sampling synthesis
  • 10 modulation sources and 8 modulation destinations
  • 350 presets in a wide range of styles made by Nico Herz, Pro-Sounds, Summa, and Tim Conrardy
  • Full cross-modulation, adjustable feedback for every oscillator
  • 8 additive oscillators using sample-based or user defined waveforms
  • Two independent multimode filters, are available as FM sources
  • Up to 32 envelopes with multiple, syncable segments, free-run, loop and adjustable slopes
  • Graphical envelope editor with sophisticated editing functions
  • Envelopes can be used to modulate a wide range of parameters including amplitude, mix, panning, pitch, frequency, phase, cutoff and resonance of filters
  • Stereo effects section with 4 effects (Parametric EQ, Chorus, Delay and Reverb)
  • Two step sequencers each with up to 32 steps each

The Octopus is available exclusively from LinPlug for a license fee of 149 US$ / 129 Euro.

Check the LinPlug site for more information.