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Jeroen Breebaart announces Isone Pro

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Jeroen Breebaart Isone Pro

Jeroen Breebaart has announced Isone Pro, a binaural simulator plug-in for Windows.

The perfect listening room… Many have experienced the difficulty to realize a listening environment free of standing waves, undesirable reflections, the perfect reverb time, perfect loudspeaker placement with a flat frequency response, and without any disturbance for others.

With Isone pro, the perfect listening room can now be experienced simply using a high-quality headphones. Allowing for full control over loudspeaker cabinet size, loudspeaker distance, and room reverb time, the virtual listening room can be fully customized.

Isone Pro features

  • Binaural processing based on recent innovations in ISO/MPEG.
  • Zero latency processing.
  • Low CPU load.
  • Sample rate support up to 192 kHz.
  • Binaural transfer functions adjustable for individual differences.
  • Customizable loudspeaker distance.
  • Variable loudspeaker types.
  • Adjustable listening room T60 reverb time.

Isone Pro is scheduled for release in August 2009.

More information: Jeroen Breebaart


Pendle releases Grand Thrift Auto(harp)

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Pendle has released Grand Thrift Auto(harp), a cunning hybrid instrument made by mating a plucked grand piano with a lowly autoharp.

Pendle Grand Thrift Auto(harp)
Pendle Grand Thrift Auto(harp) for Kontakt

Pendle writes:

This strangely beautiful offspring weighs in at a fairly hefty but graceful 288mb and contains 4 separate and individually adjustable layers of multi-velocity samples from every note of both instruments.

Grand Thrift Auto(harp) includes a plucked autoharp, muted autoharp, plucked binaural grand piano, and a binaural autoharp. It is only available as a Kontakt 2 or Kontakt 3 instrument, and costs £15 GBP.

Visit Pendle @ Virb for more information and a demo mp3.


Short links for May 9th, 2008

Some interesting things I found on May 9th, 2008:

# Somatic Circuits – !Malfunctionator Kit Instructions – The !Malfunctionator was designed to be a handy UFO dector dubbling up as a Electro Music Device to assist in the making of creative electro music. It consists of 3 oscillators each modulated by 3 low frequency oscillators see the signal path.

!Malfunctionator in an phone answering machine, and on the right Jan Czmok’s box

The oscillators are based around the hex invertor IC known as CD40106 aka 7HC04 , the wave froms produced from this logic device are trapazoid . This modulator to oscillator combination allows the user to create a wide range of sounds.

The !Malfunctionator is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

# Create Digital Music » iPod Touch/iPhone for Music Round-up – a look at what people are doing, including some apps you can download right now, and where this might go musically, whether it’s just a couple of fun toys or trying to make that pretty pocket device an instrument.

# Gnaural: A Binaural-Beat Audio Generator – a multi-platform programmable binaural-beat generator, implementing the principle of binaural beats as described in the October 1973 Scientific American article "Auditory Beats in the Brain" (Gerald Oster).

# SubtleNoiseMaker – Sascha Neudeck is selling a bunch of cool homemade synths: Weird Sound Generator, Cacophonator, SNM-Chaoscillator, Stereo Ringmodulator, and the new Alpha-Machine. Wood & Aluminium models available.

# Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories – Peggy version 2.0 – Peggy 2.0 is an updated version of our "Peggy" light-emitting pegboard display.

EvilMadScientist Peggy 2.0
Peggy 2.0 – Check this Flickr set for more images

Like its predecessor, Peggy 2.0 provides a quick, easy, powerful and efficient way to drive a lot of LEDs– up to 625– in a big matrix covering almost a square foot of area.

A full Kit ($95, US) includes the circuit board, preprogrammed microcontroller, battery holder, power switch, two buttons, rubber feet and all other components needed to make the pegboard display base, along with full color printed instructions. Just add batteries and LEDs.