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Dear readers: Thanks for 2013 & Happy New Year!

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To all readers of, I want to wish you all a blessed and music-filled 2014!

Best wishes for 2014!

The 8th year of has been another busy one. No less than 4,323 blog posts were published in 2013. Since I don’t usually work weekends, that’s an average of about 16 posts a day!

I want to thank you for your encouragement, feedback, heads up on news and deals, financial support and other contributions, participation in contests and giveaways, and just checking out at this place.

Also, many thanks to the developers who send in their press releases, and for providing me with products for testing or reviews. The same goes for all advertisers and affiliates who help me cover all the costs of running the blog.

Hope to see you all again in the New Year!


comment — 20,000 posts in (almost) 8 years

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20,000 posts!

Last week, I noticed the number of published posts in my dashboard was getting close to the 20,000 mark.

This blog officially launched June 28th, 2005, so in 10 days it will be 8 years old. It started with a single post in June, 2005, followed by 6 more in August of that year, and 19 the next month, all the way up to no less than 365 posts in May 2013!

And there you have it, you’re looking at post #20,000 right now. I know it doesn’t look very special, but to me it is!

I’d like to thank all readers, contributors, and sponsors, for making this blog a wonderful thing to do.



365breaks: 365 days of beats and breaks – End of the year, end of blog

Marcin Cichy at pluginaudiomastering

Marcin Cichy of Skalpel (Ninja Tune) and plugaudiomastering wrote in to let us know his 365breaks project is coming to an end.

About 365breaks:

Every day I will compose/produce (time is limited to 15 minutes for each loop) and upload here one drum break in CD quality format.

It’s simple – use it the way you want it. all files are copyrights free.

As a final contribution to the project, on new years eve Marcin will upload a track by STEINSKI (, made out of 365breaks sounds.

More information: 365breaks


Loopmasters Blog looking for tutorials – free sample packs for your articles

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LoopBlog Tutorials

Loopmasters has announced it is looking for tutorial content for publication on its blog.

We’re looking for talented content producers to share your expert knowledge of music production with our pro audio audience. We’re eager to receive your ‘Written Music Production Tips’ today.

Submit a short written text and image tutorial (500 words max) and get a custom link back to your site and your choice of ANY 2 Loopmasters products for every article approved.

If you’ve already submitted a tutorial and not heard back from us, please bear with us as we’ll endeavour to answer all applications within 7 working days of submission. We keep your text tutorials on file and aim to publish on the nearest available date within our release schedule.

We accept tutorials on all aspects of music production including DAW tutorials for Ableton, Logic, Cubase, Reason & Record, FL Studio and ProTools, music theory, processing & effects, and general music production techniques. If you feel you have something valuable to share to the music production community, we want to hear about it!

More information: Loopmasters


Image-Line celebrates FL Studio 10 Launch with $1010 Competition

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Image-Line FL Studio $1010 Competition

Image-Line has announced the FL Studio $1010 Comp, a chance to win some cash prizes by posting the FL Studio 10 news announcement on your blog or Facebook.

All you have to do is blog or cross-post the FL Studio 10 launch on your Facebook, blog or other web page and let us know to be in the draw.

We will randomly choose 5 people to share in $2450 USD of cash prizes at the end of April 2011.

More information: Image-Line / FL Studio 10


Short links for February 18th, 2011

Some interesting things I found recently:

# Beat Meshing – Octatrack – Richard Devine takes the Octatrack for a spin. Want!

First session with the Elektron Octatrack. Checking out some of the capabilities of this new machine. No drum loops used in this short jam. Just triggering single shot samples of nord percussion and analogue drum sounds. Using the three stages of LFO's for each track to control effects animation and various other parameters. Making some use of the re-trigger sample functions spanned across 4 patterns.

More info on the Octatrack at Elektron, and Peter Kirn at CDM has some more thoughts + a video by Matthew Dear here.

# Dan303: Free Korg NanoPAD presets

Dan Weatherall has some presets for the nanoPAD available to download.

I know there are quite a few of you out there that own at least one of the korg Nano range of controllers.

The most popular of the Nano range has to be the NanoPAD. While the NanoPAD is a useful tool for laying down drum beats, I feel that It really shines when using it to come up with cool melodic parts.

This Preset collection contains a few useful scales and chords that I hope will help you in your productions.

Brett Martin iSound

# Apple themed Overnight Sensation MTM

Brett Martin aka PCmofo has finished his DIY desktop speaker system project. Nice job!

Finally the speakers are finished! Now for the fun part….. The final pictures!

Assembly went great, I was able to stuff them and the bass sounds much better as do the mids. I am really loving the black coated screws, from some angles and distances they completely disappear, then up close the detail comes out and they look pretty cool.

I plan on using these speakers with Apples 27" cinema display, as they are both the same height. Unfortunately, I dont have mine yet so I borrowed a 26" iMac which is also the same design for a few photos to get an idea of the size of these speakers.

via Make

# melton.granular.01 & 02

Jeffrey Melton has released two collections of ambient, freeform and microsound compositions.

melton.granular.01 and melton.granular.02 collect my recent work in microsound-scapes, featuring granular and pulsar synthesis, freeform rhythms and tone colors. Tracks can also be streamed on my Soundcloud page.

All sounds were created with Density GS and Pulsaret instruments (both the standalone apps and Max for Live versions). Arrangement, mixing and mastering was done with Ableton Suite. Processing effects were limited to resonant filters, grain delay, reverb and EQ.

# Remember Chernobyl – 25th Anniversary Music Compilation by Ambientaria Records

For the 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl Accident, Ambientaria Records has gathered many Dark Ambient artists, including famous ones like Northaunt or Atomtrakt, for a Compilation project.

The album will be released on April 1st, 2011.

All the benefits shall be reversed to Chernobyl Children International (, a non-profit organisation with United Nations NGO status, in order to help people suffering from Radiation Poisoning.

Details at the official project page and the Facebook event page.

# fleet music

Louis Fleet wrote in to let us know about his blog “fleet music”, a site that focuses on the production of electronic music, using Ableton and its built in synths and effects.

It’s called “Fleet Music”, the strap line is “a blog that takes a critical and instructive look at electronic music production”, what this essentially means is that I will be focusing on current themes within house and techno and investigating the relevant production techniques.

Synthesis is the main focus of the blog but as I said previously there is a ‘critical’ aspect to the blog, this is not be confused with bitchy, but instead the idea is that all the video postings and other content is focused on a ‘theme’. This approach can be evidenced in my most recent post which is all about the ‘stab’ in electronic music.


Short links for January 11th, 2011

Some interesting things I found recently:

# OP-1, NAMM 2011

Teenage Engineering: If you're at NAMM, please come by our booth, we'll be showing alot of new crazy features!

# BLEEP – The Top 100 Tracks of 2010

The Top 100 Tracks Of 2010 features 100 MP3s in 320 kbps. Over 9 hours of music, over 1.2 GB, available to purchase until February 10th 2011, priced at £30 / $50 / €35

# Open Thread: What is Virtuosity on a Drum Machine?

Peter Kirn at Create Digital Music:

Electronic music has always had a funny relationship with musicianship. It isn’t playing a traditional instrument; instead, it lies somewhere between instrumentalism and composition, between playing and conducting. Sometimes, that scale is tipped away from virtuosity of any kind.

But lately, I’ve had an increasing number of conversations with people who make the tools with which we make music about what this all means. I’ll be able to share one of those conversations in a bit, but I’m curious to hear what readers think.

Jeff Mills comes to mind. He doesn’t just DJ with three decks, he also uses a TR-909 in his live sets.

# Radium Audio Labs

Radium Audio Labs is a blog with some interesting sound design articles on things like frozen contact mics, recording guns, coil pickup and printer recordings, and more.

Explorative adventures in sound – Part of Radium Audio, a leading music and sound design company based in London. We work with agencies, cg & animation houses, digital agencies, game developers, brands and manufacturers.