Loopmasters releases Hip Hop Instrumentals 3

Loopmasters has launched Hip Hop Instrumentals 3, the third instalment of dusty breaks and atmospheric sound effects packed into 13 ready to roll construction kits.

Loopmasters Hip Hop Instrumentals 3

Chemo returns with another exciting collection of atmospheric Hip Hop with 13 timeless Downbeat construction kits. Each construction kit has everything you need to build inspirational cinematic productions with extended loop stems of every element in the groove broken down such as, Kick and Snare Loops, Hat and Cymbals Loops, Atmosphere Loops, Bass Lines, Sound FX, Back Beats and Vocals allowing flexible arrangements to be made in your music software.

The Collection also contains select Drum and FX sounds used in the loop content as one shot samples which can be used in your favourite soft samplers or dragged in as audio to compliment the loops or be used to build your own.

With tempos varying between 77 and 130 BPM this dynamic pack is also perfect for Chill, Trap, Trip Hop, Downtempo and all worldwide hip hop genres.

The sample pack is available for purchase for £29.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters / Hip Hop Instrumentals 3


Samplephonics launches Future Funk & Glitch-Hop

Samplephonics has released Future Funk & Glitch-Hop, a collection of loops and samples by Father Funk.

Samplephonics Future Funk & Glitch-Hop

Jammed full of swagger and style, the sounds and samples in this pack are perfect for chopping up and creating your own unique sample based mashup.

Drawing influence the funk greats of the 70’s then turning it on its head in a unique electronic twist, you can expect to find the fattest Glitch-Hop beats, the chunkiest of analogue bass lines, the smoothest of Rhodes & keys progressions and the heaviest guitar riffs that even Nile Rodgers would be proud of!

To accompany these sample delights, Father Funk has generously us with his vast collection of drum, bass and FX one shots and a plethora of FX loops, including riders, falls, side chained textures and everything else that you could possibly need to create the next breaks-infused-glitch-hop-funk-mashup-masterpiece!

The sample library is available for purchase for £34.70 GBP.

More information: Samplephonics / Future Funk & Glitch-Hop


Samplephonics releases Vintage Drum Breaks Vol 1

Samplephonics has launched Vintage Drum Breaks Vol 1, a collection of drum loops by Isaac Heywood.

Samplephonics Vintage Drum Breaks Vol 1

Boy have we got something special for you…591 of the fattest, chunkiest, raw drum loops money can buy! Laced with a lethal dose of analogue saturation, this killer loops collection has all the ingredients needed to blow the bloody doors off!

Haven’t we heard enough of the Amen Break? Isn’t the James Brown Funky Drummer sounding a little dated? Well, we think it’s time to move on.

Enter Isaac Heywood, a world class session drummer and band member of Nightmares on Wax. This guy is unstoppable! Along with the guys at Greenmount Studio in Leeds and their collection of vintage mics, tape machines, old analogue mixing desks and killer flat white coffees, something very special has arisen from all of this mayhem and bashing of things.

The pack is available for purchase for £34.70 GBP.

More information: Samplephonics / Vintage Drum Breaks Vol 1


Drum Broker intros The Minty Bundle, 15 Piece, Analog Bits Drum Kit Vol. 2, Tape to Dub Plate Vol. 1 & All Dirty Breaks Everything Vol 2

The Drum Broker has launched some new sample packs and bundles by Minty Drums, Snare Jordan, Timmy Rickard and !llmind.

Minty Drums The Minty Bundle

The Minty Bundle

The Minty Drums lineup is hands down one of The Drum Broker’s finest selection of drum samples & break beats. Whether its the super rare Minty Breaks Series or the one shot Minty Drums kits, these are essentials for your drum arsenal.

All original sound design and ultra rare breaks make The Minty Bundle the quintessential drum library and BUNDLED FOR SAVINGS! Infinite drum sample possibilities can be achieved by stacking, layering, and tweaking these samples to taste.

The bundle is available for $99.99 USD.

Snare Jordan 15 Piece STEMS

Snare Jordan – ’15 Piece – STEMS’ (Jake One + G Koop)

15 Piece is a sample library created by Grammy nominated producer Jake One and Grammy nominated multi instrumentalist G Koop. All samples are guaranteed master use clearance. Jake and Koop created this library with the hip hop producer in mind specifically.

15 Piece was created for the sample based producer who is looking for original, unique sounds to chop into slaps. No more dealing with outrageous sample clearance prices.

All of the samples were recorded using a wealth of vintage instruments in G Koop’s studio. G Koop has done replays for Drake, Talib Kweli, MF Doom, Rick Ross and countless others. His attention to detail in sound design sets him apart from other musicians. All samples are bounced as high quality wav’s.

15 Piece is available from the Drum Broker for $99.99 USD.

Analog Bits Drum Kit Vol. 2

Analog Bits Drum Kit Vol. 2

The Drum Broker is proud to announce another all original drum kit featuring never before heard drum samples in the classic MPC60 flavor! We created 53 samples from scratch and ran them through the classic Akai MPC60 sampler circuitry for pristine character.

Like the predecessor, Analog Bits 2 features plenty of analog colouring, bit crushing, and crunch that will easily cut through your mix. The snare on the demo should give you a pretty good idea of what these samples sound like!

The pack is available for $9.99 USD. A bundle of Vol. 1 & 2 costs $19.99 USD.

Tape to Dub Plate Vol. 1

Timmy Rickard – Tape to Dub Plate Vol. 1

Monosole Music presents the first in a series of royalty free drum hits and drum breaks recorded directly to tape, mixed using analogue outboard gear, mastered onto a 12″ dub plate, and finally sampled back off of the vinyl. This series aims to give you the sound and vibe of the open hits and breaks that crate diggers spend so much of their time searching for, whilst offering the cleaner pre-mastered files for those who prefer that sound.

Volume one is filled with 50 cymbal and hi hat hits. Using the finest turkish handmade cymbals, recorded directly onto analogue tape using modern and vintage microphones. Mixed using analogue compressors and eq’s stuffed with valves and transformers, before being sent to a Neumann cutting lathe. Performed and engineered by Timmy Rickard.

The pack is available for download for $24.99 USD.

All Dirty Breaks Everything Volume 2

!llmind All Dirty Breaks Everything Volume 2

“Drums, drums and MORE drums! As producers, we all know drum breaks are one of our main sources of inspiration. Those moments when the needle touches the vinyl, you hear a song, and all of a sudden, a solo drum performance happens! The dirtier & more texturized, the better.

Here, I’ve created a set of drum breaks for my fellow producers to loop, chop, eq, layer, hack & draw inspiration from, as I do. All 21 drum break loops are played by me, using a combination of live drum sets, transient effects & hardcore audio design & sound manipulation to deliver true punch, grit & vinyl DIRT. These drum break loops are sure to become a dangerous secret weapon in your drum arsenal.” – !llmind

This limited edition pack (only 100 copies will be sold) is available for $29.99 USD.

More information: The Drum Broker


Drum Broker intros MSXII Collection Kit limited edition bundle

The Drum Broker has launched the MSXII Collection Kit, a bundle of 28 sample packs by MSXII Sound Design on an MPC60II flash drive.

MSXII Collection Kit

You might call this the deal of the century, but well settle for the deal of 2014!

This limited offer bundle includes EVERY KIT from the MSXII Sound Design team released before November 1st, 2014 + a 16GB Akai MPC60II Flash Drive for only $149*

MSXII Collection Kit features

  • Soulful Stems Vol. 2
  • MPC Drum Samples Vol. 3
  • Snares and Combo Kit Vol. 2
  • The B Roll Strings
  • The Fill Up Banks Vol. 2
  • The Sammich Kit Vol. 4
  • MPC Drum Samples Vol. 2
  • MPC Drum Samples Vol. 1
  • The Unkempt Breaks XL Vol. 1
  • The Sammich Kit Vol. 3
  • The Steinway Stabs
  • The Synth Immaculate Vol. 3
  • The Joe Deertay Vol. 2
  • The Beatbox Kit Vol. 2
  • The Jungle Kit
  • The Soulful Stems Vol.1
  • The Fill Up Banks Kit Vol.1
  • The Sammich Kit Vol. 2
  • The Snares and Hats Combo Vol. 1
  • The Beatbox Kit Vol. 1
  • The Synth Immaculate Vol. 2
  • The Mutha Plucka
  • The Rhodes and Vibes Kit
  • The Sammich Kit Vol. 1
  • Joe Deertay Vol. 1
  • The Synth Immaculate Vol. 1
  • Bars Keys and Anomalies
  • The Unkempt Breaks

The limited edition bundle is available for purchase for $149 USD (excl. shipping) until November 17th, 2014.

More information: The Drum Broker


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