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Samplesciene releases Dusty Eclectic Goldmine Vol.2

Samplescience Dusty Eclectic Goldmine Vol 2

Samplescience has released its Dusty Eclectic Goldmine Vol.2 sample library.

The second volume of Dusty Eclectic Goldmine includes 55 original breakbeats, 23 dialogue clips (taken from public domain sources), 13 FX loops & samples, 3 Groove Kits, 38 Music Loops (including genuine analog basslines, melodies, riffs, pads & keys) & 244 percussions samples (including 94 crystal clear bongo samples, 38 darbuka percussions, 38 real analog hits & more!).

The loops are Fruity Slicer & SliceX ready, they contain all the necessary metadata (slice makers + loop points) to loop properly. The genre range from minimal techno to lofi instrumental hip hop, trance to experimental!

Some of the breaks were recorded on cassettes & the percussions folder contain 100 original recordings. An Effectron Junior & rare FX pedals were used to get that unique lofi sounds from the eighties cassette exchange of underground music era. All the files are 24 bits except the dialogues which are served in 16 bits mono.

The sample pack is available to purchase for $5 USD.

More information: Samplesciene / Dusty Eclectic Goldmine Vol.2


Alex Matheu updates Glitchbreaks breakbeat glitching app for iOS to v1.02

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Alex Matheu Glitchbreaks

Alex Matheu has released version 1.02 of Glitchbreaks a music app for iOS designed to “glitch” and manipulate beats to create and record new beats.

Glitchbreaks is an iOS Universal manipulation tool for “Glitching” breakbeats. Glitchbreaks uses four audio channels setup like mute groups. You can quickly switch between them to construct new beats, or manipulate loop points to “Cut” or “Glitch” the breaks.

Changes in Glitchbreaks v1.02

  • Bug Fixes in the File Loader.
  • Glitch Pad – Made it more dynamic, now it glitches where the waveform is, and moving your finger changes the index.
  • Loop Modulation – Now it locks into the loop start, instead of letting the waveform play to catch up, also if you set loop start to the very end it will not cross over anymore.
  • An option to turn off Loop Modulation latching was also added.
  • Index Tracking – now when you Glitch, Cut, Loop Mod, or Reverse it remembers where you started, and when you are done, it drops you to where the sample would have played to on it’s own, making it so these functions do not take the sample off time.
  • Now supports Background Audio and mixing with other apps.

Glitchbreaks is available to purchase for $4.99 USD.

More information: Glitchbreaks


SampleScience updates Original Breakbeat Pack Vol.1 free sample pack

SampleScience has updated the Original Breakbeat Pack Vol.1 sample pack, including new sounds and formats.

SampleScience Original Breakbeat Pack Vol.1

Original Breakbeat Pack Vol.1 was originaly released in october 2008 to promote my first album called PlastikDisc. The pack has been updated, some sounds were removed & other were added to make it a solid 50 samples pack.

The samples were made with various software drum synthesizers, hardware drum machines, grooveboxes & self recorded acoustic sounds all layered, mangled, twisted & processed to make those original breakbeats.

Each loop has it’s own sound signature, there’s no variation of the same loop provided, you’ll have to do this yourself. The idea behind this sample pack is to give you royalty-free samples that you can use as if it was lifted from vinyls. So the content isn’t always clean, vinyl & tape noises was added to give those sound more texture & guts! Don’t hesitate to chop, remix & re-arrange the loops & sounds to your taste. It is by no mean a string the dots construction kit type of library. It is meant to be sampled & chop in a creative way!

Download the Original Breakbeat Pack Vol.1 sample pack below:

More information: SampleScience


Soundiron releases Breaker sample library

Soundiron has announced the release of Breaker, a sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Breaker is all about the breakbeat, DIY. This hi-fi/lo-fi old/new school bastard was born to be broken, bruised, smashed, pumped, slammed, smeared, blown-out and beat to hell. We set out to find the essence of classic versus iconoclastic. We set out to build a big, fat and extremely diverse drum palette that evoked an equal blend of warm, smooth 70′s funk and cold, hard 80s electro and pop. Our aim was to make a drum library that is truly electro-organic: electronic in sound but organically playable.

The sound is ripe to be chopped, diced, sliced, flipped, trashed, drilled, derezzed, degraded and granulated. It’s geared toward electro, soul, funk, pop, breakcore, drum n’ bass, garage, dub, techno, glitch, 2-step, trip op, illbient, dub-step, house, and whatever the hell have you. We designed the sound to take digital, tape and tube distortion and FX of all kinds and soak it all right up.

Soundiron Breaker
Breaker features over 80 pristine multi-sampled drum kit and auxiliary percussion elements

Breaker features

  • 1,464 Samples (24 bit / 48kHz stereo PCM wav format), including sounds from 11 Kicks, 10 Cymbals, Over 20 Snares (snares both on & off), Low, Mid and High Toms, Tambourines, Hands Claps, Body Slaps and Finger Snaps, Clicks and Clacks, Bongos.
  • 50 unique presets (unlocked .nki files), each with a different take to get you started.
  • Includes a free bonus collection of 40 custom sound-designed special FX presets, as well as Soundiron’s favorite custom convolution reverb impulses and an advanced Kontakt user interface with full automation support.

Breaker is available to purchase for the introductory price of $29 USD until 12:01am PST on March 19, 2012 (regular price $39 USD).

More information: Soundiron / Breaker


Soniccouture Tremors Vol. 2 – Further Experiments in Breakbeats & Dubstep

Soniccouture Tremors Vol. 2

Soniccouture has released Tremors Vol. 2, a sample library which explores more unique ways of blending breaks, drum machines, live kits
and percussion.

Multi-track Loops

Each of the 500 loops in Tremors Vol. 2 is part of one of 51 grooves. Kicks, snares, percussion, hats, effects – every part is available as a separate loop allowing you to break down a groove within your track, or to mix and match different elements of different grooves to form completely original combinations.

Bonus Bass Presets for NI Massive

Tremors Vol.2 includes Massive Monsters : a set of 20 presets for NI’s Massive synth. Massive has become a ubiquitous tool for growling, talking dubstep subbasses, and it was used to create the bass sounds you hear in the website demos. Soniccouture were responsible for designing many of the factory voices in Massive and the NI Expansion packs, and here that expertise is put to good use once again.

Tremors Vol. 2 features

  • 24 bit 44.1 khz stereo loops – 840MB library.
  • 300 loops – 50 complete grooves.
  • Multi-track parts for each groove.
  • Sample accurate, fully mastered audio.
  • Formats: WAV, REX, Apple Loops, Ableton Live.
  • + 20 bonus bass presets for NI Massive.

Tremors Vol. 2 is available to purchase for 49 EUR. An introductory 20% discount is available until November 11, 2011. Use coupon code LIAOP17776 at checkout.

More information: Soniccouture / Tremors Vol. 2


Sounds To Sample releases Monstrous Dubstep Breaks sample pack

Sounds To Sample Monstrous Dubstep Breaks

Sounds To Sample has released Monstrous Dubstep Breaks, a collection of dubstep breakbeats.

100 bruising dubstep breakbeats, from the deep and dark to the aggressive and abrasive – all stacked with massive snares, syncopated nu-perc slams, slammin’ sub kicks and razor-sharp hats.

S2S serve up a dancefloor-ready selection of belting dubstep drum beats stacked with cone-cracking kicks, snares, percs and shimmering hats for dark and dirty dubstep productions.

Monstrous Dubstep Breaks is available to purchase for 14.90 EUR.

More information: Sounds To Sample / Monstrous Dubstep Breaks


Industrial Strength releases Swiss Chris Breakbeats

Industrial Strength Records Swiss Chris Breakbeats

Loopmasters has introduced Swiss Chris Breakbeats, a new sample library by Industrial Strength Records.

Industrial Strength is truly proud to present this amazing sample pack from Grammy Award winning Music Director, Producer, Programmer and Drummer Percussionist Swiss Chris.

His legendary playing style was a challenge to capture, but after teaming him up with BHK the stage was set to make the most bad ass breaks pack on the market.

Swiss Chris has been named as one of the most innovative drummers of the 21st Century.

Swiss Chris Breakbeats features

  • 256MB content, 24 bit audio quality.
  • 124 Acid Loops, 124 Rex.2 files.
  • Includes 9 Cymbals, 6 Crashs, 10 Various Hits, 27 Hi Hats, 19 Kicks, 19 Percussion Hits, 29 Snares.
  • Patches: 1 Logic EXS Kit, 1 Ableton Kit, 8 Redrum Kits, 6 NNXT Patches, 1 Maschine Kit, 6 Kontakt Kit, 3 Battery Multi Kits.
  • Apple Loops pack available seperately.

Swiss Chris Breakbeats is available to purchase from Loopmasters for £22.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters / Swiss Chris Breakbeats