BooTweak Designs releases The Machine, 233 BooTweak Kits from 214 Vintage Drum Machines & Keyboards

BooTweak for Kontakt

BooTweak Designs has released The Machine, a collection of 233 BooTweak kits from 214 vintage drum machines and keyboards.

All kits are now finished. They are all drum kits with the exception of 6 or 7 kits.

The 5 Oberheim Matrix 1000 kits have single synth samples mapped across the keyboard for each of the 8 BooTweak groups, so you can solo the groups you want to layer in a patch. All of the tonal sounds have been tuned together for instant blending pleasure.

The Machine BooTweak kits are available as a free download. BooTweak, a donationware Kontakt script template for working with samples (especially drums) is included with the kits.

More information: BooTweak / The Machine for BooTweak


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