breakscience releases StereoTweak

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breakscience has released StereoTweak, a freeware VST effect plug-in for Windows PC.

breakscience StereoTweak
breakscience StereoTweak

breakscience explains:

Pretty much it is a rectifier and inverter and short delayed copies of each. Each one, including the dry signal, has an attenuator to control the level. You can also feed the rectified signal into the inverter for more variation.
Each section can be panned and over-all volume can be adjusted as well. These will come in handy, since there is a lot of canceling/amplification going on here.

Download version 1.01 here.


breakscience releases DelayLab 2

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breakscience DelayLab 2

breakscience has released a beta of DelayLab 2, a freeware delay VST effect plugin for Windows.

Changes in v2

  • Routing matrix
  • Mid and Side conversion on the inputs
  • Delay time is scaled by the note value
  • Delay control displays number of quarter notes for the given host tempo
  • Lock button will lock the value of a quarter note to 500mS (host tempo is out of the calculation)
  • Filters are a combination of passive filters in the feedback path, and resonant filters in the output path
  • Gate mode added for inputs (including L,R,M and S). Pulse symbol to enable, other button to gate

Download DelayLab 2 here.

Update v2.01: Fixed very LOUD gate mode. Use this link to download: DelayLab v2.01