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Resonance-Sound releases CFA-Sound Pro-Wave 2 for Discovery Pro


Resonance-Sound has announced the release of Pro-Wave 2, a soundset by CFA-Sound for the Discovery Pro software synthesizer by discoDSP.

Evoking even more Discovery power by adding 50 fresh wavesets, CFA-Sound delivers a fresh breeze of finest patches for electro, trance and hardstyle. 64 sound covering lush pads, smooth plucks or also screaming lead sounds have been created from the scratch to meet your needs for new sounds. Dedust your softsynth’s potential once more!

Pro-Wave 2 features

  • Contains 64 sounds.
  • 50 new waveforns included.
  • Suitable for electro, trance & hardstyle.
  • Sorted in categories.

Pro-Wave 2 for Discovery Pro R4.1 or higher is available to purchase from Resonance-Sound and CFA-Sound for 20 EUR. A bundle with Pro-Wave 1 is 32.50 EUR

More information: Resonance-Sound / Pro-Wave 2


Resonance Sound releases Sylenth1 Electro House Vol.1

Resonance Sound Sylenth1 Electro House Vol.1

Resonance Sound has announced the release of Sylenth1 Electro House Vol.1, a soundset that promises to be the adrenaline injection for your next electro house hit!

SOR and CFA teamed up for this one to provide you with kick-ass basses and plucks full of drive, crunch and character, right next to a whole lot more ingredients the most used software synthesizer out there can offer.

Feeding your Sylenth1 with this premium nutrition is a must – everything else is just too normal.64 patches cover the categories basses, plucks, synths, sequences/arps, pads and effects.

Sylenth1 Electro House Vol.1 features

  • Contains 64 sounds.
  • Suitable for house, electro & techhouse.
  • Modwheel allocated.
  • Sorted in categories.
  • Requires Lennar Digital Sylenth 1 v2.2 or higher.

Sylenth1 Electro House Vol.1 is available to purchase for 15.12 EUR (excl. VAT).

More information: Resonance Sound / Sylenth1 Electro House Vol.1


Multiples E|Drums Mini Vol1

Multiples E|Drums Mini Vol 1

Multiples has released E|Drums Mini Vol1, a free drum sample pack.

Recently, I have been pulling together resources to create E|Drums XL which will be the culmination of the E|Drums series so far.

In doing so, I came across a plugin called the Dirty Panda Drumbox (pictured below) by CFA Sound which was given away free by Computer Music Magazine.

This is one of the first plugin’s of its type that I have used to create authentic Analogue drum machine sound and found it to be a real joy to use. Therefore, I thought I would wet your appetite for the E|Drums XL release by releasing a sampler of the sounds achievable by using this plugin.

E|Drums Mini Vol1 features

  • 70 seperate sound in total covering Kick Drums, Lo and Hi Toms with FM percussion
  • Formats: .Wav, Battery, Reason ReFill.
  • ReFill includes 2 Kong patches and 3 NNXT patches, plus a a Combinator that links a ReDrum sequencer to Kong allowing you to write sequenced drum patches.
  • Battery version includes 2 patches (Raw & EMU SP1200 emulation).

E|Drums Mini Vol1 is a free download from Multiples.

More information: Multiples


Resonance-Sound releases Facebook Free Sample Pack Vol.1

Resonance-Sound Facebook Sample Pack

Resonance-Sound has released a free sample library for its Facebook followers.

Get more than 700MB exclusive & free samples for all facebook followers of the new label & shop ‘RESONANCE SOUND’ (hosted by Sounds of Revolution and CFA-Sound).

This freebie is only available via the RESONANCE SOUND facebook page, extended regularly and completely free! Just “like them” and follow up on their latest soundware!

More information: Resonance-Sound


Resonance-Sound releases Dubstep Frequency Vol.1 by CFA-Sound

CFA-Sound Dubstep Frequency Vol.1

Resonance-Sound has announced the release of Dubstep Frequency Vol.1, a sound library by CFA-Sound.

Nothing compares to a good’n’catchy bassline – especially when it comes to the infamous dubsteb genre. CFA-Sound delivers a perfectly handcrafted sample pack loaded with more than 300 bass loops, oneshots and whobbles. Dubsteb Frequency Vol. 1 is a mighty arsenal for your next dubsteb production, emphasizing the genre to your personal taste with subby or tech-styled, aggressive or just ground-shaking basses.

For your convenience and highest usability, all whobbles are available as 2 different tempo variations, and each of them once more as a separate Fm chord (F, C, A).

Dubstep Frequency Vol.1 features

  • Total of 303 samples at 24-bit quality.
  • 96 Oneshot Basses.
  • 33 Bassloops at 140 bpm.
  • 29 Whobble kits with a total of 174 whobble samples.
  • Includes sampler patches for EXS24 & Kontakt.

Dubstep Frequency Vol.1 is available to purchase from Resonance-Sound for 25 EUR.

More information: Resonance-Sound / Dubstep Frequency Vol.1


Resonance-Sound launches Divorce 50% off Sale

CFA-Sound Divorce

Resonance Sound has announced a limited time sale for the Divorce virtual e-piano instrument by CFA-Sound.

How many piano libraries are out there? Right, tons of! So what’s the deal with the CFA-Sound Divorce? You don’t get similar sounding (e)-pianos, you get a whole lot more.

Modern, fancy, extraordinary, neverheard or hard-to-achieve keys, suitable for various styles from Jazz to Electronica – all at your fingertips. Divorce – the dirty side of the e-pianos, with a special dirty and nasty touch.

Divorce 1.1 features

    Divorce features:

  • Sampleplayer for PC (VST) & Mac (AU/VST).
  • Contains 25 unique e-pianos.
  • All e-pianos also included in NKI format.
  • 32 bit precision, high quality interpolation.
  • DFD (direct-from-disk-streaming).
  • 32 voices.
  • Built-in reverb.
  • 1.99 GB content.

Divorce 1.1 is available to purchase for 20 EUR (50% off) until November 15th, 2011. A purchase will also include a major upgrade coupon for Divorce 2.0, which is soon to be released.

More information: Resonance-Sound


Resonance Sound releases DrumGrizzly 2.0 VSTi by CFA-Sound

Resonance Sound has released DrumGrizzly 2.0, a virtual drum & percussion synthesizer plug-in by CFA-Sound.

DrumGrizzly is the perfect choice for everyone looking for analog-style drum and percussion sounds. With the smart dual sine oscillator engine, which also contains a noise oscillator, frequency modulation, followed by a pleasant sounding tubedrive and lofi effect, the Drumgrizzly offers a wide spectrum of sounds: kicks, percussion, snares, deep fx, bass shops and more. All this packed into an easy-to-use interface.

CFA-Sound DrumGrizzly 2.0

DrumGrizzly 2.0 features

  • Analog-modeled drum-machine.
  • 2 sine oscillators.
  • 1 noise oscillator.
  • 1 click oscillator.
  • Tube drive effect.
  • Diode drive effect.
  • Crush effect with lowpass filter.
  • 2x oversampling & anti-aliasing algorithm.
  • 100 presets included by CFA-Sound & EDT Audio.
  • Low cpu usage.
  • Full MIDI-CC operability.
  • Full daw-automatable.

DrumGrizzly 2.0 for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for 15 EUR.

More information: Resonance Sound