Bluenoise Plugins releases Drummix Rock 1 plugin

Bluenoise Plugins Drummix Rock 1

Bluenoise Plugins has announced Drummix Rock 1, an acoustic drum instrument for Windows.

Drummix Rock 1 is a acoustic drum plugin recorded at a professional recording studio with pristine equipment. The drum kit used for this particular sound is a classic 4-piece Ludwig Fab Four drum kit. It can be used in many types of music but we feel that this is mostly a rock drum kit.

Rock 1 is recorded in huge room with lots of ambience to bring out that big rock sound we like! The top-notch microphones are sent into a Neve VR60 Legend and further into pristine RME converters. Only Class A equipment are used and you can rest assure that the drum sound you’ll get is of high class. It will sound as someone is playing the drums in a world-class studio when you hit those MIDI notes.

The plugin is available to purchase for Windows (VST) for the introductory price of $30 USD.

More information: Bluenoise Plugins / Drummix Rock 1


Bluenoise Plugins releases The Upright piano plug-in

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Bluenoise Plugins The Upright

Bluenoise Plugins has released The Upright, a virtual piano instrument for Windows.

The Upright is a great sounding upright piano recorded in a professional studio. The piano recorded is a Hellas. It’s not the most expensive thing made but this particular piano has already been used for several major artist because of its great sound.

The Upright features

  • Interface with a smooth look and controls for microphone outputs, a cutoff filter, chorus, leslie, reverb, delay, ADSR and main output.
  • Recorded with 4 microphones (2 sets consisting of Neumann KM184 and AKG C414 B-XLS), merged into 2 outputs (left and right). The microphones were sent into a Universal Audio 4010 micpres, then through pristine RME converters into Nuendo
  • Samples are raw 24 bit, 44.1 kHz wave files, 4 different velocity layers.
  • The sound is left unaltered, this piano can go from sweet sounding to lo-fi.
  • Effects included: cutoff filter with resonance, a built in leslie with different speeds, a soft chorus, a great sounding reverb for more room and a delay to create that John Lennon sound we love.
  • Easy to use with a logical workflow.
  • Includes 10 presets included from the classic upright sound to really old Lennon sounding stuff like Imagine.
  • MIDI Learn makes it super easy to use an external controller to control the plugin.

The Upright for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for 23 EUR/$30 USD/£19 GBP.

More information: Bluenoise Plugins / The Upright


Bluenoise Plugins releases Drummix Metal 1 drum instrument plug-in

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Bluenoise Plugins Drummix Metal 1

Bluenoise Plugins has released Drummix Metal 1, a virtual drum instrument for Windows.

The drum kit used for Drummix Metal 1 is a Tama Artstar 2; one of the 25 copies of Lars Ulrich famous Black Album tour drums! This is the holy grail of metal drum kit with 6 toms, to kick drums and loads of cymbals.

Metal 1 is recorded in medium amienced room, but with additional microphones in a huge space next door to bring out that big metal sound we like. It comes with several different kick and snare samples because we know how important those instrument are in this genre.

Drummix Metal 1 is available to purchase as a VST instrument plug-in for Windows, priced at $50 USD.

More information: Bluenoise Plugins


Bluenoise Plugins releases Bandecho effect plugin

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Bluenoise Plugins Bandecho

Bluenoise Plugins has released Bandecho, a tape echo effect plug-in for Windows.

Bandecho is a plugin modelled after vintage tape echoes like Roland Space Echo and Watkins Copicat, but with several extra features making it one of the best sounding echo machines available.

We believe that the sounds you can get from this beauty are far more versatile than any tape echo on the marked. So, if you are looking for everything from vintage tape echo to extreme textured delay lines, look no further!

Bandecho features

  • Tape echo rack with eight echoes. The first is the stereo tape echo that drives all the other functions. This echo can be up to 5 seconds long and can be synced to your host BPM for easy beat making. Two sliders adjust the time and in stereo mode you can set a different echo time for left and right. Also features filters that can make the echo oscillate new tones and a LFO that can modulate different sources like the mentioned cutoff filters and panning.
  • Drive rack features a self oscillating distortion to create a vintage sounding echo.
  • Effect rack includes Old Tape (tape slow down and speed up like a bad tapehead), Granilizer (gives the tape a dirty sound), Chorus, and a Comb Filter.
  • Multiecho rack consists of the six last echoes in the chain allowing for insanely wide and complex delay lines.
  • Output rack sets the plug-in as a send effect or an insert effect. It also shows the outputs for all the different delays.

Bandecho is available to purchase at a 50% off introductory sale, priced at 35 EUR.

More information: Bluenoise Plugins / Bandecho


Bluenoise releases Seven

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Bluenoise Seven

Bluenoise plugins has released Seven, a freeware synth capable of lush pads and heavenly leads.

Seven features

  • 2 Osc (Sine, Saw, Ramp, Triangle, Pulse, White Noise, Pink Noise), with pitch, ADSR, volume and pan controls.
  • Pitch control for each Osc with Octave, Note and Fine.
  • Filter for each Osc.
  • Sample slot (load custom samples), ADSR, Lowpass filter.
  • LFO and Delay, with lowpass filter.
  • Main tune controls.

Seven is freely available for Windows PC.

Visit Bluenoise for more information and a link to download Seven.


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