Short links for July 11th, 2008

Some interesting things I found on July 11th, 2008: # wire to the ear » » Listen to some pure Roland SH3 audio files. – Oliver Chesler has some Roland SH3 samples up for download. … read more

Chip Collection $5 Dollar Super Sale On All Sample Packs

The Chip Collection has announced all items in their shop are now $5 USD. This is a week long promotional sale that will end next tuesday. This is sort of like getting a value meal … read more

Arman Bohn releases SK-crooner v1.0 Beta

Arman Bohn has released a beta version of SK-crooner, a freeware vocal synth based on the 8-bit “human voice” patch from the Casio SK-1. Arman writes: I loved this sound when I was growing up … read more

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Arman Bohn releases SKdrummer v1.0 beta

Arman Bohn has released version 1.0 beta of SKdrummer, a freeware VST instrument for Windows PC. SKdrummer is based on individual samples of the lo-fi, 8-bit drum sounds from the infamous Casio SK-1 keyboard. SKdrummer … read more

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The Midi Mechanics Showroom releases Casio Rapman RAP-1 Sample Kit

The Midi Mechanics Showroom has released a Casio Rapman RAP-1 sample kit. MPC2000xl writes: The samples were taken directly from the line-out of my own Rapman, operating on a fresh set of batteries and recorded … read more

NUSofting releases Broken Drum Machine BDM

NUSofting has released Broken Drum Machine, a drum synth VST plug-in for Windows PC. Inspired by a combination of several old school beat boxes and the circuit-bending culture around the “toy” Casio and Yamaha keyboards … read more

Review: Goldbaby’s The Tape 808, MPC60 Vol.1 (TR), MPC60 Vol.2 (Vinyl), and Vintage Home Keyboard Breaks

Goldbaby Productions is a relatively new name, but since their first sample library — released in June 2007, the Goldbaby product catalog has grown to 5 titles, and it has built quite a following already. … read more

Goldbaby releases Vintage Home Keyboard Breaks

Goldbaby has released Vintage Home Keyboard Breaks, a collection of drum sounds and beats from 70’s, 80’s & 90’s Home Keyboards. From the product page: If you like your sounds lo-fi… Or you always wanted … read more

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Nerd Watch Museum

The Nerd Watch Museum has hundreds of nerdy watch models. Since your hosts are of the LCD generation, rather than LED, liquid crystal display models have been the focus of our collecting. Many LCD timepieces … read more

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Contralogic releases Casio VL-Tone Piano Soundfont

Contralogic has released a soundfont of a sampled Casio VL-Tone. All 53 notes in the instrument’s range (G2 to B6) were individually sampled via the VL-Tone’s line output at 96kHz/24bit then down converted to 48kHz/16bit. … read more

Venusian Snail Traffic releases Cheapo-Tone VSTi

Venusian Snail Traffic has released Cheapo-Tone, a freeware recreation of the famous Casio VL-Tone calculator synth. Features All the sounds are synthesized (no samples were used) Drums and Tone synth MIDI mapped (drums on channel … read more

Casio calculators, who doesn’t have one?

Casio (established in 1957) has sold one billion calculators worldwide! Casio, Inc. and its parent company Casio Computer Co. Ltd., announced today that one billion electronic Casio calculators have been sold worldwide. The company’s first … read more

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PolyValens releases VL1 VSTi

PolyValens (Clemens Valens) has released VL1, a freeware Casio VL-Tone emulator. VL1 is a emulator of the world famous classic calculator annex mini-synthesizer from the eigthies made by Casio. VL1 was written in honour of … read more

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