Ohm Force releases Cohmpost for Mac

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Ohm Force Cohmpost

Ohm Force has released Mac Audio Unit and VST versions of Cohmpost, a freeware FSU type plug-in previously available for Windows only.

From the Ohm Force blog:

You just NEED some Cohmpost in your music. Get it in AU for Mac, VST for Mac or VST for Windows. For your information, no kittens were harmed while creating the Cohmpost (just a bit ruffled, promise). Lawyer warning : Please do not use Ohm Force Cohmpost Mac version unless you totally agree with the license agreement. Waiting for your tunes made with, send us the links and we’ll post it here…

Not the most useful plug-in in the world, but good fun anyway.

Visit the OHM Side of the Moon for a link to download your copy of Cohmpost.


Knobster.org releases Meowsynth

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Knobster.org Meowsynth

Knobster.org releases Meowsynth (Russian), a freeware meowizer synthesizer VST instrument for Windows PC.

Meowsynth features

  • 1x oscillator meowing with autofilter
  • Velocity sensitive
  • Mono- and polyphonic modes
  • Visual feedback
  • Internal chorus
  • Tempo synced vibrato with controlled attack

Moewsynth is available for download from Knobster.org.


CatCam: Adventures of Mr. Lee

If you’ve ever seen National Geographic’s Crittercam you might already have an idea what this is about.

J. Perthold has made a CatCam, to track the adventures of his cat, Mr. Lee.

… I thought about our cat who is the whole day out, returning sometimes hungry sometimes not, sometimes with traces of fights, sometimes he stay also the night out.
When he finally returns, I wonder where he was and what he did during his day. This brought me to the idea to equip the cat with a camera.

And so he did. A modified VistaQuest VQ1005 Digital Keychain Camera was hooked up to a controller and put into a protective case.

Mr. Lee did the rest!

Mr. Lee CatCam
Some shots from Mr. Lee’s CatCam

Check the CatCam webpage for more images of the adventures of Mr. Lee.

Link via Boing Boing


Allergic to cats but still would like to have one?

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Hypoallergenic kittens (photo by Allerca)

BBC news has an article on hypoallergenic cats.

The world’s first specially-bred hypoallergenic cats have gone on sale in the United States.

These cats have a natural gene divergence within the cat DNA which keeps it from producing allergies coming from the glycoprotein Fel d1, contained in the cat’s saliva, fur and skin.

Since only one in 50,000 cats has this divergence the price of hypoallergic cats is currently quite high ($3,950) but already there is a waiting list to get one.

I would think that if only 1 in 50,000 cats is naturally hypoallergenic they actually should be allergenic to begin with.