Driven Machine Drums 3



Create Digital Music has announced WretchUp, a handheld effect and instrument app for the iPhone. Developed by Mouse on Mars, it's easy to learn, but also sophisticated enough that it's...


tkrworks has introduced the PICratchBOX, a 2-channel DJ mixer and pad controller. The PICratchBOX is scheduled for release later this year. More information: tkrworks (via Create Digital Music)


Music for Our Future is a special compilation inspired by the SyFy original series, Caprica. Peter Kirn writes: Working with music production today is a bit like science fiction. It’s fitting...


Create Digital Music has released Less Cowbell, a free patch for Ableton Operator by Francis Preve. Peter Kirn writes: The simple interface of Ableton’s Operator belies some truly lovely soundmaking capabilities....


Last month Create Digital Music asked its readers to share what they would want to receive, give to newcomers, and what they would want to read. Yesterday CDM presented the...

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