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Embertone releases Intimate Strings Lite: Solo Cello for Kontakt

Embertone has recently released Intimate Strings Lite: Solo Cello, a free virtual instrument library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Embertone Solo Cello

Our free Solo Cello was created for our Facebook community – it’s an octave + of a slurred solo cello with controllable mic positions.

Although the instrument is lightweight, don’t be fooled – it has many of the same expressive capabilities as our solo violin, “Friedlander”, because it’s powered with many of the same sampling techniques.

Solo Cello features

  • Solo cello – TRUE Slurred Legato.
  • 3 Mic Positions recorded 24/96.
  • 1 Octave Range (1.5 Stretched).
  • Controllable vibrato and dynamics.
  • Additional bonus patches.
  • Full Kontakt 4.2.4+ required.

The Solo Cello library is available to Embertone Facebook fans.

More information: Embertone / Solo Cello


Blakus updates free pocketBlakus solo cello for Kontakt to v1.6

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Blakus has updated the pocketBlakus solo cello sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt to version 1.6.

pocketBlakus is a sampled, expressive solo cello virtual instrument for Kontakt 4.2.4 or higher (v.1.6). There is also a version available for HALion (v.1.5).

Blakus pocketBlakus

Changes in pocketBlakus v1.6 (Kontakt)

  • Completely new GUI (graphical user interface), where you can adjust settings for Attack, Release, Noises Vol & Amount (finger noises), Round Robin (Cycle and Random), Legato / Polyphonic wwitch, Legato Preset, Velocity Curve, and Credits.
  • Legato improvement with smoother legato transitions in the L-Legato preset, and simulated portamento transitions for both L-Legato and B-Legato presets were added.
  • Additional release samples for both dynamic layers, fixed the issue with release samples triggering on note beginnings. Release samples are not triggered after the samples naturally end anymore, so you don’t hear the “release noise” twice. The attack of Release Samples is affected by CC1 position, so they start smoother when you release a quieter note with low CC1 position.
  • Keyboard Colors: unused keys are black, the keys of the cello range are blue and the keyswitches are yellow.
  • Keyswitch notes are one octave higher, so they don’t interfere with the (hopefully extending) cello range.
    • C6 – Switch between Legato and Polyphonic mode
    • D6 – Switch between L-Legato and B-Legato preset
    • E6 – Turn on/off Round Robin script
  • CC1 (Mod wheel) Default Value of CC1 changed from 0 to 127, so when you load a patch, you don’t have to move CC1 up to hear the cello in it’s full volume.

The pocketBlakus is available to download for Kontakt and HALion at no charge.

More information: pocketBlakus


FocuSounds releases Sweet Cello and Sweet Violin sample libraries

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FocuSound Sweet Cello / Violin

FocuSounds has annouced Sweet Cello and Sweet Violin, two titles in the new Sweet Series of sample libraries for Native Instruments Kontakt.

The concept behind the ‘Sweet Series’ instruments is simple: To create musical, scripted-legato patches that you can play “on-the-fly” with great results!

Sweet Cello / Violin features

  • Gorgeous full-bodied cello / beautiful 1920 violin built in Paris by Emile L’Humbert.
  • Recorded with world-class recording gear in a professional studio.
  • Performed by a full-time, seasoned session musician in Los Angeles, California.
  • Incorporates unique performance techniques that treats specifically to scripted legato.
  • No static notes, each note breathes musically.
  • Dynamics controlled by modwheel (CC#1) which controls both volume and filter.
  • Patches that cater to a variety of musical applications/dynamics.
  • Ultra-low RAM and CPU footprint.
  • Patches include: Sultry, Dolce, Solo, Passion.
  • Also includes direct-recorded, 4½ octave electric cello / electric violin.

The Sweet Cello and Violin libraries are available to purchase for $49 USD each.

More information: FocuSounds


pocketBlakus – Solo Cello Freebie for Kontakt by Blakus

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Blakus pocketBlakus

Blakus has released pocketBlakus, a free solo cello sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Inspired by a post by HZ I decided to have a crack at a simple single velocity layer, slow moving, expressive solo cello. So I dusted off my cello and prepared for the worst. I wasn’t extremely careful because I wasn’t expecting it to work – but it worked out not too bad for a 30 minute job!

I have zero programming skills so just be aware that it is very primitive and has limited use! I’ve also kept it dry so I suggest you soak it in your favourite reverb (even before playing it if possible LOL).

pocketBlakus features

  • Expressive sustains with progressive vibrato.
  • Expressive sustains triggered by playing velocities >90 – these are slightly louder in dynamic and feature attacks and vibrato that are slightly more immediate.
  • Simulated legato patch – using SIPS scripts. Easily customizeable – much easier to play single melodies with more flexibility.
  • Basic release samples (MA-Simon).
  • Basic mod control (MA-Simon).

The library is a free download at the v.i. control forums.

More information: pocketBlakus


Soundiron releases Twine Bass for Kontakt + Thanksgiving Sale

Soundiron has announced the release of Twine Bass, a custom instrument collection featuring a pair of very unique oddities: a modified cello and a traditional Kenyan fretless stringed instrument called a Bolon.

Soundiron Twine Bass

We strung a cello with rough hemp twine in various tunings and played it as a stand-up bass. We also recorded slides, muted releases and deep body strikes, all captured from a very dry, close, wide position in order to capture the full bass and tone. The bolon has a cow’s horn for a neck and a gourd as a body, with four twine strings strung through a resonating head. We recorded plucks and a whole range of taps, scrapes and other percussive effects. The resulting sounds are deeply sonorous, with rich, warm resonance, powerful low end and a woody, soft quality.

The library also features our exclusive chord/glissando generator. In Gliss mode, you can choose the speed of the gliss, the scale, time signature, gliss direction, note duration and either control the velocity in real-time or use the table to draw each velocity, with up to 24 strings. In chord mode, there’s an integrated auto-strum function that allows you to determine up, down or alternatings strokes. You can also control strum tightness, variability, number of strings and mode/scale that the chord adheres to, on the fly, from any root note you desire. In both modes, you can play multiple glissandos or chords at different root notes with full polyphony. You can also arrange 12 real-time instant preeset chord/gliss mode changes with assignable key-switches.

For the legato presets, we’ve taken an entirely different approach, with a two-handed playing system that allows you to finger-tap and play hammer-ons and pull-offs on the frets with one hand while plucking with the other. Left handed? No problem, we’ve provided a switch to flip the hand arrangement. You can move the open note to any note you like on the fly, play with or without legato, and control slide volumes and transition pitch-bending.

We then used the raw source material and a variety of special sound design techniques to create a vast collection of ambient pads, atmospheric drones and evolving sound-scapes. We also provided a full range of other performance shaping and effects controls, including full control over our custom convolution reverb impulses, allowing you to take the sound in any number of new directions.

Twine Bass features

  • 77 Kontakt patches (unlocked).
  • 2037 Samples.
  • 2.30 GB Installed.
  • 40 Custom Convolution IR Files.
  • 24bit / 48kHz stereo PCM wav samples (non-unencrypted).

The Twine Bass sample library is available to purchase for $39.53 through November 28th, 2011, as part of the Thanksgiving Sale.

Happy Thanksgiving! To celebrate, Soundiron is having a store-wide sale of 33% off nearly every last one of our world-class sample libraries, including bundles! Get Mars Epic Male Choir at our lowest price ever of only $299!

That’s right, it’s that time of year again when we don’t sleep and you cash in! Even better, all of our complete bundles are now over 40 – 60% Off list. That’s right, grab the Piano & Keys or Experimental bundles for only 200 bucks a pop! Hurry, the sale ends at 12am on 11/29/11(PST). We only do this once a year, so drink our milkshake!

More information: Soundiron


Tha Loops releases Cello .1 sample pack

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Tha Loops Cello .1

Tha Loops has announced the release of Cello .1, a sample library featuring live cello sound.

The sound-set of multiple cello riffs, shots and licks. This collection includes 506 cello samples separated into 21 musical themes. “Cello .1” samples are made to fit various genres like hip hop, r’n’b, pop, dance. Perfect for adding live acoustic feel to music productions.

Sound set is organized into multiple popular music industry tempos: 90bpm, 100bpm, 110bpm, 120bpm. Each tempo group includes melodic cello themes. Riffs and licks where recorded in A, C, D, E, G keys by professionals.

Cello .1 features

  • Features the styles of Hip hop producers such as Danjahands, Timbaland, Pollow da Don, The Neptunes.
  • Supports Kontakt, Battery, SF2, NN-XT, Halion formats.
  • Instant Download available.

Cello .1 is available to purchase for $24.95 USD.

More information: Tha Loops / Cello .1


Native Instruments updates Session Strings to v1.1

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Native Instruments Session Strings

Native Instruments has released version 1.1 of Session Strings, a versatile virtual string ensemble for Kontakt 4 and Kontakt 4 Player.

Aimed at producers looking for high-quality ready-to-go string sections for modern productions, SESSION STRINGS produces immediate results without hours of fine tuning and tweaking, yet also boasts an incredible set of expressive features accessible from a highly intuitive interface. The fully production-ready sound is made up of four violins, three violas, two celli and two double basses – played as one perfectly realized ensemble via the free KONTAKT 4 PLAYER or KONTAKT 4, representing outstanding value for money.

Changes in Session Strings v1.1

  • Improved Animator sync to host.
  • Improved Animator response time.
  • 12 additional 3/4 Animator presets – the total number of Animator presets is now 48.
  • Reduced RAM footprint – most SESSION STRINGS presets now require less RAM (some now less than half).
  • Various fixes, improvements and performance enhancements.

Session Strings for Kontakt 4 and Kontakt 4 Player is available to purchase for 99 EUR.

More information: Native Instruments / Session Strings