D16 Group updates SilverLine Collection effect plugins to v1.4

D16 Group has released version 1.4 of its SilverLine Collection of effect plug-ins.

D16 Group SilverLine Collection

This is maintenance update, which includes fixes for bugs and issues reported so far and provides better compatibility with modern machines / operational systems.

Changes in SilverLine Collection v1.4

  • General changes (for all SilverLine plug-ins since version 1.3.x):
    • Maintenance update, compatibility with newer operating systems, host applications etc.
    • Changed storage locations of Default Settings file and License Key file. (Now these are kept on the user’s level instead of the system level).
    • Minor look and feel changes.
    • Minor bug fixes.
    • Changed system requirements for Mac OS X users (now OS X 10.7 is the least required version).
  • Decimort: Fixed Audio Unit validation crash at sample rates lower than 44.1kHz (Mac OS X).
  • Devastor:
    • Fixed Filter’s Cutoff tuning for sample rates higher than 44.1kHz.
    • Fixed problem with restoring Current Quality settings during total recall.
  • Devastor:
    • Fixed crash when Clear Bank was selected as Default Resource.
    • Fixed problem with restoring Current Quality settings during total recall.
  • Redoptor: Fixed problem with restoring Current Quality settings during total recall.

The SilverLine Collection for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) is available for purchase for 179 EUR incl. VAT / $225 USD. The update is free of charge for registered users. Demo versions has been updated as well.

More information: D16 Group / SilverLine Collection


Holderness Media releases Caramel distortion & crusher effect for iPad

Holderness Media has announced the release of Caramel, a highly playable distortion, crusher and fattener effect processor for iPad.

Caramel (performance view)

Designed for use with the Audiobus app and USB audio interfaces, Caramel lets you easily add grit, punch and character to input sources such as drums, synth, bass and guitar. Create punchy distorted drum sounds and basslines, colorful lo-fi digital distortion and more.

Caramel also works as an Inter-app Audio effect inside hosts such as AudioShare, Auria, Cubasis and Apple’s own Garageband. Caramel supports Core MIDI for controlling the effect parameters with your favorite MIDI controllers.

Caramel features

  • Great for adding punch, grit and sonic character to drums, bass and synths with ease.
  • Compatible with USB audio interfaces such as the Apogee Jam, One, Duet and many more.
  • Crunch, Crush, Girth, Sizzle and Bite parameters for shaping your distortion tone.
  • Girth parameter adds subtle to punishing low end boost to drums and bass.
  • Independent left and right channel effects engines can be linked or controlled independently for interesting stereo distortion.
  • Use Caramel as an effect inside Garageband, Auria, Cubasis, and AudioShare using Audiobus or Inter-app audio.
  • Supports new Audiobus 2 state saving feature for full parameter recall via Audiobus presets.
  • Supports Core MIDI, Virtual MIDI and Network MIDI, plus MIDI learn for easily mapping your favorite controller to Caramel’s effect parameters.
  • Two distinct modes: Perform and Tweak.
  • Playable presets, allowing for interesting sonic experimentation on the fly.
  • Several stereo output modes including Normal Stereo, Wide Stereo and Sum To Mono.

Caramel is available for purchase for $4.99 USD at the iTunes AppStore.

More information: Caramel


Joey Sturgis Tones releases Pixelator plugin

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Joey Sturgis Tones has released Pixelator, an audio resolution manipulation effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

Joey Sturgis Tones Pixelator

Audio resolution manipulator for sound design and destruction. This plugin was created with producers, sound designers, and musicians in mind and allows you to create low resolution audio and bit crushed sound through a variety of modes each with different sonic characteristics.

This is an audio processor, not an instrument.

Pixelator for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS/AAX) is available for purchase for the introductory price of $15 USD (regular $30 USD).

More information: Joey Sturgis Tones / Pixelator


Z3 Audiolabs updates Dizztroy distortion plugin to v1.5

Z3 Audiolabs Dizztroy

Z3 Audiolabs has released version 1.5 of Dizztroy, a bitcrush / overdrive / distortion effect plug-in for Windows.

While the focus for Dizztroy originally was on drum distortion, the new feedback parameter and the modulations of the filter and the crusher opens the door to a wide range of new application possibilities like blowing up your lead-synths, guitars, voices but also for creative lo-fi effects, modulated filter effects and many more.

Changes in Dizztroy v1.5

  • Added exponential distortion to overdrive selections.
  • Added feedback parameter for Drive.
  • Added feedback parameter for waveshape distortion.
  • Added bandpass filter.
  • Envelope following signals can be routed to filter cutoff, filter resonance and crusher.
  • Overworked presets + 48 new presets by Tomoroh Hidari (it comes with 80 presets now).
  • Completely overworked envelope followers:
    • Graphical representation of what’s happening.
    • Added a delay parameter.
    • Added an amount parameter.
    • Performance optimized code.
  • Several smaller performance optimizations.
  • Overworked GUI.
  • Presets are shown in groups now for better overview.

Dizztroy for Windows (VST) is available for purchase for 29.90 EUR. The update is free for existring customers of Dizztroy.

More information: Z3 Audiolabs / Dizztroy


Spektro Audio updates Spektro Nucleation for Max for Live to v2.0

Spektro Audio has released version 2.0 of Spektro Nucleation, a Max For Live device that functions as a waveshaper and bitcrusher.

This major (and free!) update brings some exciting new features to our beloved waveshaping device.

Spektro Nucleation

Changes in Spektro Nucleation v2.0

  • gen~ processing: During versions 1.0x, Nucleation, like most MaxforLive devices, processed sound in blocks of samples. Now, in version 2.0, it upsamples the signal by 2x and then uses the gen~ technology to process sample-by-sample! This new processing method results in less digital artifacts, less aliasing and a more pleasing timbre for your sound.
  • New controls for you to shape your sound even further: offset and shift! Even tho the Offset control already existed in the previous versions, it now works differently due to the new gen~ processing method. The new Shift control allows you to shift the waveform forward in time, completely changing the sound.

Spektro Nucleation is available to purchase for $5 USD. A free lite edition is available to download.

More information: Spektro Audio / Nucleation


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