Sound Pack Flyer launches Boonie Mayfield’s Bundle of Wonders

Sound Pack Flyer has announced Bundle of Wonders, a bundle of three sample packs by Boonie Mayfield.

Boonie Mayfield's Bundle of Wonders

If you’re looking for a kit that is so well-rounded, that when using other kits, it makes them feel like they’re missing something.. well SoundPackFlyer has something special for you!

Meet Boonie Mayfield, aka Boon Doc – A popular hip-hop producer from his viral YouTube videos!

The sounds focus heavily on the drums, and this 3 kit bundle contains over 1,200+ samples!

The bundle is available for purchase for $68 USD (56% off individual kits).

More information: Sound Pack Flyer / Bundle of Wonders


Producers Choice releases Boonie Mayfield (Boon Doc) Drum Kit Bundle

Producers Choice Boonie Mayfield Drum Kit Bundle

The Producers Choice has released the Boonie Mayfield (Boon Doc) Drum Kit Bundle, a collection of three sample packs.

Boonie Mayfield’s drum kits are loved by producers worldwide for their warm, gritty drums, and soulful instrument samples. From hard-hitting, punchy kicks to tight, snappy snares, tambourine hits and drum fills – this kit will get you chomping at the bit to create some incredible music.

Extra Bonuses in this kit bundle include: chord progressions, wall-rattling bass samples, electric bass slides & fills and more for over 1130 mind blowing samples.

The Boonie Mayfield Drum Kit Bundle is available to purchase for $87 USD (regular price individual packs $120 USD).

More information: Producers Choice / Boonie Mayfield Bundle


Samplerbanks releases Fundamentals Of Neo-Soul by Gospelmusicians

Samplerbanks Fundamentals Of Neo-Soul

Samplerbanks has released Fundamentals Of Neo-Soul, a video tutorial by Gospelmusicians.

Samplerbanks is proudly present their latest label “Gospelmusician” run by keyboard wizard Jamal Hartwell. The Fundamentals of Neo-Soul Keyboard is one of the hottest and most coveted video tutorial program ever made, emphasizing the playing techniques and the joy of playing together – performed by Jamal and his session player friends.

Jamal grows from the Gospel / Neo-Soul background, however all these concepts can still be easily applied to every urban genre of music from gospel to R&B. If you are looking to finally make some smooth grooves with your tracks and become an urban producer, then this video course will give you all the tools to produce your first album. If you are getting a little bored with the same chords you’ve been playing all the time, now it’s time totally transform your style by adding a touch of neo-soul to your keyboard playing!

Fundamentals Of Neo-Soul features

  • Neo-Soul Instructinal Video Tutorial – 4.9 hours, including Beat Making Lessons from Boonie Mayfield (YouTube super producer), lit keys video of theory.
  • Sheet Music in PDF format.
  • MIDI files.
  • Extra bonus Neo-Soul movements.
  • Extra WAV samples to load into your computer DAW / software sampler.

Fundamentals Of Neo-Soul is available to purchase for $50 USD / £31.95 GBP / €35.75 EUR.

More information: Samplerbanks / Fundamentals Of Neo-Soul