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The Art of Brushes Vol 1 free with purchase at The Loop Loft

The Loop Loft has announced it is offering a free copy of its The Art of Brushes Vol 1 with any purchase, for a limited time.

Free brush drum loops at The Loop Loft

It’s time to brush off your loop library and add some warmth to your tracks with a free copy of The Art of Brushes Vol 1. This customer favorite will automatically be presented to you at checkout when you purchase anything this week at The Loop Loft!

Ready to add the warmth of brushes? Just pick up anything from our catalogue!

The offer expires February 5th, 2014, at 12:00am ET.

More information: The Loop Loft


Native Instruments releases Abbey Road 50s Drummer for Kontakt

Native Instruments has announced the release of Abbey Road 50s Drummer, a new Kontakt 5 Player-powered instrument featuring the sound of two classic drum kits from the 1950s.

The kits provide the distinctive drum sound of the era, which was necessary to compete with the electrified instruments gaining popularity at the time. Recorded with both state-of-the-art and period equipment at Abbey Road Studios in London, 50s DRUMMER also includes a groove library, mixer presets, and a new set of brush articulations, delivering the authentic feel of rock and roll, rhythm and blues, country, and jazz from the 1950s.

Native Instruments Abbey Road 50s Drummer

ABBEY ROAD 50s DRUMMER features rare instruments from the very earliest years of popular music. The first kit is an early 1950s Gretsch Cadillac Green Nitron with a 20″ bass drum, 12″ rack tom and 14″ floor tom. Its toms are tuned low, providing a smooth, open sound that still allows excellent placement in a mix full of amplified instruments. The second drum kit is a late-1950s WFL kit. The WFL provides 20″ kick drum, 12″ and 13″ rack toms, and a 16″ floor tom. The WFL kit’s toms are tuned high, offering a brighter tone that perfectly complements the Gretsch. Each kit features three different snare drums from the same period, offering a wide tonal variety and added degree of customization. The kits are outfitted with a selection of 1950s Zildjian A and K cymbals to round out their authentic vintage tone.

50s DRUMMER was recorded at London’s Abbey Road Studios in the legendary Studio Two. Alongside traditional microphone techniques, vintage RCA 44-BX and AKG D12 microphones, a REDD.17 valve mixing console and valve tape machine were used for 50s DRUMMER’s vintage channels. Users can dial in these ‘vintage channels alongside the modern state-of-the-art equipment for a seamless tone spectrum, ranging from completely modern to period-accurate vintage and anywhere in between.

New brush articulations were also recorded especially for 50s DRUMMER to reflect the playing techniques of the decade. Its extensive groove library encompasses early rock and roll, rhythm and blues, country, and jazz, as well as a wealth of contemporary rhythms, affording users an effortless way to begin sketching out complete drum recordings. Regardless of genre, producers looking to add original 50s flavor to their productions will relish the recording quality, ease of use, and attention to detail in ABBEY ROAD 50s DRUMMER.

The Abbey Road 50s Drummer library is available to purchase for $99 USD / 99 EUR.

More information: Native Instruments / Abbey Road 50s Drummer


The Loop Loft launches Maschine Kits

The Loop Loft has introduced Maschine Kits, a collection of sample packs for Native Instruments Maschine.

The Loop Loft Maschine Kits

Maschine Kits from The Loop Loft contain hand-selected samples from our most popular collections.

Loop Loft Maschine Kits

  • Eric Harland Drums – The Eric Harland Maschine kit captures the signature sound of one of the world’s top jazz drummers. Wide open-toms, crackling snares and dark, trashy cymbals make this kit a must-have for anyone producing jazz and funk tracks.
  • Cinematic Drums 1 – Explosive bass drums, thunderous tom toms, ominous percussion and a plethora of unique tones make the Cinematic Drums Maschine Kit the perfect solution for anyone composing music for movies and television.
  • Everything But Sticks – Let’s be honest. 99% of the drum samples in existence use sticks. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but isn’t it time to do something different? This is why we set out to produce Everything But Sticks for Maschine, a collection of samples that take a new and fresh approach to the drum set.
  • Simon Phillips Drums – This Maschine Kit features samples from master drummer Simon Phillips (The Who, Jeff Beck, Mick Jagger, Toto etc). Simon’s signature Tama kit and Zildjian Cymbals provide the perfect bed of sounds for rock and pop productions.
  • Brazilian Drums & Percussion 1 – The Brazilian Percussion Maschine Kit features samples from drummer Celso Alberti (Steve Winwood, Airto, Flora Purim, Herbie Mann). These authentic percussion samples are perfect for layering grooves in a wide variety of genres.
  • Singer Songwriter Drums – The Singer Songwriter Drums Maschine Kit features drum and cymbal samples from our popular Art of Brushes Vol 3 release. This is the perfect kit for someone seeking “earthy” and warm drum sounds that easily blend with other acoustic instruments.

The Maschine Kits are available to purchase from $9 USD.

More information: The Loop Loft / Maschine Kits


Samplephonics releases Brushed Grooves

Samplephonics Brushed Grooves

Samplephonics has released Brushed Grooves, a collection of drum loops recorded by session drummer Paul Robinson.

An exquisite selection of brushed drum loops and samples to download, presented in a custom Kontakt GUI complete with full multitrack mixer, convolution reverbs and drum bus effects.

Packed full with delicate jazz grooves, cymbal artistry, country shuffles, intricate dnb beats, straight up pop drum loops and much more.

Brushed Grooves features

  • 37 Multitrack Drum Loops.
  • 60-300 bpm.
  • 1.22 GB content.
  • Includes custom Kontakt 5 GUI.
  • Formats: 24 Bit Wav, Kontakt 5 (latest version).

The sample pack is available to purchase for £44.70 GBP.

More information: Samplephonics / Brushed Grooves


Toontrack releases Roots Jazz & Blues Presets + Roots SDX – Brushes Rods & Mallets MIDI updated

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Toontrack has announced the release of new Roots Jazz and Blues Presets Packs.

Toontrack Roots Sticks Blues Presets

Roots Sticks Presets – Blues

Any Roots SDX owner can attest to the fact that the instruments in this recording sound flawless, that the signal chains used to record them would leave any engineer in utter awe and that the the sonic qualities of the Blackbird Studio A-room speak for themselves.

What some may have overlooked, however, is the creative power of the Superior Drummer mixer and built-in effects! These blues inspired presets will add multiple effects and take you, your music and the raw Roots SDX sounds on a sonic ride through the land of the blues, from big and roomy to ringy, damped or tight and small!

Take these presets as a shortcut to a finished sound or as a starting point to shaping your own mix!

Toontrack Roots BRM Jazz Presets

Roots BRM Presets – Jazz

The second you hear the first strike of a snare, a bass drum or the sonics in the Blackbird Studio A-room, you’ll know that the Roots SDX sounds speak for themselves.

What someone might have missed, however, is taking advantage of the large mixer and built-in effects to further hone and take this already sensational recording to some place utterly new. So, here is something to get you started: Jazz presets!

These settings will add compression, activate chambers, EQs and take the raw core sounds on a journey from small club-type jazz to far out and reverberant cinematic drums.

The presets packs are available to purchase for 12 EUR / $15 USD each.

Toontrack has released a MIDI update for its Roots SDX – Brushes Rods & Mallets sound library.

Don’t miss that all owners of the Roots SDX – Brushes, Rods & Mallets will find an extensive MIDI update in their user account. Subtly brushed ballads, uptempo big band and funky swing are all covered in this large collection of drum MIDI entirely customized for brushes, rods and mallets. FREE for all owners – don’t miss!

More information: Toontrack


The Loop Loft intros The Art of Brushes Vol 3 and Indie Rock Drums ReFills

The Loop Loft The Art of Brushes Vol 3 / Indie Rock Drums ReFill

The Loop Loft has announced the release of ReFills of its The Art of Brushes Vol 3 and Indie Rock Drums sample libraries.

A big day for Reason users. We’re happy to announce the release of two new ReFills featuring our most popular loop sets:
The Art of Brushes Vol 3 and Indie Rock Drums

Both of these ReFills were customized from the ground up to work seamlessly inside of Reason, featuring customized Dr Octo Rex, Kong, ReDrum and Combinator patches. We also expanded our ReFill Bundle to include all 18 ReFills (at a 50% savings)!

The new ReFills are available to purchase for $39 USD each.

More information: The Loop Loft


The Art of Brushes Volume 3 sample library by The Loop Loft + Bundle of Brushes

The Loop Loft The Art of Brushes Vol 3

The Loop Loft has announced The Art of Brushes Volume 3, a new collecting of brush drum loops.

Brushes have never sounded (or felt) better. Introducing The Art of Brushes Volume 3 – the latest and most expansive of our popular brush series!

To capture a wide and dynamic sonic palette, we utilized a host of classic snare drums in 6 different recording sessions. Vintage Slingerlands, chrome Ludwigs and maple Gretsch snares were just a few of the drums used to produce this in-depth collection of brush loops and samples.

The Art of Brushes Volume 3 features

  • 277 loops, 85 samples (24bit/48kHz audio).
  • Tempo Range: 70-160 BPM.
  • 100% Royalty Free.
  • Stylus RMX, WAV, REX2 and AIFF (Apple Loops) Formats.

The sample library is avaialble to purchase for $39 USD. It is also included in the newly available Bundle of Brushes, a collection of three sample libraries at a 25% discount.

More information: The Loop Loft / The Art of Brushes Vol 3