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BOOM Library launches BOOM Raffle

BOOM Library has announced the launch of a BOOM Raffle, offering the chance to win prizes up to over $1.000 USD.

BOOM Library Raffle

Win a FREE PASS to the GAMESOUND CON in Los Angeles on October 7th and 8th 2014 and a FREE BOOM LIBRARY OF YOUR CHOICE.

To participate simply go to our website and learn how to even double or triple your chance of winning. Don’t miss out on it!

We’re already looking forward to announcing the winner – wishing everyone GOOD LUCK!

The raffle ends on September 2nd, 2014, 11:59 PM CET.

More information: BOOM Library


Native Instruments releases Arcane Attic for Maschine

Native Instruments has announced the release of Arcane Attic, a new Maschine Expansion pack featuring gritty field recordings.

Designed for unconventional beat making across all styles and genres, this Expansion was created, recorded, and designed by BOOM Library. ARCANE ATTIC also comes with new presets for MASSIVE and MASCHINE’s Drum Synths, with a selection of sounds that perfectly complement the out of the ordinary sample material.

Native Instruments Arcane Attic

The high-quality field recordings in ARCANE ATTIC are aimed at electronic music producers or simply anyone looking to add unconventional sounds to their productions. The range of sounds is highly diverse and organized into several categories. It represents a wide spectrum from robotic and mechanical science fiction recordings to heavy cinematic metal impacts, slams, strikes, and buzzing, percussive details. A set of elemental sounds explode with kinetic fire and water blasts. Producers looking to spice up their percussion will also find a range of pistol, rifle, and cannon sounds that have been transformed into pounding drums. Finally, a set of orchestral samples recorded with a live orchestra are included for adding rich, larger-than-life melodies to productions.

Complementing ARCANE ATTIC’s field recordings are a new set of 40 presets for MASSIVE, which provide additional melodic possibilities beyond the orchestral samples. 43 MASCHINE 2 Drum Synth presets feature a clean sound designed to complement ARCANE ATTIC’s gritty sample set with added punch and character. In total, ARCANE ATTIC features 7 projects, 39 drum kits, and 7 special kits, plus a set of 140 pre-arranged patterns for quick inspiration.

ARCANE ATTIC was created by BOOM Library – the sound design company founded in 2010 by Axel Rohrbach, Pierre Langer, and Tilman Sillescu. The sounds are a selection from the BOOM Library product line – now for the first time directly accessible within the MASCHINE beat production environment. Their sound libraries have been featured in films like ‘Sin City – A Dame To Die For’, TV series such as ‘From Dusk Till Dawn The Series’, Games like ‘Battlefield 4’ and trailers for ‘The Hobbit – The
Desolation Of Smaug’, and ‘The Dark Knight Rises’.

A condensed version of ARCANE ATTIC is also available as an iMASCHINE Expansion, for creating unconventional beats on-the-go. The iMASCHINE Expansion features 2 projects and 4 drum kits. Tracks can be exported to MASCHINE STUDIO, MASCHINE, and MASCHINE MIKRO for completion.

Arcane Attic is available for purchase for $49 / 49 EUR / £44 GBP. Requires Maschine 2 software. The iMaschine Expansion is available for $0.99 USD / 0.89 EUR / £0.69 GBP.

More information: Native Instruments / Arcane Attic


BOOM Library releases Birds Of Prey sound library

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BOOM Library has announced the release of Birds Of Prey, a new sound effect library.

BOOM Library Birds of Prey

The time has come! Have you been hoping for extraordinary material of feathered creatures? Then BOOM Library holds good news for you this May: “Birds Of Prey” are letting out their cries!

Our new SFX library comes with an impressive collection of rare raptor recordings: calling, chirping, shrieking, cawing, screeching, growling or even jabbering of buzzard, crane, eagle, falcon, goshawk, vulture, owl and other feathery hunters.

These extravagant sounds ship in 192kHz & 48kHz / 24-bit High Definition Audio which allows you to creatively adapt the source material to whatever you imagine your raptor outcome to be. We offer you more than 3.6 GB in 160 high quality audio files – get your “Birds Of Prey” library now and benefit from our release discount until May 10th: pay only EUR 119,20!

Mirror the world of the majestic hunters and soar to higher levels of sound experience! This set of high-end SFX helps expanding your possibilities.

The sample library is available at a 20% discount until May 20th, 2014.

More information: BOOM Library / Birds Of Prey


BOOM Library releases Waves sound fx library

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BOOM Library Waves

BOOM Library has announced the release of Waves, a new sound effect library.

Waves are among the most universally appealing of all nature sounds. Their character changes dependent on tides, climatic and ground conditions, so they can come in as lapping, gurgling, surging, bubbling, sweeping, splashing, rumbling, rolling, howling, thundering, roaring, crashing and many other forms.

Sound Tracker® Gordon Hempton has recorded a fantastic and remarkable collection of waves in its various appearances. The library contains more than 5.5 hrs in 5.42 GB of pure and unaltered source recordings: 111 files which are classified by wave size and beach substrate (solid rock, boulder, pebble, sand).

To guarantee you an effective and easy workflow, all these high-end SFX come with well-grounded Soundminer Metadata.

The library is available to purchase for the introductory price of 119.20 EUR (20% off regular).

More information: BOOM Library / Waves


BOOM Library releases Magic sound fx packs

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BOOM Library Magic

BOOM Library has announced the release of Magic, a new series of sound fx libraries.

Based on solid tradition, the library comes with a “Construction Kit” and a “Designed” version and offers spectacular supernatural content.

With both, an evil and peaceful, fiery and frosty, roaring and whooshing, sinister and playful… – in short: very versatile range, it serves purely magical and contains a superb set of high-end SFX.

Magic features

  • Designed: 130+ files, 450+ sounds.
  • Construction Kit: 430+ files, 2.300+ sounds.
  • Libraries ship in 96kHz/24bit high definition audio.
  • Effective workflow: well-grounded Soundminer Metadata.

The Magic “Construction Kit” library is available to purchase for 149 EUR; the “Designed” pack is 99 EUR. A bundle of both is available at the introductory price of 159 EUR.

More information: BOOM Library / Magic


Boom Library Cinematic Metal 30% off at VSTBuzz

Boom Library Cinematic Metal

VSTBuzz has launched a limited time promotion for the Cinematic Metal bundle from Boom Library, featuring the Cinematic Metal – Impacts and Cinematic Metal – Contruction Kit sound libraries.

The Cinematic Metal library is packed with 200 final designed royalty free sounds. From deep booms and high sweeteners, to huge cinematic impact and epic crashes – everything you need to really make an impression! All of these sounds were uniquely designed with the Cinematic Metal – Construction Kit. The Construction Kit brings all the original recordings to your hard disc, giving you a huge selection of royalty free source material. Be creative and innovative in designing completely unique metal hits the world has not heard yet.

This bundle contains over 1,300 samples in WAV format, recorded at 96KHz/24bit and is 7.2GB (zipped).

Cinematic Metal is available to purchase from VST Buzz for $179 USD until May 28th, 2013 (regular $259 USD).

More information: VSTBuzz


BOOM Library SCI-FI sfx library pre-released

Boom Library SCI-FI

BOOM Library has announced the pre-release of its SCI-FI sound fx sample library.

For the SCI-FI CONSTRUCTION KIT, we recorded tons of new stuff. We used a lot of field and studio recordings. We recorded servo sounds from small to large, hydraulic sounds, air releases and tons of plastic and metal movement, impacts, rattle sounds. Besides that, we created lots of synth based sounds, like sweeps and drops, weird material and simple beeps.

This is your toolkit for brand new futuristic HD Sci-Fi sounds.

SCI-FI DESIGNED will let you create high quality futuristic sound design in light speed. Choose from a huge arsenal of powerful lasers, rail guns, plasma beams, unique alerts, whole ambiences, awesome mechanics, energy fields, etc. to equip your SCI-FI universe with the right sounds.

Until the official release in October, the bundle is available to purchase at a 20% discount.

More information: Boom Library