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Erik Ekholm releases Broken Textures sample pack

Erik Ekholm Broken Textures

Erik Ekholm of Brickwall Audio has released Broken Textures, a sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Dark, ominous, brooding and really booming ambiances!

Recorded with vintage synthesizers, loads of effects pedals, guitar amplifiers and processed with the finest software money can buy.

200 pristine 24bit WAV files, 13 Native Instruments KONTAKT patches (v 4.2 or higher required) with a custom designed interface featuring ADSR, Reverb, Filter, Delay and Chorus controls.

This library is perfect for sound designers, experimental musicians, composers and game audio developers.

The sample pack is available to purchase exclusively from Sampleism, priced at £9.99 GBP.

More information: Sampleism / Broken Textures


Brickwall Audio releases Metal Cabs IR pack

Erik Ekholm Metal Cabs

Erik Ekholm of Brickwall Audio has announced the release of Metal Cabs, a free pack of high end impulses captured from various powerful guitar cabs.

10 IR’s captured using a Sm57 on a variety of 4×12 and 2×12 cabinets.

These impulses are especially tailored for heavy rhythm guitars and high gain distortion but they also sound great with clean sounds.

It is recommended you use an impulse loader such as LeCab2 or a hardware unit such as the Torpedo CAB.

The Metal Cabs pack is a free download.

More information: Erik Ekholm / Metal Cabs


Brickwall Audio releases Syklix for Kontakt

Brickwall Audio Syklix

Brickwall Audio has released Syklix, a free sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

SYKLIX, inspired by the electronic sounds of masterpieces such as the TRON: Legacy and Blade Runner soundtracks.

You will find an assortment of crunchy basses, sharp leads, plucks, pads, a crushed drum kit and more! Featuring single cycle waveforms and intuitive controls courtesy of DNR Collaborative Designs, Syklix begs to be tweaked, touched and caressed!

SYKLIX is designed to work perfectly with Deviant Atmospheres, Deviant States, Advanced Distortion and Metallic Dreams.

Syklix for Kontakt 4 (full version required) is available as a free download from Brickwall Audio’s Facebook page.

More information: Brickwall Audio / Syklix


Brickwall Audio Raw Steel, free Kontakt sample library

Brickwall Audio Raw Steel

Brickwall Audio has released Raw Steel, a free sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

RAW STEEL – the sound of man’s greatest achievement. Stainless, processed, molded and now conveniently sampled for Kontakt 4.

This is a free sample library that comes with 10 patches containing a variety of steel grate impacts, rattles, glissandos and the sound of steel wire strained to breaking point in tuned and un-tuned sample sets!

RAW STEEL is designed to work perfectly with Deviant Atmospheres, Deviant States, Advanced Distortion and Metallic Dreams. RAW STEEL begs to be processed, mangled and heavily distorted…ripe for sound designers needing something new for their palette of noises!

Raw Steel for Kontakt 4 is available as a free download from the Brickwall Audio Facebook page.

More information: Brickwall Audio


TeamDNR updates Deviant Atmospheres with .WAV Version

TeamDNR Deviant Atmopsheres

TeamDNR Collaborative Designs has announced an update to Deviant Atmospheres, the cinematic sample library by Brickwall Audio.

TeamDNR Collaborative Designs have updated Brickwall Audio’s Deviant Atmospheres cinematic library to include a .WAV only version for users without Native Instrument’s Kontakt sampler.

This .WAV version contains 1.11GB of samples and loops from the full Kontakt version, and all the multis and ambient patches have been re-recorded featuring all the variations (keys C2-C5). All the hits, fx, drums and loops have also been included.

Audio demos and demonstration pack in .wav format can be downloaded on the TeamDNR product page.

Deviant Atmospheres is available to purchase for $19 USD.

More information: TeamDNR / Deviant Atmospheres


TeamDNR Deviant Atmopsheres, cinematic library by Brickwall Audio

TeamDNR Deviant Atmopsheres

TeamDNR Collaborative Designs has announced the release of Deviant Atmopsheres, a new cinematic library for Kontakt by Brickwall Audio.

Deviant Atmopsheres aims to capture the true, dark production ready cinematic ambience and sound design needed for today’s film, tv and games productions! The inspiration for this library comes from the big-budget promotional campaigns for tv and film, but at a fraction of the price.

Sound sources used to create this library are as varied as they are fresh – processed hand built prayer-bell type percussion, floor toms, stretched, filtered and generally abused field recordings and even a man-handled egg timer!

Deviant Atmopsheres features

  • 257 16 bit 44.1 khz wav files, 378MB unzipped.
  • 50 patches (17 NKM, 33 NKI) included as a starting point for experimentation and further processing:
    • “Main” patches are ambient, atmospheric type sounds.
    • “Impacts” folder contains huge booms, bangs, reversed elements and “rumpfs”.
    • “Bonus” folder contains found sounds, special fx type recordings as well as a reprogrammed “best of” selection from the earlier free Kontakt instruments.
    • “Loops” folder contains 10 constructions kits (full mix, separate low, mid and high elements) in tempos 100-180 BPM. The loops use Time Machine 2 to enable playback at various tempos. A full set of chopped up, single drum hits is included enabling you to create your own beats.

Deviant Atmopsheres for Kontakt 3.5 or higher (Kontakt Player not supported) is available to purchase as a download for $19 USD.

More information: TeamDNR / Deviant Atmopsheres


Brickwall Audio releases Deviant States

Brickwall Audio Deviant States

Brickwall Audio has announced the release of Deviant States, a free sample library for Kontakt.

This is DEVIANT STATES, a quirky, cinematic, crazy dark ambient, sound design and percussion Kontakt Instrument. Featured are custom percussion, hand drums, kitchen gear and pure electronic elements!

DEVIANT STATES contains the best patches from Metallic Dreams and Advanced Distortion, reprogrammed for Kontakt 3,5+ as well as completely new material! And the best of all, DEVIANT STATES is a free download! DONATIONS GREATLY APPRECIATED!

More information: Brickwall Audio / Deviant States


Brickwall Audio releases Advanced Distortion

Brickwall Audio Advanced Distortion

Brickwall Audio has released Advanced Distortion, a free Kontakt instrument.

In Advanced Distortion you’ll find crazy drum kits, hellish atmospheres and also a selection of bonus loops, all programmed using only the drums in Advanced Distortion!

Advanced Distortion is designed to work very well with “Metallic Dreams” – don’t forget to download that release
as well!

Advanced Distortion includes 12 Kontakt Multis, 89 samples and 14 bonus loops. The download (50 MB) is available from the Brickwall Audio website free of cost. Donations are appreciated.

More information: Brickwall Audio / Advanced Distortion