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BK SynthLab VS-1

This page contains patches and sound banks for VS-1 / oscilloscope by BK SynthLab.

VS-1 is a freeware 3 oscillator analogue/subtractive synthesizer plug-in for Windows PC.

Download patches/sound banks

ID Title Sound designer
716 downloadDJ Groovy VS-1 DJ Groovy

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AlgoMusic releases AMB Atomic

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AlgoMusic has released AMB Atomic, a 16 step sequencer composing tool with a built in synth, developed in collaboration with BK SynthLab.

The design is inspired by circular step sequencers such as the Buchla Arbitrary Function Generator and Future Retro Revolution, which allows for a different approach to composing and sound design.

AlgoMusic AMB Atomic
AlgoMusic AMB Atomic

AMB Atomic features

  • Sequencer
    • 16 step sequencer in a circular design with 3 rows: Seminotes, Velocity and Gate.
    • BPM Rate with 5 modes including random.
    • Separate rhythm grid.
    • Advanced arpeggiator with separate rate, 5 modes with gate and octave controls.
    • Latch mode for continuous play as well as indevidual mute for each step.
    • MIDI Out for use in modular hosts which also includes LFO’s and step modulators to control external vst’s or hardware.
  • Synth
    • 2 Oscillators with 14 waveforms including additive partials.
    • Separate phase controls, and detune and octave tune as well as harmonic tuning mode.
    • VCF with 4 filter types with velocity control.
    • 2 dedicated envelope generators, one for amp and one for filter.
    • 2 LFOs, Sub Oscillator, Step Modulator, Random Generator, and Keyboard control with zone and mod wheel assign which includes sequencer controls for step, and rate.
    • Comprehensive mod matrix.
  • Effects
    • X-Y delay with separate multimode filters which can be modulated via mod matrix.
    • Spacial stereo reverb.
    • Phaser with wide sweeping range.
  • Master section with volume, pan and tuning.
  • CC map for hardware MIDI knob controllers.
  • Presets by Tim Conrardy and Boris K.

AMB Atomic is available for Windows PC and costs $39.99 USD. A demo version is available for download (demo version has a voice-over every 30 seconds or so, as well as MIDI out disabled).

Visit AlgoMusic for more information and a link to download a demo version of AMB Atomic.


AlgoMusic updates AMB products Enceladus to v2.0 and ElectraBass to v1.1

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AlgoMusic Enceladus v2.0

AlgoMusic has released updates for the AMB product line: Enceladus v2.0 and ElectraBass v1.1.

Changes in Enceladus V2 (Next Mission)

  • GUI renovation
  • corrected bug in ARP for Sonar users
  • OSC renovation
  • added SUB OSC
  • LFO: more wave forms
  • FX renovation, added TRANCE GATE FX, improved background control
  • improved Mono Mode
  • added correcting filter
  • reduced CPU consumption
  • Patches Bank renovation

Enceladus is available for Windows PC and costs $49.99 USD. A demo is available for download.

Changes in ElectraBass v1.1

  • GUI renovation
  • corrected bug in ARP for Sonar users
  • added Wave Monitor
  • OSC-B now multi oscillator
  • FX renovation
  • improved Mono Mode
  • Patches Bank renovation

ElectraBass is also available for Windows PC and costs $35 USD. Download the demo.

Visit AlgoMusic for more information and audio demos.