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Loopbased intros Chill Out 2 by Bunker 8 + 10 more packs

Bunker 8 Chill Out 2

Loopbased has introduced Chill Out 2, a sample pack by Bunker 8 Digital Labs.

Blending Acid Jazz tinged electric pianos, ephemeral pads, soft pluck arps, subbed out basses and exotic percussion vibes, ‘Chill Out 2′ captures the essence of what it means to be deep in ‘exotic Electronica’. Includes ACID/WAV and Apple Loops formats. This is the sequel you have been patiently waiting for.

Styles of relatively mellow, slow-tempo music made by contemporary producers in the Electronic music scene. The genres associated with Chill Out are mostly Ambient, Trip Hop, Nu Jazz, Ambient House, Ambient Trance, New Age and other sub-genres of Downtempo, a major branch of Electronic music.

Chill Out 2 features

  • 280 files, 3.6 GB of content.
  • 140 ACID/WAV loops.
  • 140 Apple Loops.
  • 8 full MIDI construction kits.
  • 8 reverb/mix wet blend outputs.

The sample pack costs 19 EUR.

Loopbased has also added another 10 sample packs and sound banks to its product catalog, including titles from Fox Samples, Diginoiz, Molgli, Speedsound, Loops Lab, Pulsed Records, and Bluezone.

New packs at Loopbased

New at Loopbased

  • Progressive Gods (Fox Samples) – ‘Progressive Gods’ from Fox Samples is a hot new product containing nothing but the hottest elements of Progressive House and Electro. This pack delivers seven massive Construction Kits.
  • American Southern Takeover (Diginoiz) – You can’t stop us! American Southern Takeover! Hottest south style construction kits known in the market! Straight from the hood, 5 best sounding construction kits ready to be used in your productions and compositions!
  • Psy Fullon Loops and Samples Vol 4 (Speedsound) – The PsySeeD & Speedsound labels unite again to release a brand new pack of Psy loops! ‘Psy Fullon Loops and Samples Vol 4′ presents essential and innovative loops and samples for your productions created by experienced Psy producers.
  • Nylon String Arps Vol 2 (Vanilla Groove Studios) – Add some warmth and texture to your tracks with ‘Nylon String Arps Vol 2′. This pack contains a collection of 53 arpeggios and rhythmic loops, arranged in three sets, ranging from 122 to 140 BPM.
  • EDM Hooks (Loops Lab) – Bring Out the glow sticks and get ready to party all night long! This new and exciting pack form Loops Laboratory will make sure to have all the party animals bouncing off the walls.
  • Justin & Robin (Fox Samples) – ‘Justin & Robin’ from Fox Samples is a perfect blend of the sound of Justin Timberlake and Robin Thicke. Filled with funky guitars, rich strings and brass arrangements, soulful Rhodes and crisp drums.
  • MIDI & Patches: Future Main Room Vol 1 (Pulsed Records) – ‘MIDI & Patches: Future Main Room Vol 1′ is the first in a brand new series of products from Pulsed Records. Designed for producers of Pop, House, Electro, Trance, and other genres.
  • Motherships – Science Fiction Sound Effects (Bluezone Corporation) – Bluezone Corporation releases ‘Motherships – Science Fiction Sound Effects’, a new exciting science fiction sound library delivering 129 highly usable spaceship ambiences and sound effect elements.
  • Cytik’s UK Hardcore Raver Anthems Bundle (Molgli) – Molgli’s proud to deliver ‘Cytik’s UK Hardcore Raver Anthems Bundle’ containing 377 absolute EPIC MIDI loops spread across 135 top quality kits. All 3 of Cytik’s all popular UK Raver Anthem series in one bundle for your convienence.
  • EDM Lucky 13 (Fox Samples) – ‘EDM Lucky 13′ from Fox Samples is an exciting new series. Totalling a massive 13 Construction Kits, this pack delivers a blend of melodic and dirty drops. With over 700 MB of content, you are sure to find your lucky drop in this one.

The sound packs are now available from Loopbased.

More information: Loopbased


Loopbased intros sound packs by Fox Samples, YnK Audio, Bunker 8, Busloops & more

Loopbased has announced a number of new sample packs and soundsets, now available from its online store.

Loopbased sample packs

New at Loopbased

  • Elektrocity (Fox Samples) — ‘Elektrocity’ from Fox Samples features five banging Electro House tracks. All the finest elements of Electro can be found in this dynamic pack, which features over 285 MB of content at 128 BPM. This is a must-have for House producers.
  • R&B World (YnK Audio) — ‘R&B World’ from YnK Audio is a banging collection of fifteen R&B Construction Kits, inspired by R&B artists such as Usher, Trey Songz, Chris Brown, The Dream, Trey Songz, and many more!
  • Dubstep Glitch (Bunker 8) — Bunker 8 presents ‘Dubstep Glitch’, a MASSIVE 4.8 GB collection of 12 PREMIUM Construction Kits that will take your creative impulses to an exciting new state. New to this series are close-to-the-edit, hard-edged transitionals.
  • Space Voyage (Black Hand Loops) — ‘Space Voyage’ from Black Hand is an incredible collection of climatic Hip Hop and R&B Construction Kits. This banging product includes all you need to produce moody, soulful and fresh compositions from another world.
  • Cafe Royale: Downtempo Dance Masters (Busloops) — ‘Cafe Royale: Downtempo Dance Masters’ offers loops that are ideal for the creation of Downtempo House, Lounge, Chill Out and R&B tracks. This pack offers a solution for the production of top-class Chill Out tracks.
  • Interface Sound Effects: Futuristic Beeps and Buttons (Bluezone Corporation) — Bluezone Corporation proudly presents ‘Interface Sound Effects: Futuristic Beeps and Buttons’, a new easy-to-use collection of 150 sound effects ready to be injected in your sci-fi movies, video game and multimedia projects.
  • Futurized EDM Construction Kits Vol 3: T-licious (Pulsed Records) — ‘Futurized EDM Construction Kits Vol 3: T-licious’ contains four mixed and mastered Construction Kits in WAV and MIDI formats, plus vocals from Letitia Kapuscinska aka T-licious.
  • Soul Electric (Strategic Audio) — ‘Soul Electric’ is a brand new construction kit set from Strategic Audio. This product is themed to pay tribute to that staple sound of neo soul and r&b embodied by electric pianos such as the Fender Rhodes and the Wurlitzer.
  • Hydroponic Dubstep and DnB for Sylenth1 (Xenos Soundworks) — ‘Hydroponic Dubstep and Dnb’ contains 50 orgainically grown patches for Lennar Digital Sylenth1, bred for the highest sonic THC content and guaranteed to leave your listeners with a powerful, long lasting buzz.
  • The Talented (YnK Audio) — ‘The Talented’ from YnK Audio is an incredible inspiring collection of five Hip Hop and R&B Construction Kits inspired by MMG artist, Wale. Tempos range from 64 to 88 BPM and included are all separate drum tracks for perfect drum mixing.
  • Modern Beats (Black Hand Loops) — ‘Modern Beats’ from Black Hand Loops is a collection of five Construction Kits, based on newest trends in music industry. This incredible pack is the perfect choice if you are looking for fresh, high quality sounds.
  • We Are Progress (Fox Samples) — ‘We Are Progress’ from Fox Samples features five Progressive House anthems. Filled with the essentials of the genre, such as groovy drums and hot synth leads, this product will definitely inspire your next hit.

More information: Loopbased


Loopbased introduces 6 new sample packs

Loopbased has introduced new sample packs from Anno Domini Beats, Pulsed Records, Bunker 8, Molgli, 3D Loops, and Fox samples.

Sample packs at Loopbased

New at Loopbased

  • Anno Domini Drum Collection 3 is the successor to the critically acclaimed and best-selling drum series by the multi-platinum Anno Domini Beats team. Brimming with top-notch drum samples this kit belongs in any Hip Hop producer’s collection. Price: 35 EUR.
  • Futurized EDM Construction Kits Vol 2 is the continuation of this series and contains five fully mixed and mastered Construction Kits in WAV and MIDI formats. Inspired by the biggest artists of today, these top quality Construction Kits were designed with the aim to help producers create their own Electronic Dance Music hits. Price: 16.50 EUR.
  • Downtempo Darkness 6 – The transom has been widened again and the ghosts of the damned emerged with the release of ‘Downtempo Darkness 6′. ‘Downtempo Darkness 6′ continues the tradition of long, evolved slow mo north of 100 BPM dark offerings. Price: 21 EUR.
  • UK Hardcore Raver Anthems 3 – Molgli is proud to present Cytiks third and final installment of his UK Hardcore Raver Anthems series. ‘UK Hardcore Raver Anthems 3′ delivers 50 top quality MIDI kits, thats 20 more than ever before from the UK Hardcore genius. This MIDI pack is full with 50 of the most inspirational Raver Anthems ever crafted by Cytik. Price: 17.50 EUR.
  • Coled Summer from 3D Loops is a tremendous collection of five Hip Hop, Dirty South, and R&B Construction Kits inspired by J Cole. Tempos range from 60 to 81 BPM and included are all the separate drum tracks for perfect drum loop mixing, individual drum hits and must-have basses and synths that will give you that explosive sound. Price: 18.50 EUR.
  • Electrocore 2 from Fox Samples is the follow-up to the banging first Volume and features five Construction Kits filled with amazing and unique sounds. This pack will give you all the elements you need to create that hot track that will make the crowd go wild. Give the clubs what they’re asking for! Price: 27 EUR.

More information: Loopbased


Loopbased intros Mulah Made It & THG: Trip Hop Grit 2

YnK Audio Mulah Made It

Loopbased has launched Mulah Made It and THG: Trip Hop Grit 2, two new sample packs.

‘Mulah Made It’ from YnK Audio is a jaw-dropping collection of five Dirty South and R&B Construction Kits inspired by hit-making producer Mike Will. Tempos range from 63 to 70 BPM and included are all the separate drum tracks for perfect drum loop mixing.

These individual drum hits and must-have basses and synths will give you the explosive sound to create hits that are fit for the likes of Mike Will.

Mike Will produced radio smashes such as Lil Wayne – “Love Me” (Feat. Future and Drake), Rihanna – “Love Song” (Feat. Future), and Juicy J (Feat. Big Sean & Young Jeezy).

Bunker 8 Trip Hop Grit 2

Bunker 8 presents ‘THG: Trip Hop Grit 2′, a MASSIVE 3.6 GB collection of eight premium Construction Kits that definitively encompass this slo-mo genre. This collection mines this black well even deeper. Reaching into the modern Ambient/Dark/Gritty offerings of leading edge media and motion picture composers.

These Construction Kits paint a specific picture of bio-hazard infested, post-apocalyptic disease riddled wastelands of the soul. In a nutshell, these Kits do not paint a pretty picture. If it is a love story in loops you are after, look elsewhere. But if you are trying to capture those creeping tension filled moments that pulse through a zombie’s waltz, this is a collection to call on.

This library fuses the very latest production techniques and the most epic content possible injected with analogue grit to create a mysterious smoky ambience. These beats are definitely pulled, distorted, stretched, pulverized and brought back to life through any wicked means necessary.

Mulah Made It is available from Loopbased for 15.50 EUR, Trip Hop Grit 2 costs 17.50 EUR.

More information: Loopbased


Sounds To Sample releases Dubstep Monolith 3 by Bunker 8

Bunker 8 Dubstep Monolith 3

Sounds To Sample has released Dubstep Monolith 3, a sample library by Bunker 8.

Massive 3.6GB collection of premium dubstep elements across 10 construction kits featuring, sub-smacking basslines, tripped-out percussive breaks, ‘verbed snares, slammin’ kicks, dark synths, twisted FX and more.

Distilling the darker shades of dubstep, this third instalment in the best-selling series carries on where its predecessor off, serving up dancefloor-ready tools for beltin’ dubstep tracks: industrial-edged beats, sub-soaked LFO basses and filthy synths.

Dubstep Monolith 3 features

  • 177 loops in Acidized Wav/Apple Loops.
  • 858 one-shots.
  • Includes 7 kits for Kontakt 2, DS404, EMU, Gigasampler, Halion, Sampletank, Soundfont, Wusikstation.
  • Download comes as 5 separate files: 636MB, 627MB, 630MB, 638MB, 266MB (unzipped).

Dubstep Monolith 3 is available to purchase for €19.95 EUR.

More information: Sounds To Sample / Dubstep Monolith 3


Producer Loops Symphonic Dub Step, construction kits sample pack

Bunker 8 Symphonic Dub Step

Producer Loops has announced the release of Symphonic Dub Step, a sample library featuring 12 construction kits by Bunker 8.

Each kit contains a full sample mix, plus all of the elements separated and set out for you to mix and match until the groove sits tight.

Having truly redefined what is possible within the hip hop genre, ‘Symphonic Hip Hop’ by Bunker 8 Digital Labs was truly a watershed product for the industry. Then came ‘Symphonic Intense’, a product which established ready to score action scene loop sequences. Then came the impossible ask, could Bunker 8 Digital Labs combine the incessant energy of Dub Step with the epic scope of true Symphonic Arrangements.

Symphonic Dub Step features

  • 192 Acid Loops, 192 Apple Loops.
  • 4 Single Hits and Samples.
  • 4 kits for Battery 2, Kontakt 2, DS404, EMU, Gigasampler, Halion, Sampletank, Soundfont, and Wusikstation.

Symphonic Dub Step is available to purchase as a download for £17.02 GBP / 20.50 EUR / $27.52 USD.

More information: Producer Loops / Symphonic Dub Step


Producer Loops releases Symphonic Intense by Bunker 8

Bunker 8 Symphonic Intense

Producer Loops has announced the release of Symphonic Intense, a collection filled with powerful orchestral arrangements and articulations coupled with really intense percussion arrangements from their content partner Bunker 8.

‘Symphonic Intense’ brings to mind the smell of burning rubber, street fights car chases and giant explosions. This collection amps up the tempo and introduces positively ready for soundtrack, trailers, games and uptempo intensity and action available immediately in your DAW.

Symphonic Intense features

  • 1,054 Files, 4.7 GB of Content.
  • 157 Acid Loops, 157 Apple Loops, 157 Rex Files.
  • Reason Refill
  • 785 Single Hit Samples
  • 6 kits for Battery 2, Kontakt 2, DS404, EMU, Gigasampler, Halion, Sampletank, Soundfont, Wusikstation.

Symphonic Intense is available to purchase as a download for £25 GBP / 29 EUR / $33.51 USD.

Producer Loops has also announced it is currently offering a 30% and 50% sale on most Bunker 8 Digital Labs products until the end of April.

More information: Producer Loops / Symphonic Intense