Function Loops releases Vocals With Lokka 2 & Dance With The Devil: Freaky Vocals

Function Loops Vocals With Lokka 2

Function Loops has announced the release of its new Vocals With Lokka 2 sample pack, and Dance With The Devil: Freaky Vocals, a special Halloween Collection.

Vocals With Lokka 2: 700MB of the Full Acapellas as an extra addition to the first volume.

  • Vocal Loops and Snippets in Dry/Wet versions.
  • Full Vocal Acappellas in Dry/Wet versions.
  • Musical Loops in Dry/Wet versions plus MIDI files.

Also, a Vocal-Free Musical Mixdown is included for each kit that will help you fit the Acapella easily and see exactly how the vocals are layered, giving you the opportunity to edit the whole story and make your own versions. Extra Raw and Backing Vocals are included as a Bonus.

Vocals With Lokka 2 costs $29.90 USD.

Function Loops Freaky Vocals

Dance With The Devil: Freaky Vocals is a 300MB collection of creepy and funny Halloween dedicated samples, including devilish, demonic, dirty voices.

Rising from the darkness of the Silverlining Studios, produced and recorded by Brian Sonneman.

Inside the package you will find Full Intros, Vocal Snippets and a couple of instumental ideas like Pianos and Guitars as an extra. In total you will receive 35 different ideas in Dry/Wet versions (65 files).

The sample pack costs $12.90 USD.

More information: Function Loops


Function Loops releases Future Guitars & Layered Hi-Hats sample packs

Function Loops Future Guitars

Function Loops has released Future Guitars and Layered Hi-Hats, two new sample packs.

Future Guitars is 53 professionally crafted guitar 24-bit Guitar Loops/46 Bonus Instrument Loops, all recorded live by Brian Sonneman at Silverlining Studio USA.

Future Guitars is designed for House, Trance, Dubstep, and beyond. All loops have been recorded at 128 BPM and root keys are listed.

Function Loops Layered Hi-Hats

Layered Hi-Hats is a collection of 60 hi-hat samples, designed to be dropped into wide range of electronic productions, including genres such as House/Techno/Trance and their sub-genres such as Minimal/Deep/Tech-House and more.

A collection of carefully designed open and closed hi-hats is an essential ingredient in any kind of music.

The Future Guitars pack costs $21.90 USD, Layered Hi-Hats is $9.90 USD.

More information: Function Loops


Function Loops releases Vocal Sessions with Brian Sonneman

Vocal Sessions with Brian Sonneman

Function Loops has introduced Vocal Sessions with Brian Sonneman, a sample library featuring construction kits.

A master-piece of all times release featuring a dignified amount of 507 files in total, over 2GB of original and unique content. We were working days and nights for a couple of months to bring you this royalty-free vocal sample pack. 7 fantastic Construction Kits including vocal loops and samples (dry/wet/chorus versions & one-shots), all the instrument loops (leads, synths, melodies, basslines in dry/wet versions), all the drum and percussion loops, effects and all the MIDI files, for maximum pleasure and flexibility.

We give you all the rights to use these sounds in your own productions, release them and go strait to the charts! As a bonus, we decided to include also the stems (each channel’s bounce) from the demos, so you can quickly import to your favorite DAW and get the exact arrangement like the demos are made.

The sample pack costs $27.90 USD.

More information: Function Loops