Bob Moog Foundation features legendary Modular Synth & hosts innovative new company at NAMM 2015

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Bob Moog Foundation booth at last year's NAMM Show

The Bob Moog Foundation has announced its return to NAMM, the global music industry trade show held in Anaheim, CA, from January 22-25, 2015.

Furthering the success of their innovative educational project, Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool, and their preservation efforts of the Bob Moog Foundation Archives, the Foundation will provide NAMM attendees with a rare education and insight into innovative synthesizer technology, past, present, and future.

The Foundation will celebrate strides in innovation as it shares its expanded booth space with bourgeoning new company, ‘Vo. ‘Vo features inventor Paul Vo’s groundbreaking work incorporating Acoustic Synthesis. Best known for his invention of the technology behind the Moog Guitar and the more recent Vo-96 Acoustic Synthesizer, Vo observes, “through Acoustic Synthesis, we can explore the sonic possibilities of acoustic instruments, and even previously unimagined objects of acoustic art, with the same depth we now explore electronic instruments.”

Michelle Moog-Koussa, Executive Director, Bob Moog Foundation

Michael Koehler, CEO of ‘Vo, shares his vision for the company. “The world was amazed in 2007 when the Moog Guitar was released and again in 2013 with the Vo-96. This year, ‘Vo will give NAMM-goers a taste of where Paul has taken his original concept with a sneak peek of our next product.” Koehler goes on to share his feelings on ‘Vo’s relationship with the Bob Moog Foundation.

“‘Vo is about innovation at its core. The Bob Moog Foundation is about innovation at its core. It is natural for our companies to have a mutually supportive relationship. We are extremely proud to be with them at NAMM and are looking forward to where the future will bring us.”

Steve Porcaro and Michael Boddicker checking out the vintage Moog Modular

The Foundation will also be honoring musical history as it hosts Michael Boddicker’s behemoth custom Moog modular synthesizer. Michael Boddicker is a preeminent session synthesist who has worked with artists including Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, Donna Summer, Quincy Jones, Barbara Streisand, George Benson, Olivia Newton-John, Joe Cocker, and Whitney Houston. A long-time close friend of Bob Moog, Boddicker is also known for his work scoring Flashdance, Buckaroo Banzai, Apocalypse Now, and more.

As a result of his extensive work, Boddicker’s Moog modular is one of the most recorded synthesizers in music history. The instrument will be demonstrated throughout the weekend by the Foundation’s Archive and Education Specialist, Marc Doty. This marks the third year in a row that that Foundation is featuring vintage Moog modular systems in their booth, a representation of their commitment make electronic music history accessible people of all walks of life.

More information: Bob Moog Foundation


Bob Moog Foundation announces Switched-On: The Birth of the Moog Synthesizer

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Switched-On: The Birth of the Moog Synthesizer

The History Center in Tompkins County, in partnership with the Bob Moog Foundation, has announced the opening of the exhibition Switched-On: The Birth of the Moog Synthesizer.

Illustrating the story of Dr. Robert Moog and the creation and evolution of the groundbreaking electronic instruments bearing his name, Switched-On: The Birth of the Moog Synthesizer provides museum visitors with a wide-ranging, interactive insight into Dr. Moog’s inventions and the creative process behind their design and development.

Based on interviews with family members, colleagues, and contemporaries, including Herbert Deutsch, Bernie Worrell, Shirleigh Moog, David Borden, and many more, the exhibition provides a unique view into the creative genius of Bob Moog, one of the founding fathers of modern electronic music. With rare Moog instruments such as a vacuum tube theremin, a Trumansburg-era Minimoog, and one of only three R. A. Moog Company PMS-15 amplifiers ever sold, Switched-On: The Birth of the Moog Synthesizer will be the first major exhibition on Bob Moog and Moog Synthesizers to occur in the region, and will run through May 31st, 2015.

Robert Moog came to Ithaca, NY in 1957 to begin his PhD work at Cornell University. He founded the R.A. Moog, Co. in the late 1950s, selling theremins and theremin kits throughout Ithaca. In 1963, Moog opened a storefront for his small factory in nearby Trumansburg, NY. It was there that the Moog modular synthesizer and the iconic Minimoog were born. The factory grew to become a mainstay in the region until Moog sold the company in 1971, and the new owners moved it to Williamsville, NY.

Switched-On: The Birth of the Moog Synthesizer tells the story of Moog’s Trumansburg years, through the oral histories of those who knew him, worked with him, and shared his path in shaping a revolution in sound, technology, and music.

More information: The History Center / Switched-On


The Bob Moog Foundation announces significant archive additions

The Bob Moog Foundation (BMF) has announced significant additions to the Asheville, NC-based foundation’s archives.

Included in these new additions are several rare prototypes, including one of the few Moog Apollo Synthesizers in the world (the Apollo became the prototype for the Polymoog), the Moog Liberation, Moog Drum Controller, Moog Sequencer, Moog Song Producer, Moog Feedback Suppressor; as well as production models of the Minutemoog, and a Moog Vocoder. Also added to the archives are more than 1,000 schematic drawings dating from 1965 through 1985.

New Bob Moog Foundation archive additions

“These instruments and drawings join our growing collection of treasures that also includes Roger Powell’s custom keyboard controller, designed by Bob; a duophonic Minimoog; and two vintage theremins,” remarked Michelle Moog-Koussa, executive director of the Bob Moog Foundation and daughter of the late inventor. “We’re thrilled with the ongoing interest our archives are generating from organizations and individuals.”

These latest additions to the Foundation’s collection of historic documents and musical instruments come on the heels of the permanent loan of vintage instruments by the Music Department of University of North Carolina at Greensboro in December 2013.

According to Moog-Koussa, over 400 of the more than 1,000 documents received in this latest contribution have already been inventoried and entered into a searchable database.

“But that’s just the beginning,” she continues. “We will soon begin the most detailed and formalized part of the archiving process – cataloging. It takes time to do it right, but these materials are too significant not to do it right.” She anticipates the process will take 12 to 18 months, after which the documents will be scanned and the most significant of them shared.

“Creating a wide-ranging collection that includes not only his work, but also the work of those he influenced is the goal of the Bob Moog Foundation,” she adds. “It is from this perspective that we can achieve the truest picture of his life’s work and ultimately appreciate his contributions to science and music.”

As Moog-Koussa observes, her father was generous with his talent and knowledge. “Inspiring others fueled his own creativity. We endeavor to carry on that tradition at BFM.”

Moog-Koussa points to the work of Dr. Bob’s Sound School (DBSS) as an example of BMF’s ongoing outreach and education, an important part of her father’s legacy. The 10-week curriculum teaches second grade students the physics of sound using acoustic and electronic musical instruments such as the theremin, as well as oscilloscopes. The information is supplemented by custom educational materials developed by the BMF educational team. “Bob was a life-long learner,” his daughter explains. “He never stopped asking ‘what if’ and wanted others to ask the same question. I can’t think of a better tribute to his life and work than encouraging a new generation to ask the same question.”

More information: Bob Moog Foundation


Arturia offers 50% off Dr. Bob’s Collector Pack

Arturia Dr. Bob's Collector Pack

Arturia has announced a 50% discount on Dr. Bob’s Collector Pack as a tribute to synthesizer pioneer Dr. Bob Moog who would have been 79 on May 23rd,

Arturia is proud to pay tribute to the father of electronic music by introducing a limited edition pack in collaboration with – and to the aid of – the Bob Moog Foundation.

Dr. Bob’s Collector Pack includes two of our award-winning software instruments, the Minimoog-V and the Moog Modular-V at a groundbreaking price.

It also offers a unique glimpse into Bob Moog’s life, by including an exclusive book of private archives from the Moog Foundation and a DVD documentary.

The limited edition box is available to purchase for 129 USD/EUR through May 30th, 2013 (regular $299 USD / 249 EUR.

More information: Arturia / Dr. Bob’s Collector Pack


Bob Moog Foundation and introduce Moogmentum synthesis courses

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macProVideo Moogmentum

The Bob Moog Foundation and macProVideo have joined forces to create “Foundation of Synthesis”, a series of six new audio synthesis courses for music producers, taking viewers step-by-step through the process of synthesis using a collection of synthesizers including ARP, Yamaha and, of course, Moog.

The Bob Moog Foundation (BMF) honors the legacy of its namesake pioneer through igniting creativity at the intersection of music, science, history, and innovation. With education at the core of its mission, the Foundation found a synergistic partner in, an online education community whose core commitments parallel those of the Foundation.

Says Michelle Moog-Koussa, the Foundation’s director and daughter of Bob Moog, “This partnership with macProVideo allows us to educate tens of thousands of curious sonic explorers via macProVideo’s vast subscriber base. Through this series of comprehensive online synthesis courses, totaling over seven hours of information, Marc Doty brings the very essence of Bob’s technical legacy to light with a clarity and ease of understanding that is rare to the genre.”

According to Steve Horelick, a master synthesist in his own right and the composer that scored every episode of PBS’s “Reading Rainbow” television show, “as Publisher for and it is an honor to be working hand-in-hand with the Bob Moog Foundation and their resident synthesist guru, Marc Doty, to bring this informative series on analog synthesis to our members.”

The launch of the courses coincides with the 6th anniversary of the Bob Moog Foundation and the Foundation’s “Can you feel the Moogmentum?” campaign highlighting its achievements and future goals. Moogmentum is sweeping across North America, building up to Moogfest 2012 in Asheville, North Carolina, featuring Orbital, Richie Hawkin, Mike Snow, Santigold, Thomas Dolby, Squarepusher, and many more A-list artists.

The HD video tutorials are available to purchase for $19.50 USD each, or as part of a subscription, priced at $25 USD/month.

More information: / Moogmentum


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