Bitley releases Way Beyond Fairlight ReFill

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Bitley Way Beyond Fairlight

Bitley has announced Way Beyond Fairlight, a major update to the Fairlight Platinum ReFill sound library.

Way Beyond Fairlight is the new 2014 major update to Fairlight Platinum. WBF includes carefully selected multi-sampled sounds from PARANOMNIA, O8 and Poly Ensemble as well as Rack Extension patches for Polysix, Pulsar, PX7 and more, a very expanded set of samples and better categorization of all the patches.

The refill weighs over 5 Gigabytes (before packing) and includes lots of brand new signature material from creative collaborators around the globe. Close to 4,000 patches, the WBF refill is also going to include free bonus refills just as we do for Fairlight Platinum. WBF includes nearly 14,000 individual files and everything is beautifully sorted and arranged for maximum ease of use.

The ReFill is available to purchase for $199 USD. Fairlight Platinum users can upgrade for $99 USD. A free DeLight ReFill can be downloaded free of charge.

More information: Bitley Sounds & ReFills


Bitley releases EIII ReFill + lowered prices Fairlight II+ and XXL ReFills

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Fairlight CMI Legacy E-III

Bitley has announced the release of EIII, a ReFill previously only available as a bonus to the Fairlight II+ and XXL ReFills.

We have now decided that this very fine refill also should be available as a stand-alone refill.

The EIII refill contains multi-samples taken from our E-mu Emulator Three sampling keyboard, an 8 Mb version that originally cost $12,500 back in the late 80s. The EIII refill is a real bargain at only $25.

EIII ReFill features

  • 84.7 MB of wavesamples consisting of 353 waveforms.
  • 63 NNXT patches.
  • 43 Combinator patches.

The EIII ReFill is available to purchase for $25 USD.

The Fairlight II+, XXL, and Kontakt Project libraries are now available at a lowered price of $85, $125, and $85 USD respectively.

More information: Bitley / EIII ReFill


Bitley releases Wavelight 3 & 4 sample packs

Bitley Fairlight CMI / Wavelight Series

Bitley has released Wavelight 3 – Brass 1 & 2, and Wavelight 4 – Drums & Percussion, two new sample packs in the Wavelight series

Wavelight is the series of pure Fairlight disks sampled in 44,1 khz / 16 bit fidelity. These are the same samples used in our refill ‘Bitley Supersonic / Fairlight CMI Legacy II’.

New Wavelight sample packs

  • Wavelight 3 – Brass 1 & 2, features nasty, glorious, loopy brass sounds, recently used by Madonna among others. All samples are recorded at middle C, for being easily laid out on any sampling instrument (no multisamples).
  • Wavelight 4 – Drums & Percussion, 115 individual drum sounds (in each of the AIFF and WAV format folders), including drum sounds you have heard in use with Art Of Noise, Yazoo, Pet Shop Boys and many others. Featuring 14 Fairlight BDs alone, rest assured you are going to get a lot of variation. The sounds are actually highly usable in a production of today.

The Wavelight 3 and 4 libraries are available to purchase for $14 USD each.

More information: Bitley


Bitley Fairlight CMI Legacy MKII [Supersonic], ReFill with classic sounds of the Fairlight synthesizer

Bitley Fairlight CMI Legacy MKII ReFill [Supersonic]

Bitley has released the Fairlight CMI Legacy MKII, a new ReFill featuring the sounds of the Fairlight synthesizer.

The amazing Fairlight CMI Legacy ReFill will now co-exist with a huge, vastly updated version. First projected as “Bitley Supersonic”, the all-new Fairlight CMI Legacy MKII refill (Reason sound bank) marks our biggest release to date. The new refill contains all the data from all the previous refills. It’s all here. Fairlight CMI Legacy, Fairlight CMI Supremacy 1.4, The Prophet, Orlando JX10, DaBeat – as well as a good portion of supplementary material.

Quite a number of patches. Fairlight CMI Legacy MKII contains over 1,000 single NNXT patches. Over 450 Combinator patches. Over 150 ReDrum drum kits. A number of brand new signature patches from ThinkingMachine and Abstract Assasinator, two of Sweden’s best Reason programmers, in addition to a wide range of new patches from Patrick Fridh Aka Bitley, Reason user since the year 2000 and previously known for building factory patches for Propellerhead and Clavia as well as commercial ReFills for PowerFX.

Fairlight CMI Legacy MKII ReFill for Reason 4 and higher is available to purchase for $149 USD. A free update ReFill will be posted later this year, with patches using Kong and Octorex and new rex files to take full advantage of the Reason 5 features.

More information: Bitley / Fairlight CMI Legacy MKII