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M-RGT Ambitron virtual soundscape generator

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M-RGT has released Ambitron, a virtual soundscape generator instrument for Windows.

M-RGT Ambitron

Ambitron is an experimental electronic synthesizer that employs granular synthesis in two separate and programmable layers each with extensive FX and Modulation Matrix modules which provide the user with maximum control over unique sound creation.

Ambitron comes with scores of samples built in but can also support the import of user samples in .wav format for sound creation that can be customized to user preferences and musical styles. As an experimental synthesizer it radically departs from standard “bread and butter” type instruments and is meant to be used as a laboratory for the exploration of new sonic and timbral creations that would be difficult to achieve any other way.

The nature of Ambitron is that it allows for sonic evolution over time and with the use of the various granular controls allows the user to create sounds that have a life of their own and do not repeat in any kind of expected or predictable manner. It is ideal for ambient soundscapes or virtually any type of experimental genres. When used with a midi controller or host these various controls can be manipulated in real time thus further enhancing the sonic possibilities.

Ambitron is meant to be played with and as the user becomes more familiar with its various controls and parameters the possibilities for sounds that are surprising and unexpected are greatly enhanced.

The sonic permutations possible with Ambitron are limited only to the user’s imagination and creativity.

Ambitron for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for $33 USD.

More information: M-RGT / Ambitron


AlgoMusic releases AMB Atomic

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AlgoMusic has released AMB Atomic, a 16 step sequencer composing tool with a built in synth, developed in collaboration with BK SynthLab.

The design is inspired by circular step sequencers such as the Buchla Arbitrary Function Generator and Future Retro Revolution, which allows for a different approach to composing and sound design.

AlgoMusic AMB Atomic
AlgoMusic AMB Atomic

AMB Atomic features

  • Sequencer
    • 16 step sequencer in a circular design with 3 rows: Seminotes, Velocity and Gate.
    • BPM Rate with 5 modes including random.
    • Separate rhythm grid.
    • Advanced arpeggiator with separate rate, 5 modes with gate and octave controls.
    • Latch mode for continuous play as well as indevidual mute for each step.
    • MIDI Out for use in modular hosts which also includes LFO’s and step modulators to control external vst’s or hardware.
  • Synth
    • 2 Oscillators with 14 waveforms including additive partials.
    • Separate phase controls, and detune and octave tune as well as harmonic tuning mode.
    • VCF with 4 filter types with velocity control.
    • 2 dedicated envelope generators, one for amp and one for filter.
    • 2 LFOs, Sub Oscillator, Step Modulator, Random Generator, and Keyboard control with zone and mod wheel assign which includes sequencer controls for step, and rate.
    • Comprehensive mod matrix.
  • Effects
    • X-Y delay with separate multimode filters which can be modulated via mod matrix.
    • Spacial stereo reverb.
    • Phaser with wide sweeping range.
  • Master section with volume, pan and tuning.
  • CC map for hardware MIDI knob controllers.
  • Presets by Tim Conrardy and Boris K.

AMB Atomic is available for Windows PC and costs $39.99 USD. A demo version is available for download (demo version has a voice-over every 30 seconds or so, as well as MIDI out disabled).

Visit AlgoMusic for more information and a link to download a demo version of AMB Atomic.


AlgoMusic updates AMB products Enceladus to v2.0 and ElectraBass to v1.1

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AlgoMusic Enceladus v2.0

AlgoMusic has released updates for the AMB product line: Enceladus v2.0 and ElectraBass v1.1.

Changes in Enceladus V2 (Next Mission)

  • GUI renovation
  • corrected bug in ARP for Sonar users
  • OSC renovation
  • added SUB OSC
  • LFO: more wave forms
  • FX renovation, added TRANCE GATE FX, improved background control
  • improved Mono Mode
  • added correcting filter
  • reduced CPU consumption
  • Patches Bank renovation

Enceladus is available for Windows PC and costs $49.99 USD. A demo is available for download.

Changes in ElectraBass v1.1

  • GUI renovation
  • corrected bug in ARP for Sonar users
  • added Wave Monitor
  • OSC-B now multi oscillator
  • FX renovation
  • improved Mono Mode
  • Patches Bank renovation

ElectraBass is also available for Windows PC and costs $35 USD. Download the demo.

Visit AlgoMusic for more information and audio demos.


AlgoMusic and BK SynthLab release AMB ElectraBass

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AlgoMusic/BK SynthLab AMB ElectraBass

AMB (AlgoMusic and BK SynthLab collaboration) has released ElectraBass, which was announced last april.

A demo is now available for download (Restrictions: Voice over every 30 seconds or so).

AMB ElectraBass can be purchased online for $35.00 / €26.00.

Visit AMB for more information and some mp3 demos.


AlgoMusic and BK SynthLab announce AMB ElectraBass

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AlgoMusic/BK SynthLab AMB ElectraBass

AlgoMusic and BK SynthLab have announced AMB ElectraBass, a synth that focuses on bass and leads with a futuristic sound.


  • 2 Harmonic oscillators offering 11 waveforms each with phase modulation, ring modulation, sync and a noise oscillator
  • Complex filter with 13 types of filters and x-y grid for cutoff and resonace
  • 8 Dedicated envelopes to selected targets with 7 types of velocity curves
  • 2 BPM synced LFOs with phase modulation
  • Portamento with re-triggering, pitch bend amount, MIDI channel select and master BPM
  • 3 Different forms of distortion
  • Velocity sensitive controls with keyboard tracking of phase modulation and distortion with master volume and boost controls
  • Unique pull down 32 stage sequencer offering piano grid style editing and complex algorithmic arpegiator along with volume and cutoff control for each stage
  • 4 Different effects: Chorus, Phaser, Stereo delay, Digital reverb
  • Dedicated vibrato for modulation wheel
  • On board click and learn help system
  • Preset information display
  • Low CPU
  • 128 presets by Boris K, David Haupt, Dr. Ambient, and Tim Conrardy

AMB ElectraBass will be available soon for 35 USD.

In the meantime, check out AmboElectra, a demo track Tim Conrardy wrote to showcase ElectraBass. (It uses just ElectraBass)


AlgoMusic and BK Synthlab release Enceladus VSTi

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AlgoMusic/BK Synthlab Enceladus VSTi

AlgoMusic and BK Synthlab have released Enceladus VSTi, the first in a series of collaborations between AlgoMusic and BK SynthLab.

AlgoMusic is well known for Tim Conrardy’s M42 and M51 VSTi and Boris K has released many quality freeware synths in the past.

Enceladus Features

  • Two oscillators, each with 32 waveforms. Sync, voice detune, and filter allocation for each oscillator as well as keyboard on-off function
  • Two Filters, each with 3 filter types (Low pass, High pass and Band pass) with 2x serial filters for richer filter sounds. Separate keyboard tracking and envelope modulation controls are provided
  • Five ADSR style graphical envelope generators with fixed allocations to Amp, Filter1, Filter2, and 2 user mod envelopes
  • Three LFO’s (Low Frequency oscillators) with separate FM and Sample hold controls
  • Two separate step sequencers each with BPM synced selections and smooth controls. Steps can be 8, 16 or 32 steps
  • Comprehensive Modulation Matrix with two targets per source
  • Glide, Poly/ mono selections and Arpegiator controls with 6 arp types and hold (latch) feature
  • Five different effects (Stereo delay,Stereo reverb, Chorus, Phaser and 4 band EQ with separate frequency and Q controls.)
  • Background color editor and colored patch by type allocations
  • Patch display editor by author, category and name
  • Separate LFO for global vibrato setting for mod wheel
  • 144 presets by Tim Conrardy, Boris K and David Haupt

Enceladus costs $49.99 USD (37.54 EUR), and demo is available for download.

Visit the AlgoMusic/BK Synthlab pages for more information and links to demo mp3s.


Boris K. releases VS-1 Oscilloscope for free

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Boris K. VS-1 Oscilloscope VSTi

Boris K. has released VS-1 Oscilloscope for free.

VS-1 Oscilloscope is an analogue/subtractive synth created with SynthEdit, which previously cost 30 euros but is now available for free.

After MEDDLE and INTRO, VS-1 is the 3rd synth that Boris K. has released at no cost.

It seems Boris K. has had some trouble receiving payments because he is living in Russia. This might be the reason why his work is now released for free. If you would like to support Boris K. you could send him a word of thanks per email:


  • stereo synthesizer
  • Mono/polyphonic
  • 3 Oscillators
  • 2 Filters
  • 4 ADSR envelopes with synchronization of initial impulses
  • 4 LFOs
  • 4×16 step gate
  • Effect block with phaser, delay, eq, unison

Visit Boris K. for more information and a link to download VS-1 Oscilloscope.

The sitesled website seems to have a bandwidth limit on Boris K.’s pages, so if you can’t get through just try again in a few days.