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Brickwall Audio releases Advanced Distortion

Brickwall Audio Advanced Distortion

Brickwall Audio has released Advanced Distortion, a free Kontakt instrument.

In Advanced Distortion you’ll find crazy drum kits, hellish atmospheres and also a selection of bonus loops, all programmed using only the drums in Advanced Distortion!

Advanced Distortion is designed to work very well with “Metallic Dreams” – don’t forget to download that release
as well!

Advanced Distortion includes 12 Kontakt Multis, 89 samples and 14 bonus loops. The download (50 MB) is available from the Brickwall Audio website free of cost. Donations are appreciated.

More information: Brickwall Audio / Advanced Distortion


Brickwall Audio releases Metallic Dreams

Brickwall Audio Metallic Dreams

Brickwall Audio has released Metallic Dreams, a Kontakt instrument collection of heavily processed recordings of kitchen knifes, metal chains, wrist watches and other metallic objects.

This is a a collection of sounds and samples for anyone into the cinematic side of music, with a tint towards scary, unsettling and disturbing sounds.

You’ll find pads, reverses, atmospheres and general madness in this collection!

Metallic Dreams features

  • 18 .wav samples and 10 multis (combinations of the different samples available).
  • Recorded with Rode NT1-A -> Konnekt 8 in 88.2kHz/32bit, and resampled to 44.1kHz/16bit.
  • For Kontakt 2 & 3, and Kontakt Player.
  • 20MB download.

Metallic Dreams is available as a free download. Donations are appreciated.

More information: Brickwall Audio