Boom Library releases Prairies sample library

Boom Library Prairies

Boom Library has announced the release of Prairies, a sample library by Gordon Hempton.

With our next nature recording library we’re breaking whole new ground: Gordon Hempton ventured out into the wide fields of the American prairie to successfully return with this superb and fascinating sound material. The “PRAIRIES” library is a unique and stunning collection of sound recordings under different weather conditions, seasons and time of day.

Prairies are among the most efficient bio-acoustic systems in the world for converting the sun’s energy into sound. Because the day is often windy (which interferes with clear sound propagation), species had to evolve a song structure for increased recognition under windy conditions which you’ll only find under these circumstances. The “PRAIRIES” collection contains for instance various indigenous animal sounds such as a wide spectrum of songful birds (including lek performances), buzzing insects, howling coyotes or chirping prairie-dogs. As a matter of course, it also comes with a generous range of multifaceted wind recordings: gusting, blustering, softly blowing, breezing, roaring,… through the typical vegetation of this area. As special features, “PRAIRIES” holds weather phenomenon recordings of distant thunder rolling in and grass fire caused by high solar irradiation.

With “PRAIRIES”, Sound Tracker® Gordon Hempton created a condensed and rich portrayal of the Great Plains, offering you detailed vastness in unaltered high-quality recordings. The library contains more than 5 hrs and more than 4.8 GB subsuming 105 files of unique and high-quality source recordings.

To guarantee you an effective and easy workflow, all these high-end SFX come with well-grounded Soundminer Metadata.

The library is available for the introductory price of 119.20 EUR until September 6th, 2014 (20% off regular).

More information: Boom Library / Prairies


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