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Moog celebrates production of MF-101 Lowpass Filter serial number 10,000 with $50 rebate

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Moog Music MF-101 Lowpass Filter

Moog Music has announced a limited time promotion on its Moogerfooger effect pedals.

In 1998, Bob Moog released the first MF-101 Lowpass Filter to the world. Today, Moog Music celebrates the production of serial number 10,000!

In honor of this milestone and as a thank you to our customers who made it possible, we are offering a $50 mail-in rebate on all Moogerfooger purchases. Just in time for the holidays, buy a Moogerfooger from an authorized Moog Dealer and Moog Music will send you a check for $50. Offer available November 14 through December 31, 2011

More information: Moog / Moogerfoogers


Moog Music intros The Ladder 500 series dynamic transistor ladder filter

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Moog Music has announced the release of The Ladder, a Professional 500 Series Dynamic Ladder Filter based on Bob Moog’s original ladder filter design.

Moog The Ladder

The Ladder is Moog Music’s first 500 series module for the Pro Audio market and is designed to add depth, flexibility and classic Moog vibe to sound sources.

“There have been a lot of firsts for Moog this year.” said Mike Adams, President/CEO of Moog Music Inc. “The release of Animoog, the first professional synthesizer for the iPad has introduced us to whole new segment of customers. Now The Ladder will reacquaint Moog with the Pro Audio community that embraced Moog Modular Synthesizers in the 1960′s. We are very happy to see the market utilizing this exciting format and we look forward to developing other modules.”

The Ladder packs all the punch, fullness and analog euphoria of the original Moog Filter, but adds key component and feature upgrades required for professional studio use. From classic Moog filtering and vibe to modern sweetening and wild, exciting behavior; The Ladder is a powerful, articulate sound sculpting tool.

The Ladder features

  • Low Pass and High Pass: The Ladder has inherited the smoothest all analog filter section possible. Choose between LP and HP at the flick of a switch.
  • Cutoff: Simply adjust this knob to determine where The Ladder begins to sculpt the sound.
  • Attack and Release: These variable controls allow you to perfectly dial in the timing behavior of The Ladder’s envelope section. Use them to open and close the envelope as fast as lightning, or slow as molasses.
  • Amount: Use in Positive or Negative mode for mild to extreme sound shaping and manipulation. The amount determines how much signal is sent to the envelope section of The Ladder. From slight timbral excitement and voicing to extreme compression-like behavior and even reversed filtering is achievable.
  • Resonance: Controls the amount of harmonic bump at the cutoff frequency. This is the voice of The Ladder. Create sweet, dynamic or extreme speech like behavior and beyond. Accentuate specific frequencies to excite a sound or create completely new and unique ones. NOTE: The Ladder’s Resonance control can push the unit into self-oscillation. This can be used for effect if desired.
  • 2Pole/4Pole: Select how aggressive the filter slope is. 2 pole is equal to 12db per octave, which is smooth and sweet, while 4 pole is 24db per octave, which is hard, aggressive and most similar to a Classic Moog filter.
  • Bypass: Totally transparent relay bypass for routing and A/B comparison.

The Ladder will be available at Moog Dealers worldwide in December 2011 for MSRP $849 USD.

More information: Moog / The Ladder


Arturia updates minimoog V to v2.5

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Arturia has updated the minimoog V, a virtual synthesizer instrument for Windows and Mac.

Arturia minimoog V

From the starship funk lead lines of the 70’s, to the gangster whine of mid 90’s hip-hop, the ever present minimoog has been making its phat presence felt for over 3 decades.

In partnership with Bob Moog, we decided to reproduce the legendary interface with the same look and feel than the original because of its particular “mood”, and because many musicians wish to use the same interface they used in the past. But the reproduction of this synthesizer does not stop to the look and feel, we also recreated its inside characteristics…

Changes in minimoog V v2.5

  • Support for 64-bit VST and Audio Unit.
  • Support for Pro Tools 9.
  • MIDI Control Assignment Improvement.
  • Update of toolbar look and feel.
  • Added support for NRPN MIDI controls.
  • Added triangle LFO waveform.

The minimoog V for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS) is available to purchase for $249 USD / 229 EUR.

More information: Arturia / minimoog V


Bob Moog Foundation Raffle: Win impOSCar2 controller & GForce software suite

The Bob Moog Foundation has announced an impOSCar2 Software Controller Raffle.

Touch Digital impOSCar2 controller

A raffle to benefit the Bob Moog Foundation begins today. Two lucky winners will each receive the new impOSCar2 Controller from Touch Digital Controllers and an entire suite of five virtual instruments from GForce software—a prize package valued at nearly $2,500.

The raffle will continue until all 500 tickets have been sold. Because the BMF will be awarding two complete packages, each entry has a 1 in 250 chance of winning. Tickets are $20 each, or you can improve your odds by buying six for $100.

Raffle tickets are available from the Bob Moog Foundation’s web store at

More information: Bob Moog Foundation


Spectrasonics announces winners in “OMG-1 Contest”

Spectrasonics has announced the winners of its worldwide OMG-1 Contest.

Over 400 entries for the contest were submitted from 68 different countries, with a very wide diversity of musical styles. The goal for each contestant was to use the sounds from the Bob Moog Tribute Library in a creative and inspiring way. The company reports that the Contest and the Library have been able to raise record-breaking funds for the Bob Moog Foundation to support their innovative projects.

Eric Persing, Spectrasonics Creative Director and Founder, said, “With the hundreds of creative entries from around the world, the OMG-1 Contest was an incredible success! The overall quality of all the entries was so much higher than we expected, it was extremely difficult to choose the winners.”

Spectrasonics OMG-1 Contest

The Grand Prize of Persing’s custom-built OMG-1 synthesizer has been awarded to Torley Wong of Washington State, who submitted an entire album’s worth of music-15 pieces, over one-hour in total-exclusively using the “Bob Moog Tribute Library” in Spectrasonics’ Omnisphere software synthesizer for the tonal elements of his album. The one-of-a-kind OMG-1 synthesizer will be presented as the Grand Prize to Mr. Wong in a special event at the ‘Moogfest’ in Asheville, North Carolina in October 2011.

In fact, so many great pieces of music were submitted in the contest that three other major winners were announced as well, winning prizes generously donated by hardware synthesizer manufacturer Moog Music:

• “Outstanding Achievement Award” David Soltany (Strasbourg, France)
• “Next Generation Award” Eric Oberthaler (Berkeley, California)
• “Most Original Composition” Waen Shepherd (London, UK)

Fifteen additional contestants were recognized with “Creative Excellence Awards” and have their music featured on the Spectrasonics website.

More information: Spectrasonics / OMG-1 Contest


Moog Music launches new website + win a Moogerfooger MF-104SD

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Moog Music has launched its new website featuring the Moog Sound Lab performance series, a brand new Legacy page with information shared by The Bob Moog Foundation, and more.

Moog Music website

On the cusp of Moog Music’s 61st anniversary, the North Carolina-based company is embarking on the next chapter in its history, breaking new ground in an industry it pioneered, via a fresh brand identity and all-new website that supercharges the storied brand and its unique electronic instruments used by millions around the world.

“We are excited to be launching our new website. The website is our launching pad into a new era of innovation. It coincides with the completion of our new factory in downtown Asheville, new product introductions, new projects and new partnerships. We are extremely optimistic about the future of Moog Music and the continuing support we receive from our fantastic customers,” said Mike Adams, president of Moog Music.

“The new not only gives our fans a vibrant, easy to navigate and entertaining environment to learn about the history and relevance of Moog products and our legendary founder Bob Moog, but also to see and hear first hand how other artists are engaging their creativity and imagination to optimize the unlimited potential of electronicsound,” Adams added.

The feature-packed new website presents a modern, energetic new take on the iconic Moog Music brand. The new look-and-feel represents not only a celebration of the company’s 61 years of innovative music making, but also a stepping stone to an online aesthetic with an even greater global reach.

The new website is highlighted by extraordinary content designed to help visitors quickly find the Moog products they seek. The site’s Moog Sound Lab was created to provide an entertaining and insightful look at how some of today’s most respected (and up and coming) artists craft their sounds in a studio jam-packed with Moog gear. The first Moog Sound Lab video features The Dandy Warhols, with new musicians featured every other Monday.

The sites new Legacy section beautifully illustrates the rich history of Bob Moog and Moog Music, and includes a 10-minute mini-documentary on the history of the Minimoog and a look at the legacy of Moog Music founder Bob Moog in sound and pictures. The site also features all-new product demo, sound and image galleries,dealer info and product support pages.

Moogerfooger MF-104SD

Visitors to the new Moog Music website will have the opportunity to create an account on the website for a chance to win a Moogerfooger MF-104SD.

When you create an account on not only will you be able to get the fullest experience out of the new Moog website, you’ll also be automatically entered to win Moog’s last remaining Moogerfooger MF-104SD.

Limited to a run of 250, the MF-104SD can bend time with a full 1.4 second delay.

More information: Moog Music


Arturia releases Dr. Bob’s Collector Pack

Arturia Dr. Bob's Collector Pack

Arturia has released Dr. Bob’s Collector Pack, a limited edition pack in collaboration with the Bob Moog Foundation.

Dr. Bob’s Collector Pack includes two of our award-winning software instruments, the Minimoog-V and the Moog Modular-V at a groundbreaking price.

It also offers a unique glimpse into Bob Moog’s life, by including an exclusive book of private archives from the Moog Foundation and a DVD documentary.

Dr. Bob’s Collector Pack features

  • Minimoog-V and Moog Modular-V software instruments.
  • Moog DVD Documentary by Hans Fjellestad (Multi Region, approx. 120 min).
  • 72-page book including previously unpublished documents by the Moog Foundation.
  • Moog Foundation official button.

Dr. Bob’s Collector Pack is available to purchase for $299 USD / 249 EUR. Profits are donated to the Bob Moog Foundation.

More information: Arturia / Dr. Bob’s Collector Pack