Short links for September 4th, 2008

Some interesting things I found on September 4th, 2008:

elektro-07 v.1

# elektro-07 v.1 – the elektrocardio midi controller

Rucyl Mills writes:

I built the elektro-07 so I could control the sonic and visual parameters of my live performances without having to look deep into the eye of my laptop, hunched over in computer music stance. I'm still learning how to play it.. Software wise, it runs a maxMSP/Jitter patch smoothly, connected to my laptop by a long usb cable. Major thanks to Luke DuBois. Originally it was named the Chakakhantroller after Chaka Khan… but you wouldn't believe how many people don't get the reference.. so I changed it to Elektro-07 after my newly launched label, Elektrocardio. Next version will be wireless, and yes… it's made of black leather and snakeskin.

# Rough Rider – Chris from Audio Damage put up a teaser screenshot of a compressor effect on his blog Analog Industries. Sure looks tasty!

# How to make a Frequency Generator

Ryan McGinty writes:

On cloud busters Fredbuster created a wonder tutorial for getting started and building your own Zapper. Fredbusters Tutorial in PDF-Based off his design here is how I made my frequency generator.

# Google Chrome Comic – Cool comic about Google's web browser. I’ve been using Chrome for a few hours and it feels quite nice. A simple & intuitive interface, and no crashes yet.

# DS News and Videos: Korg DS-10 Arrives 10/14; GrooveStep Set Free Soon

Peter Kirn writes:

At your desk, you want another few moments with FL Studio or Live or Pd or Pro Tools or (your app here). Then, you kick back on the couch or on the bus to play with … more music software. Yep, you’re one of us. Here’s the latest from the world of Nintendo DS music apps.


Short links for March 9th, 2008

Some interesting things I bookmarked on on March 9th, 2008:

exc012: 833-45 - Tunguska
exc012: 833-45 – Tunguska (download here)
  • Meal of the Week 2 – Deep fried onion loaf. Yummy!
  • Hallelujah – It Doesn’t Matter Which You Heard: the Curious Cultural Journey of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah
  • Charles & Marie: Hot Cold Mug – PRESALE – At plain sight it is a standard black mug as they come a dime a dozen and in big white letters it say COLD. Nothing fancy, but once you add the hot beverage of your choice, the mug changes color and is turning white and in big black letters it states: HOT
  • Top 10 Ways to Get Cables Under Control – I’ve made a good start by wiring my extension cord under my desk.
  • Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy Powered by Ableton Live – … this real-time music production software is used for instantaneous sound effects and music clips needed in the fast-paced world of two popular game questions. What is … Ableton Live?
  • 1,000 True Fans – Kevin Kelly writes: A creator, such as an artist, musician, photographer, craftsperson, performer, animator, designer, videomaker, or author – in other words, anyone producing works of art – needs to acquire only 1,000 True Fans to make a living.
  • Netscape 9 Users: Time to Flock or Firefox – No idea how it ever lasted this long.

Lily Public Beta 1 released

Bill Orcutt has released Public Beta 1 of Lily, the open source, browser-based, visual programming environment written in JavaScript.

Bill writes:

This first beta is essentially feature complete for the 0.1 release. There’s a new set of demo applications, a few new externals and the usual load of bug fixes, including some significant fixes for Linux. The complete changelog is available here. Download it, check out the new examples and demo applications, join the user group and get started making something of your own.

Lily - SVG to Sequencer demo
Lily – SVG to Sequencer demo

The new demo applications include a MIDI sequencer, an Oscillator, controlling Quicktime playback, and an interesting application that lets you play the data in a web page like an instrument.

Exciting stuff, even more so now that you can now have a go at Lily yourself!

Visit Lily for more information and a link to download the public beta of Lily.


Short links for October 3rd, 2007

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Some interesting things I bookmarked on on October 3rd, 2007:


Short links for August 23rd, 2007

Some interesting things I bookmarked on on August 23rd, 2007:

  • Vacation, All I Never Wanted – United States citizens annually have 0 days legally required paid annual leave.
  • Ultimate Flash Face – Construct faces from a comprehensive list of face features like hair, head, eyebrows, glasses, eyes, nose, moustache, mouth, jaw and beard.
  • Disposable Coffee Cup Lids – The innovative lid alerts consumers their coffee/tea may be too hot by changing from a dark coffee bean color to a bright red when the lid is applied.
  • Lily – Lily is a browser-based, visual programming environment that lets people create programs graphically, without writing code, by drawing connections between data, images, sounds, text and graphics.
  • Web OS rundown – 45+ Web Operating Systems
  • Digg redesign – Home page improvements coming, paving the way for digg images.
  • Recap of the WYYC’s Yo-Yo Modifying Contest – From all accounts, Shinobu Konmoto’s “Nostalgia” was the clear winner and perhaps one of the most amazing entries the contest has ever seen. Shinobu’s creation was a scratch built recreation of a vintage car wheel.

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