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BOOM Library releases Waves sound fx library

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BOOM Library Waves

BOOM Library has announced the release of Waves, a new sound effect library.

Waves are among the most universally appealing of all nature sounds. Their character changes dependent on tides, climatic and ground conditions, so they can come in as lapping, gurgling, surging, bubbling, sweeping, splashing, rumbling, rolling, howling, thundering, roaring, crashing and many other forms.

Sound Tracker® Gordon Hempton has recorded a fantastic and remarkable collection of waves in its various appearances. The library contains more than 5.5 hrs in 5.42 GB of pure and unaltered source recordings: 111 files which are classified by wave size and beach substrate (solid rock, boulder, pebble, sand).

To guarantee you an effective and easy workflow, all these high-end SFX come with well-grounded Soundminer Metadata.

The library is available to purchase for the introductory price of 119.20 EUR (20% off regular).

More information: BOOM Library / Waves

BOOM Library releases Magic sound fx packs

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BOOM Library Magic

BOOM Library has announced the release of Magic, a new series of sound fx libraries.

Based on solid tradition, the library comes with a “Construction Kit” and a “Designed” version and offers spectacular supernatural content.

With both, an evil and peaceful, fiery and frosty, roaring and whooshing, sinister and playful… – in short: very versatile range, it serves purely magical and contains a superb set of high-end SFX.

Magic features

  • Designed: 130+ files, 450+ sounds.
  • Construction Kit: 430+ files, 2.300+ sounds.
  • Libraries ship in 96kHz/24bit high definition audio.
  • Effective workflow: well-grounded Soundminer Metadata.

The Magic “Construction Kit” library is available to purchase for 149 EUR; the “Designed” pack is 99 EUR. A bundle of both is available at the introductory price of 159 EUR.

More information: BOOM Library / Magic

Boom Library Cinematic Metal 30% off at VSTBuzz

Boom Library Cinematic Metal

VSTBuzz has launched a limited time promotion for the Cinematic Metal bundle from Boom Library, featuring the Cinematic Metal – Impacts and Cinematic Metal – Contruction Kit sound libraries.

The Cinematic Metal library is packed with 200 final designed royalty free sounds. From deep booms and high sweeteners, to huge cinematic impact and epic crashes – everything you need to really make an impression! All of these sounds were uniquely designed with the Cinematic Metal – Construction Kit. The Construction Kit brings all the original recordings to your hard disc, giving you a huge selection of royalty free source material. Be creative and innovative in designing completely unique metal hits the world has not heard yet.

This bundle contains over 1,300 samples in WAV format, recorded at 96KHz/24bit and is 7.2GB (zipped).

Cinematic Metal is available to purchase from VST Buzz for $179 USD until May 28th, 2013 (regular $259 USD).

More information: VSTBuzz

BOOM Library SCI-FI sfx library pre-released

Boom Library SCI-FI

BOOM Library has announced the pre-release of its SCI-FI sound fx sample library.

For the SCI-FI CONSTRUCTION KIT, we recorded tons of new stuff. We used a lot of field and studio recordings. We recorded servo sounds from small to large, hydraulic sounds, air releases and tons of plastic and metal movement, impacts, rattle sounds. Besides that, we created lots of synth based sounds, like sweeps and drops, weird material and simple beeps.

This is your toolkit for brand new futuristic HD Sci-Fi sounds.

SCI-FI DESIGNED will let you create high quality futuristic sound design in light speed. Choose from a huge arsenal of powerful lasers, rail guns, plasma beams, unique alerts, whole ambiences, awesome mechanics, energy fields, etc. to equip your SCI-FI universe with the right sounds.

Until the official release in October, the bundle is available to purchase at a 20% discount.

More information: Boom Library

Boom Library releases Medieval Weapons sound fx sample libarary

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Boom Library Medieval Weapons

Boom Library has released Medieval Weapons, a collection of construction kits and designed sound effects.

It’s done. Get ready to unleash an epic battle and blow away your audience. With our “MEDIEVAL WEAPONS” sound effects library, you get a fascinating collection of bone-crushing hammer impacts, deadly sword hits, wall-tearing catapult shots, bows and arrows, armor impacts and much more to design an incomparable medieval soundscape.

This collection comes as a CONSTRUCTION KIT with 4500+ high quality source sounds (96 kHz/24-bit) and as a DESIGNED edition with 500+ predesigned, “ready to use” sounds (96 kHz/24-bit). Berserkers and Warlords get the BUNDLE.

Medieval Weapons is available to purchase for 149 EUR (Construction Kit) / 99 EUR (Designed). A bundle of both packs is 199 EUR.

Get a 15% Early Bird Discount with the code: BOOM-MEDIEVAL

More information: Boom Library / Medieval Weapons

Time+Space offers Boom Library products in download store

Time+Space has announced that it is now offering Boom Library sample libraries in its download store.

When sound effects libraries are created by people who work for the biggest European game audio studio you can be sure they’re going to be the ultimate in high end samples… and that’s exactly what Boom Library is all about.

Boom Library was established in 2010 by a couple of award winning audio guys from Dynamedion studios in Germany to provide media and audio professionals high quality and unique sound effects for their productions. The company currently has a product line of five types of libraries, all of which are available to download now from Time+Space.

Most of the libraries in the collection are available as two separate products – ‘Construction Kit’ which consist of thousands of plain source recordings for users looking to create their own unique sounds, and ‘Designed’ which deliver highly usable demos that represent what is possible to create with the source files – great for composers looking for a quick solution for their music.

These are available separately or as great value bundles and all included sounds are supplied as Wav files.

Boom Library at Time+Space

Boom Library products

  • New: Cinematic Trailers – Unique recordings with a live orchestra, a big taiko drum band and by smashing, colliding, destroying and setting fire to all kinds of objects.
  • Creatures – Numerous sets of outstandingly evil creatures, from huge and rumbling beasts, through to tiny nasty insects and slippery zombies.
  • Cinematic Metal – From deep booms and high sweeteners, to huge cinematic impact and epic crashes.
  • Guns – 17 rifles, pistols and shotguns, 4 shots each in 4 different style sets (light, crispy, realistic, larger than life).
  • Wildcats – Growls, sniffs, snarls, mating calls, moans and incredible roars courtesy of lions and tigers.

To find out more about Boom Library and what makes them different to other sound effect libraries, read the interview with co-founder Pierre Langer on the Time+Space Blog.

More information: Time+Space

Boom Library announces Cinematic Trailers (Pre-Order)

Boom Library Cinematic Trailers

Boom Library has announced Cinematic Trailers, a new sound effects sample library.

Get yourself ready for the next CINEMATIC library with tons of airy WHOOSHES, dynamic STINGERS, bursting IMPACTS, epic RISES and much more.

This collection comes as a CONSTRUCTION KIT with 2000+ high quality source sounds (96 kHz/24-bit) and as a DESIGNED edition with 150+ predesigned, “ready to use” sound effects (96 kHz/24-bit). Get the CINEMATIC TRAILERS BUNDLE if you want it all!

CINEMATIC TRAILERS is available for preorder starting today. Get your hands on it now and save 25%.

Cinematic Trailers features

  • Library ships in 96 kHz 24-bit High Definition Audio.
  • Effective workflow: well-grounded Soundminer Metadata.
  • Construction Kit:
    • Live orchestra and percussion recordings.
    • 2000+ sound effects.
  • Designed:
    • 150+ impacts, wooshes, rises and stingers.
    • Prepared for TASA trailer audio standard.

Cinematic Trailers is available to pre-order for 119 EUR (Construction kit) / 79 EUR (Designed). A bundle is also available to pre-order for 149 EUR (regular 199 EUR). Release is scheduled for June 15th, 2011.

More information: Boom Library

Boom Library releases Guns, sound fx sample library bundle

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Boom Library Guns Bundle

Boom Library has announced the release of Guns, a sound fx library featuring the sounds of firearms.

This is the final answer to your needs for modern firearms. Use our “Guns – Construction Kit” (11 GB, 12 mic recording, 17 guns) to create your own weapon sound style. Or use the 350+ “ready to use” fire-shots & handling sounds in the “Guns – Designed”. This bundle has it all!

Guns features

  • Guns – Construction Kit – More than 11 GB of source recordings in 1.050+ files. This 12-channel recording of 17 firearms has all you need to create any weapon sound style. Edit the sounds exactly the way you like & finally put your hands on the very heart of great weapon sounds.
  • Guns – Designed – Get 1 GB of data with 350+ “ready to use” sounds, 17 different weapons, pre-designed in 4 styles. Looking for that crispy close-up, or a “larger than life” gunshot ignition? This is it! All sounds were designed by using the source files of the “Guns – Construction Kit”.

The Guns Bundle is available to purchase for 199 EUR. “Guns – Construction Kit” is available separately for 149 EUR, “Guns – Designed” is 99 EUR.

More information: Boom Library