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Delta Modulator Free Bitcrusher Effect by Steve Duda

Steve Duda has released Delta Modulator, a free bitcrusher effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

Xfer Records has released Delta Modulator, a free bitcrusher VST/AU plugin based on a signal modulation technique found in Nintendo NES video game console’s delta modulation channel.

Delta Modulator features

  • Delta modulated bit crusher effect.
  • Variable samplerate, 1 to 16 bitrate.
  • Input, output, and dry/thru controls.
  • Constant bit-toggle, interpolation and gate silence switches.

Bedroom Producers Blog takes the Delta Modulator for a spin.

Delta Modulator for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) is a free download at Xfer Records.

More information: Xfer Records (via BPB)


Inear Display releases free SicknDstroy effect plugin

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Inear Display SicknDstroy

Inear Display has released SicknDstroy, a free multimode lofi effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

A classic lofi effect plugin with 4 output modes to make it less classic :

  • > : bitcrushing and samplerate reduction are chained (classic mode).
  • + : bitcrusher and samplerate reducer outputs are separated and mixed together.
  • * : bitcrusher and samplerate reducer outputs are separated and ringmodulating.
  • - : samplerate reducer output is subtracted from bitcrusher output (so if they output the same sound, the effect won’t output anything).

SicknDstroy (VST/AU) is available to download at no cost.

More information: Inear Display / SicknDstroy


Mecha Audio releases Dirty Bits effect plug-in

Mecha Audio Dirty Bits

Mecha Audio has announced Dirty Bits, a multi-fx effect plug-in for Windows.

Introducing Dirty Bits, three audio damage effects in one. A Distortion Compressor, Vintage Bit Crusher and a Vinyl Damage Effect.

Each device can warp, crush and dirty up your audio, use it subtlety or push it up to the extreme to completely mangle your sound source.

Dirty Bits features

  • Compressor – The compressor slams your audio with gain and damage control, visual feedback from the vu meter and an on/bypass switch to disengage.
  • Vintage Bit Crusher – The vintage bit crusher gives your audio a retro sampler vibe with settings emulating classic devices using the bit depth and sample rate buttons, it also has an on/bypass switch to disengage. Bit depths 16, 12 or 8 bits Sample rates 40, 26 or 11 khz.
  • Vinyl Device – The vinyl damage device adds subtle or extreme vinyl buzz and hum using the knobs.

Dirty Bits for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for $20 USD.

More information: Mecha Audio / Dirty Bits


Aly James releases Bite Crusha effect plug-in public beta


Aly James has announced a public beta for the Bite-Crusha effect plug-in.

This brand new Aly James vst plugin is designed to crush, decimate and transform any wave signals into square bits chip colored romance!

For all sound designers & music experimentalist, primarily designed for electric guitar & bass this
baby can be used on drums, synths, vocals & basically every sound you plug in this machine…

Bite Crusha beta features

  • Internal Preamp Stage.
  • Filtered Octaver.
  • Bit Crusher 24bits to 1bits & Sample Rate Reducer 44100 to 200 Hz.
  • Alienator Granular Time & Amplitude Modulation (pitch shifter/ ring mod/ delay).
  • Speaker amp simulation using marshall 1970 guitar cabinet impulse.
  • Decimator Stage with Sample & Hold and Signal Quantizer.
  • Analog modeled Low Pass Filter.
  • Internal Limiter.
  • In & Out Scopes.
  • Full Midi assignable Control.
  • Assignable LFO.
  • Internal Double Resonant Midi Controlled Oscillators.
  • Stereo Mode.

Bite Crusha beta (VST) is available to download exclusively from Aly James’ Facebook page.

More information: Aly James


DontCrack updates V.I.P. Plug-in Series to v1.1.1 (incl. 2 new plugins)

DontCrack DC-Degradiator / Monster Boost

DontCrac[k] has updated the V.I.P. Series Plug-ins of effect plug-ins for Windows and Mac.

Version 1.1 is a free upgrade to all V.I.P. Bundle owners and adds two new plug-ins to the collection for a total of 22 plug-ins at this time.

Changes in V.I.P. Plug-in Series v1.1.1

  • Fixed: Authorization problem on PC machines. (Mac and PC needs to be re-authorized) [v1.1.0]
  • Fixed: RTAS wasn’t loading correctly on some PC machines. [v1.1.0]
  • Fixed: DC-TransControl DSP wasn’t processing correctly. [v1.1.0]
  • Fixed: DC-Chorus Ensemble Factory Presets were corrupted. [v1.1.0]
  • Fixed: DC-Classic Phaser ‘Cirtacular’ preset ‘Freq Range’ caused GUI knob to disappear. [v1.1.0]
  • Fixed: DC-Digital Reverb ‘Decay Time’ knob wasn’t working correctly. [v1.1.0]
  • Changed: DC-Retro Compressor output level was louder of 1.16dB, output level is now at 0dB when threshold at 0. [v1.1.0]
  • Added: Two new plug-Ins (included in the V.I.P. Bundle as a free upgrade): [v1.1.0]
    • DC-Degradiator – Bit Crusher Style Plug-in
    • DC-Monster Boost – Colored Signal Booster Plug-in
  • Fixed: Demo version wasn’t processing audio under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed: Non accessible Presets on Mac.
  • Fixed: Windows XP installer issue.
  • Fixed: DC-EchoFlex presets was saved into ‘EchoPlex’ folder instead of ‘EchoFlex’.

Note: The V.I.P Plug-ins version 1.1.0 requires a re-authorization. Simply launch the authorizer application (from any DC Plug-in) and use the serial number you received to re-authorize the software.

More information: DontCrac[k] / V.I.P. Plug-in Series


D16 SilverLine Group Buy – Buy one effect plugin to get the whole bundle

D16 SilverLine Group Buy

With more than 1,000 participants joining, the D16 SilverLine Group Buy has reached its maximum level.

Now you have a rare opportunity to get our complete SilverLine Collection for an incredibly low price: buying only one of the SilverLine effects gives you a chance to get all the rest for free!

SilverLine Bundle includes:

  • Devastor – simple but remarkable Multiband Distortion Unit. It is an enhanced version of the distortion unit from our famous Phoscyon synthesizer.
  • Fazortan – Controlable Space Phaser created with the most advanced analog modelling techniques.
  • Decimort – High Quality Bit Crusher with a complex and advanced signal processing algorithms, simulating the behaviour of the whole sampling path which exists in every AD/DA converter.
  • Redoptor – High quality Vintage Tube Distortion with an exact emulation of a tube’s circuits.
  • Toraverb – Space Modulated Reverb is a concept algorithm reverb. It allows the user to create practically ANY type of reverb.
  • Syntorus – Double Path Analog Chorus is a chorus effecting unit with a double delay line. It’s capable of emulating almost every classic unit available.

The complete SilverLine Bundle now is available in the Group Buy for 39 EUR (regular price 179 EUR).

More information: D16 Group / Silverline Collection


A.O.M. Factory updates effect plugins to v1.3.1 + Mac OSX AU

A.O.M. Factory Invisible Limiter

A.O.M. Factory has released version 1.3.1 of its Invisible Limiter, Stereo Imager D, and Wave Shredder effect plug-ins.

A.O.M. Factory offers professional audio plug-ins. Our goal is to provide simple and effective gears for audio and music production.

Changes in A.O.M plugins v1.3.1

  • Support for AudioUnit format on Mac OS X.
  • Bug fix: Crash when plug-in window is rapidly switched.
  • Bug fix: GUI doesn’t follow parameter change from automation.

Invisible Limiter and Wave Shredder are available to purchase for $38 USD each, Stereo Imager D is $28 USD.

More information: A.O.M. Factory