Puremagnetik PakBytes, free sounds for Live, Kontakt & Logic

Puremagnetik has announced the release of PakBytes, a collection of free sound packs for Ableton Live, Kontakt, and Logic. PakBytes is a free catalog of sounds derived from Puremagnetik’s content for Ableton Live, Kontakt and … read more

Goldbaby Productions releases Tape Drum Machines Vol 3

Goldbaby Productions has released Tape Drum Machines Vol 3, a new collection of drum machine samples. More drum machines given some tape love! Tape Drum Machines Vol 3 features 12 Drum Machines and 3 Tape … read more

Puremagnetik releases Phazeform Volume 2

Puremagnetik has announced the release of Phazeform Volume 2, the second installment of the Phazeform series which includes more CZ-1 phase distortion patches, the complete tonal bank from the original SK-1 and a ton of … read more

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Loopmasters releases Circuit Bent Sounds Vol. 3

Loopmasters has released Circuit Bent Sounds Vol. 3, a collection of twisted beats and deformed audio sickness guaranteed to deliver a fresh bout of insanity to any production. Back once again from the electronic surgery … read more

Plastic Alien releases X-Station and CZ-101 samples

Xavier Jacques of Plastic Alien has released two sample packs. XAV!ER J. is a performer and producer with a mission of bringing the underground club sound to the pop music world. Styles of influence include … read more

Dan303 releases Pack Three: Casio CT-647

Dan303 (Dan Weatherall) has released Pack Three, a collection of drum loops from the Casio CT-647. Pack Three contains 20 of the Preset drum loops sampled straight from the Casio CT-647 Home keyboard. All the … read more

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Sonic Assault updates Kassiopeia! to v2.0

Sonic Assault has released version 2.0 of Kassiopeia!, a Casio CZ inspired dual line phase distortion synthesizer plug-in for Windows. Kassiopeia! v2.0 features User selectable 1-8 Note Polyphony. 6 Graphic 16-stage Envelope Generators with Stage … read more

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ThinkGeek releases Bliptronic 5000 LED Synthesizer

ThinkGeek has released Bliptronic 5000, an LED synthesizer. If HAL 9000 mated with R2-D2 and their electronic offspring was tutored by Kraftwerk it would probably end up something like the Bliptronic 5000 LED Synthesizer. At … read more

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DETUNIZED.COM releases DTS008 – The Casiopeia Synthesizer

DETUNIZED.COM has released DTS008 – The Casiopeia Synthesizer, a new sound library for Ableton Live featuring the Casio Rapman. Do you know the RAPMAN? A little plastic toy with some plastic 80ies drumloops, some basic … read more

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Plughugger releases IT’S BAKELITE!

Plughugger has announced the release of IT’S BAKELITE!, a new soundset for PlastiCZ by reFX. As the 80s New Wave is topping the charts like ever before, the ReFX PlastiCZ has become a somewhat hidden … read more

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AlgoMusic releases CZynthia v2.0

AlgoMusic has announced the release of CZynthia, a dual phase distortion virtual synthesizer for Windows. Czynthia is a dual PD (Phase Distortion) virtual synthesizer. Each synth is arranged in 3 basic blocks, not unlike those … read more

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Review: Dark Side of the Tune – Dirty Little Sequencer

Dark Side of the Tune is a sample company that prides itself on offering sounds that are different. The about page on its website says: “Artistically, we focus on the darker sounds of the underground … read more

Puremagnetik releases Phazeform

Puremagnetik has released Phazeform, a captivating library of instruments and phrases based on Casio’s Phase Distortion technology of the CZ-1. Additionally, Phazeform includes a collection of looped phrases from the SK-1 and VL-Tone classics. The … read more

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Benedict Roff-Marsh releases electro 3-57

Benedict Roff-Marsh has announced the release of electro 3-57, a ReFill for Reason 4 featuring sounds from the late 1970’s to the early 1990’s. Benedict writes: Many of these sounds are from real pieces – … read more

Les Productions Zvon releases LoFi Kalimba

Les Productions Zvon has released LoFi Kalimba, a freeware SoundFont. Zvon writes: To create this set I sampled one note from an small Indonesian kalimba with a Casio Sk2 hardware sampling keyboard. This is very … read more

Bedroom Producers releases Casio SA-10 Sample Pack

Bedroom Producers has released a free Casio SA-10 Sample Pack. Tomislav writes: Many of my friends had toy synths when they were kids. Yes, and I’ve never had one. Not even a cheap chinese model. … read more

de la Mancha releases plastique + announces Buy One, Get One Free

de la Mancha has released plastique, a 2 oscillator subtractive synth, using the 31 waveforms from the Casio HT-700 synth and some enhancements to the originals feature set. It does lofi 80s sounds but also … read more

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Ben Anderson Music releases V-DS (Virtual Digital Sampler)

Ben Anderson Music has released V-DS, a virtual instrument plug-in for Windows PC. In the mid-80s the market suddenly was ambushed with cheap toy sampling keyboards like the Casio SK-1 and the Yamaha VSS 30. … read more

Short links for October 10th, 2008

Some interesting things I found recently: # Kore Host How-To: Combine Kore with Ableton Live Peter Kirn writes: From the day I first saw Kore at a pre-launch press conference, the pitch was that Kore … read more

Short links for September 2nd, 2008

Some interesting things I found on September 2nd, 2008: # SmadSteck – SmadSteck specializes in real-time interactive sampling technology. We provide the technical basis of the various audiovisual sampling projects initiated in the context of … read more