Nerd Watch Museum

The Nerd Watch Museum has hundreds of nerdy watch models. Since your hosts are of the LCD generation, rather than LED, liquid crystal display models have been the focus of our collecting. Many LCD timepieces … read more

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Contralogic releases Casio VL-Tone Piano Soundfont

Contralogic has released a soundfont of a sampled Casio VL-Tone. All 53 notes in the instrument’s range (G2 to B6) were individually sampled via the VL-Tone’s line output at 96kHz/24bit then down converted to 48kHz/16bit. … read more

Venusian Snail Traffic releases Cheapo-Tone VSTi

Venusian Snail Traffic has released Cheapo-Tone, a freeware recreation of the famous Casio VL-Tone calculator synth. Features All the sounds are synthesized (no samples were used) Drums and Tone synth MIDI mapped (drums on channel … read more

Casio calculators, who doesn’t have one?

Casio (established in 1957) has sold one billion calculators worldwide! Casio, Inc. and its parent company Casio Computer Co. Ltd., announced today that one billion electronic Casio calculators have been sold worldwide. The company’s first … read more

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PolyValens releases VL1 VSTi

PolyValens (Clemens Valens) has released VL1, a freeware Casio VL-Tone emulator. VL1 is a emulator of the world famous classic calculator annex mini-synthesizer from the eigthies made by Casio. VL1 was written in honour of … read more

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