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Bluezone releases Chillout Jazz – Drum Loops & Samples

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Bluezone has released Chillout Jazz, a collection of 262 drum loops and samples with a unique percussive jazz flavour.

Bluezone Chillout Jazz drum loops and samples

‘Chillout Jazz – Drum Loops & Samples’ contains some of the newest and best drum loops created for producers of Ambient, Chillout, Downtempo, New Jazz and Downbeat music. With a wide choice of arrangements, a lot of these modern loops are available with 2 or 3 variations.

Added to this sound library, the drums folder gives you a huge creative potential to create your own drum loops. Smooth and silky, these all-new loops and drum hits have wide stereo sound and fine precision. ‘Chillout Jazz – Drum Loops & Samples’ is 100 % Royalty-Free. You can use this pack in your commercial releases without having to pay any extra.

Chillout Jazz is available to purchase for 16.95 EUR.

More information: Bluezone / Chillout Jazz – Drum Loops & Samples


Bluezone releases The Thin Blue Line sample pack

Bluezone Corporation has released The Thin Blue Line, a cinematic sound library perfectly designed to suit war film scenarios.

Bluezone The Thin Blue Line

This downloadable sample pack contains backgrounds and ambiences, orchestral and oriental sounds, pure female vocals, explosion sounds, weapons sound effects and much more. It’s a must-have for producers and sound designers for film, TV, Ambient and video game musics.

Now added to the releases of Bluezone Coporation, The Thin Blue Line pushes back the limits of composers with an amazing Cinematic sound library. Divided in 4 folders ( hits, instrument phrases and atmospheres, sound effects and textured vocals ), this sample pack is loaded with a precise choice of sound effects, i.e. rocket and gun shots, after-battle ambiences, tank explosions in background, moods, bomb and cannon blasts. This new royalty free sound bank also gives you a solid base for composing pieces with high atmospheric content. Furthermore you will find sophisticated female vocal samples which provides an overload of emotions. This Cinematic sound collection will provide the primary emotional connection to your visual imagery. Now you will be armed with a wide choice of audio tools never heard anywhere else before.

The Thin Blue Line is avaialble to purchase for 16.95 EUR.

More information: Bluezone / The Thin Blue Line


Bluezone releases Dubstep FX sample pack

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Bluezone Dubstep FX

Bluezone Corporation has announced Dubstep FX, collection of samples for Dubstep and Drum and Bass music production.

Dubstep FX is an ultimate collection of 155 WAV Dubstep samples including impact sounds, boom drops, astonishing transition elements, intense hits, sweeps, dark and perfect rises and falls for Dubstep / Drum n Bass Producers.

Armed with high quality sound effects, this new Bluezone Corporation sample pack is an overload of cutting edge audio elements you never heard. As these samples are all royalty-free, you can inject them into your music production, game or TV project without having to worry about any additional licencing fees.

Dubstep FX is available to purchase for 12.95 EUR.

More information: Bluezone / Dubstep FX


Bluezone releases Dark Cinematic Textures & Sound Effects

Bluezone Dark Cinematic Textures & Sound Effects

Bluezone Corporation has released Dark Cinematic Textures & Sound Effects, a sample library for any composer seeking to add dark eerie cinematic elements to their music.

This new Bluezone Corporation sound collection features 253 pristine audio samples ( 910 MB ) and offers a large choice of droning atmospheres, tortured metal sounds, massive hits, ready-formatted alarming sounds, impacts and dark stylized cinematic audio tools, explosions, evolving soundbeds and many more.

Dark Cinematic Textures & Sound Effects features

  • 910 MB Data / 510 Files.
  • Format : WAV / AIFF.
  • Instant Download.
  • Requires Winzip or similar utility to unpack.
  • Suitable for use in all major sequencers.
  • Royalty-Free with no extra cost.
  • Ready to use in commercial production.

Dark Cinematic Textures & Sound Effects is available to purchase for 18.95 EUR.

More information: Bluezone / Dark Cinematic Textures & Sound Effects


Bluezone releases Experimental Ambient Samples

Bluezone Experimental Ambient Samples

Bluezone has announced the release of Experimental Ambient Samples, a sample library by AV Production.

With this sample pack you have access to a collection of 225 twisted grooves, glitched synth loops, surprising sound effects and distorted drum samples. As all sample packs at Bluezone, this percussive and melodic sound library is available for digital download and does not require additional costs.

This download is an exploration of a new dimension of ambient music with atmospheric vibes, disturbing FX elements, evolving rythmical sequences with modern audio treatment. All the loops are presented at 100 bpm. ‘Experimental Ambient Samples’ includes 123 loops and 102 one shot samples in WAV format. This pack is loaded with low fi drums, twisted short and long sound FXs and many more elements really usefull for Film Score, Game Audio, Dubstep, Grime, Ebm, Drum and Bass, Industrial and Breakbeat. This cutting edge collection can be used License Free in any music production. If you want a new artistic vision, add this fine sound selection to your favorite sequencer.

Experimental Ambient Samples is available to purchase for 18.95 EUR.

More information: Bluezone / Experimental Ambient Samples


Bluezone releases Xen World Sci Fi Sound Effects and Soundscapes

Bluezone Xen World

Bluezone Corporation has announced Xen World, a sample library featuring sci-fi sound effects and soundscapes.

‘Xen World Sci Fi Sound Effects and Soundscapes’ features over 390MB of dark cinematic elements, biological sounds, eerie sounds from alien planets, organic soundscapes and sound FXs. These sound design elements in WAV format have been created specifically for film / TV composers and game music producers. This sample pack is 100% Royalty Free.

Produced by Bluezone Corporation ( Ambient Injection series, Dark Atmospheres & SFX series… ) this sound collection includes audio elements such as soundscapes, disturbing drones, massive textures, evolving sound FXs, as well as sounds of strange and bizarre creatures. ‘Xen World Sci Fi Sound Effects and Soundscapes’ is royalty free and provides 125 mastered stereo evolving textures. Now available for Instant download, this sample pack is really great for futuristic fantasy and science fiction sound ambiences.

Xen World is available to purchase for 11.95 EUR.

More information: Bluezone / Xen World


Bluezone Corporation releases Lightning Blue

Bluezone Corporation has released Lightning Blue, a new inspiring collection of textured and atmospheric ambient samples.

Bluezone Lightning Blue

This sample pack includes mysterious textures, spacious ambiences, expansive drones, ethereal soundscapes, dramatic impacts, long FXs and transitions that are very useful for use in film, trailers, television and video game composing. Both synthetic and organic, Lightning Blue is also perfect for genres including Ambient, Dubstep, Drum and Bass, Chillout and more. Available for instant download in WAV format.

Designed to give composers a fresh-new inspiration, Lightning Blue has been created to add a new fantastic and ethereal vibe in your productions. Created from synthesizers such as the Access Virus, Roland V-synth and several others hardware intensely used. This inspirational selection of sounds was processed to give you this unique ambience. You will be hooked by these superb soundscapes, atmopsheres and textures. Over 100 cutting edge samples are included in the pack. All audio elements are perfect for the needs of scoring, temp tracks, trailers, songs and of course background music. Added to the “Ambient Injection” sound library series, Lightning Blue will launch your studio into the next Hollywood century.

Lightning Blue is available as a download for 10.95 EUR.

More information: Bluezone / Lightning Blue