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Acousticsamples updates DrumTaste Brush, VibysM and A-Pian

Acousticsamples DrumTaste Brush

Acousticsamples has released updated version of three of its sample libraries.

Changes in DrumTaste Brush / VibysM V3 / A-Pian V2

  • DrumTaste Brush: now features a Multi-output patch to really be able to mix and apply the effects on every element of the drums.
  • VibysM: The Kontakt Version has been improved and now features a better voicing and a build in motor simulation (tremolo effect).
  • A-Pian: The Kontakt Version has been completely rewritten, voiced and adjusted.
  • A-Pian: Now uses the script of the Kawai-EX PRO.
  • VibsysM / A-Pian: Two new formats are also available: Halion and Mach5 and the existing EXS and SFZ versions have been improved.

The updates are free for current library owners.

More information: Acousticsamples

Acousticsamples releases DrumTaste Brush

Acousticsamples DrumTaste Brush

Acousticsamples has announced the release of DrumTaste Brush, a sample library featuring a brush drum kit.

DrumTaste Brush features

  • The DrumTaste Brush is a Brush Kit featuring a 22″ bassdrum, a 12″ hi tom, a 14″ low tom, a 14″ piccolo snare, two 22″ rides and a 13″ hihat
  • 3382 samples, 1.42 Go of samples recorded at 24 bits, 96khz downsampled to 44.1khz, no loops.
  • 3 mic positions for each drum that you can mix and/or disable from the interface.
  • About 20 velocity layers X 4 round robins (so about 80 samples per drums per position) and only 6 velocity layers for the two ride cymbals.
  • Custom mapping, you can assign every element to any key simply by pressing a key and assigning a sample.
  • Mappings presets: GM, V-DRUMS, IMAP, NSKIT (NDK) or default one.
  • Separated compression module for each component.
  • Hihat with 5 levels on openness and triggering from one key depending on a controller value (any controller) and automatic closing sound (hear it at the beginning of the demo 4).
  • Playable instrument, right hand and left hand mappings (mapping repetition customizable).
  • Detailed snare, 6 different hit positions and multiple brush actions.
  • 4 different brush actions and a script that allows an easy playability on a keyboard or on an e-drum.
  • KONTAKT 2 and 3 format to benefit from the interface, the multiple mic position mixing and the custom mapping. Easy to use KONTAKT interface. Other formats are coming.
  • Includes the demos midi files.

DrumTaste Brush is available for Kontakt 2 and higher, priced at 49 EUR.

More information: Acousticsamples / DrumTaste Brush

Soniccouture releases VA Brush Kit

Soniccouture Variable Ambience Drums

Soniccouture has released VA Brush Kit, a free drum kit taken from the Variable Ambience Drums library for Kontakt 1+2 and Battery 2.

Variable Ambience Brush Kit was recorded at one of the U.K.’s leading studios (Peter Gabriels Real World Studios in Bath, England)using an SSL 9000 series console and a huge collection of mics, including Neumann U87′s, Sennheiser D12′s and Shure SM57s.

VA Brush Kit features 178 samples (24-bit, stereo and mono):

  • 39 kicks
  • 28 snares
  • 40 hi-hats (20 closed, 14 open, and 6 splash)
  • 14 crash hits
  • 40 toms

Even if you don’t own Kontakt or Battery you’ll really enjoy these quality samples, as you can use the .wav files in your favorite sampler/host.

Make sure to check the freebie page for a taste of more superb Soniccouture products.

Visit Soniccouture for more information, and a link to download the VA Brush Kit.

xoxos releases pling2, sym5, boing and cylinder33 (updated)

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xoxos pling2

xoxos has released a few new interesting instruments.

pling2 is a plucked string model which uses waveguide modeling to create touch harmonics (instead of other techniques such as filtering). Because of the higher waveguide count, cpu can be high when pitch is modulated, eg. vibrato.

sym5 is a cymbal emulation. It uses an arrangement similar to ‘banded waveguides‘ – input and recursion is summed and fed into 5 delays. The output of the delays is fed sequentially into a limiter, low pass filter, allpass filter, and a parametric eq before being recirculated. Output is high passed after leaving the waveguide circuit.

xoxos boing

boing is a bowed string waveguide model. There are three sections: the string, which changes length in accordance with the played pitch, the bridge, and the body of the instrument, which xoxos calls the resonator. Each waveguide consists of two delays: one to model vibrations travelling in each direction. Since the string is divided at the junction of bow and string, boing uses eight delays in total. (Note that the resonator paths return to the center and are thus twice the length to avoid using ten delays).
The bow-string junction compares the motion of the bow and the motion of the vibrating string and uses the Friedlander-Keller transform to create vibrations travelling away from the bow.

Cylinder33 is a drum model where the body is not the physical body of the drum, but the ‘column of air’ vertice between the middle of the head and the far end of the cylinder. Rim coefficients describe the cylindrical form which the head is suspended across. This plugin was recompiled for lower CPU usage.

You can download all these plugins in one package here.

xoxos releases brush, cylinder33, ping, reed and snare (VSTi)

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xoxos Brush model
xoxos Cylinder33 model
xoxos Ping model

xoxos has released a package of 5 new models.

Brush was created for generating multiple impulses for use in waveguide modeling. Instead of triggering a single impulse, or initiating an oscillation, a gate event starts a sequence of probability values derived from the seed value that trigger quiet, fast impulses. The chance of a trigger is decreased with time so that various ‘group, cluster’ impulses can be synthesized, such as a group of people clapping, brushes on a drum head, or a handful of gravel hitting a surface.

Cylinder33 is a model in which delay paths are arranged as per the gui diagram, their lengths set per the dimension coefficients. Each path is filtered to model energy dispersion along the path due to conductivity of the material. The outputs of the delays are amplified by the transmission coefficients and fed to other delays in consideration of angle. the coefficients are arranged by “part,” allowing the materials of each part to be described.

Ping generates a sine wave of decaying amplitude by applying an impulse to an attractor.
Useful for some classic analog percussion sounds.

xoxos Reed model
xoxos Snare model

Reed is a basic reed implementation featuring a tuned delay line with inline filter and nonlinearity to model reed, 2 LFOs, 1 envelope and 1 assignable modulation control.

Snare is derived from cylinder33. The implementation in this model is to place one vector at the end of every delay path returning to the center of the drum head. the vector is considered to be at a specified distance below the membrane, and when the membrane oscillates with enough force to strike the “snare,” the snare vibrates, possibly striking the drum head. When the head and the snare meet, they are each affected based on velocity and mass. their coefficients can produce harmonic or enharmonic oscillation.

All models come with detailed information so make sure to read that because some of these models can produce loud noise/feedback at the wrong settings.

Download the zip package here.

Rayzoon releases Jamstix BrushPak

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Rayzoon Jamstix BrushPak

Jamstix BrushPak is a beautiful brushed fusion set with the unrivaled sounds of Jeff Hamilton’s Hammer sizzle ride and more!

It comes with new snare brushing controls in the Jamstix interface. Great for jazz but also for other genres where a more intimate and understated drum sound is needed!

BrushPak comes with 20 new rhythms covering bebop, big band swing, rhythm&blues, bluegrass and rockabilly.


  • 14×5 Gretsch Catalina Birch Snare (brush hits open, brush hits muted, brushing)
  • 10×8 Gretsch Catalina Birch Tom – brush hits
  • 12×9 Gretsch Catalina Birch Tom – brush hits
  • 14×11 Gretsch Catalina Birch Tom – brush hits
  • 16×16 Gretsch Catalina Birch Tom – brush hits
  • 13″ Zildjian Custom A Hi-Hats – brush hits
  • 22″ Bosphorus Hammer Ride – brush hits
  • 22″ Bosphorus Hammer Ride – sizzle cymbal with rivets – brush hits
  • 22″ Bosphorus Hammer Ride – sizzle cymbal with rivets – stick hits
  • 22″ Bosphorus Hammer Crash – stick hits
  • 16″ Wuhan S-Series Crash – brush hits
  • 18″ Wuhan S-Series Crash – brush hits
  • Total of 170MB of brushed drums and cymbals
  • New kit mappings
  • New rhythms of various genres
  • Unlocks additional brain logic and snare brushing controls in Jamstix

Visit the Rayzoon website for more information and mp3 demos.

Wusik releases HQ Drum Set 2: Pearl & Remo (Pinstripe)

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Wusik Pearl & Remo HQ Drum set

The High Quality Multi-Sampled Drum Set 2 Prime & Remo (Pinstripe) has been released.

It features:

  • Brush Metal: 46 Multi-Sampled Files
  • Brush Nylon: 54 Multi-Sampled Files
  • Regular: 149 Multi-Sampled Files

86 Meg in WusikSND format.

For more information and demo sounds visit the Wusik website.

Soniccouture announces Variable Ambience Drums

Soniccouture Variable Ambience Drums

Featuring over 1300 24 bit samples, Variable Ambience Drums is another superb value sampled instrument from Soniccouture.

Recorded in stunning detail on an SSL9000 series console, the drum kit features separately recorded room ambience, allowing the user to exactly tailor the drum sound using MIDI controllers. This allows you to have a dry, tight kick drum, with a big reverb snare, or a booming kick with tight, dry hats…any combination is possible and instantly achievable with the tweak of a knob… (Formats : N.I. Battery 1 & 2, Kontakt 1 & 2)

V.A. Drums features 8 different drum kits:

  1. Variable Ambience Kit 1
  2. Variable Ambience Kit 2
  3. Variable Ambience Brush Kit
  4. V.A. All Snares Kit
  5. V.A. All Kicks Kit
  6. Produced Kit – Medium ambience kit with compression and EQ
  7. Zepeplin Kit – Loud,highly compressed Rock kit
  8. Anechoic Kit

Variable Ambience Drums will be shipping October 28th but you can already order now. Check the Soniccouture website for more information.