SampleTekk PMI Instruments Blowout Sale – 50% off

SampleTekk has announced a blowout sale on PMI Instruments, offering its PMI sample libraries at 50% off for a limited time.

SampleTekk PMI Instruments Sale

April 1 we will stop selling PMI Instruments.
So during march we are having a end sale where you get 50% discount on all PMI Libraries.

PMI Instruments

  • PMI Accordian – Post Accordions is the largest and most versatile collection of accordion samples ever sampled.
  • PMI Anvils & Churchbells – Over 25 different anvils or other large metal objects, plus collection of small & huge church bells.
  • PMI Baroque Organ – The first organ library with every single stop chromatically sampled as well as the most useful combinations.
  • PMI Bosendorfer 290 – This Bösendorfer library provides the greatest possible control during the softest pianissimo, through crescendos to the reserves of power needed for the loudest fortissimo.
  • PMI Carillion – The first sampled Carillon features an amazing 58 Bells! All bells have been sampled.
  • PMI Clavichords – This library brings you a small and a larger Clavichord. The clavichords have been sampled with their release sounds, giving them an unbelievable realistic quality.
  • PMI Estonia – Estonia Concert Grand piano is a multi-velocity level chromatically sampled piano of the highest realism!
  • PMI Forte E – A new 24 bit sampled Fortepiano with 3 velocity layers, sustain and modulator patches.
  • PMI Historic Keyboards – A collection of historic instruments: 2 harpsichords, a virginal and a fortepiano for GigaStudio and compatible samplers.
  • PMI Hybrid – The Hybrid Pianos allows you to build your own piano. Simply drag and drop the elements you want to add in your sampler and adjust each component to your personal taste.
  • PMI Old Lady – This library brings you an amazing Model 1923 Steinway D grand piano. Sampled with 10 recorded velocity layers with 10 separate sustain pedal down layers and release triggered samples.
  • PMI Orchestral Instruments – A collection of Orchestral Instruments for GigaStudio. Orchestral perc instruments include Celesta, Glockenspiel, Hackbrett, Marimba and Vibes.
  • PMI Positif – A small positif organ, chramitically sampled with release samples. 5 registrations: flute, holpipe, quint, flute and holpipe and tutti.
  • PMI Steinway D – A sampled Steinway model D3 piano with serial number 393210, which was built in 1965.
  • PMI The Emperor – The Bösendorfer 290 SE has a huge dynamic range, with very subtle pianissimo and thunderous fortissimi. 12 recorded velocity layers, with 12 separate sustain pedal down layers and release triggered samples.
  • PMI Theater Organ – All ranks were chromatically sampled, capturing the true nature and character of each pipe. Samples are 10 to 15 seconds long with perfect loops to enable playing of unlimited length of notes. The true release sound of the organ pipes was also recorded and is reproduced upon key-release.
  • PMI Yamaha C7 – Pop piano! Up to 16 levels of velocity, recorded at 96kHz/24 bits.

The sale ends March 31st, 2014. The PMI libraries will be discontinued after the sale.

More information: SampleTekk


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