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Resonance-Sound launches Divorce 50% off Sale

CFA-Sound Divorce

Resonance Sound has announced a limited time sale for the Divorce virtual e-piano instrument by CFA-Sound.

How many piano libraries are out there? Right, tons of! So what’s the deal with the CFA-Sound Divorce? You don’t get similar sounding (e)-pianos, you get a whole lot more.

Modern, fancy, extraordinary, neverheard or hard-to-achieve keys, suitable for various styles from Jazz to Electronica – all at your fingertips. Divorce – the dirty side of the e-pianos, with a special dirty and nasty touch.

Divorce 1.1 features

    Divorce features:

  • Sampleplayer for PC (VST) & Mac (AU/VST).
  • Contains 25 unique e-pianos.
  • All e-pianos also included in NKI format.
  • 32 bit precision, high quality interpolation.
  • DFD (direct-from-disk-streaming).
  • 32 voices.
  • Built-in reverb.
  • 1.99 GB content.

Divorce 1.1 is available to purchase for 20 EUR (50% off) until November 15th, 2011. A purchase will also include a major upgrade coupon for Divorce 2.0, which is soon to be released.

More information: Resonance-Sound


Resonance Sound releases DrumGrizzly 2.0 VSTi by CFA-Sound

Resonance Sound has released DrumGrizzly 2.0, a virtual drum & percussion synthesizer plug-in by CFA-Sound.

DrumGrizzly is the perfect choice for everyone looking for analog-style drum and percussion sounds. With the smart dual sine oscillator engine, which also contains a noise oscillator, frequency modulation, followed by a pleasant sounding tubedrive and lofi effect, the Drumgrizzly offers a wide spectrum of sounds: kicks, percussion, snares, deep fx, bass shops and more. All this packed into an easy-to-use interface.

CFA-Sound DrumGrizzly 2.0

DrumGrizzly 2.0 features

  • Analog-modeled drum-machine.
  • 2 sine oscillators.
  • 1 noise oscillator.
  • 1 click oscillator.
  • Tube drive effect.
  • Diode drive effect.
  • Crush effect with lowpass filter.
  • 2x oversampling & anti-aliasing algorithm.
  • 100 presets included by CFA-Sound & EDT Audio.
  • Low cpu usage.
  • Full MIDI-CC operability.
  • Full daw-automatable.

DrumGrizzly 2.0 for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for 15 EUR.

More information: Resonance Sound


Sounds of Revolution and CFA-Sound launch Resonance Sound

Resonance Sound

Sounds of Revolution and CFA-Sound have announced the launch of Resonance Sound, a new label and online shop.

Oliver Schmitt (SOR) and Martin Breuhahn (CFA) came together to combine their knowledge for creating the most up-to-date sample packs, soundsets and virtual instruments. Besides that starting from now also their own labels will be distributed by RESONANCE SOUND.

Already for years it’s been their passion to explore all kinds of electronic dance music. If you feel just the same and need sonic quality without any compromises – this is the place to keep on your radar!

More information: Resonance Sound


CFA-Sound releases Experience soundset for JP6K

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CFA-Sound Experience

CFA-Sound has released Experience, a soundset for the JP6K software synthesizer by Adam Szabo.

More than only supersaws – discover unsuspected sound facettes of your JP6K.

The Experience soundset is loaded with 64 high-end sounds, containing grinding basses, super-fat lead sounds, followed by delightful pads and plucks up to juicy synth sounds. For every trance producer and supersaw fan a real must-have!

Experience features

  • Contains 64 sounds.
  • Suitable for trance, house & hardstyle.
  • Sorted in categories.
  • Requirements: Adam Szabo JP6K v1.1 or higher.

Experience for JP6K is available to purchase for €10 EUR / $15 USD.

More information: CFA-Sound / Experience


CFA-Sound releases SilverBox for U-He ACE

CFA-Sound SilverBox for ACE

CFA-Sound has released SilverBox, a bundle of two soundsets and a custom skin for u-he ACE.

The SilverBox is a free package, containing the CableBass, CableDrum soundsets and the SilverACE skin.

CableBass is a small soundset contains 32 bass-sounds for minimal, electro & tech-house. Evolving subs, percussive basses or raw and wild drifting electro basses.

CableDrum is mainly aligned on minimal and tech-house. It contains knocking drums & percussion, raw basses, a few exoctic groove-sequences and silky but also scruffy synthsounds.

SilverBox for ACE is available to download at no cost.

More information: CFA-Sound / ACE


Loopmasters releases Patchworx CFA-Sound Trance Sylenth Presets

Loopmasters Patchworx CFA Sound Trance Sylenth Presets

Loopmasters has released CFA-Sound Trance Sylenth Presets, a new title in the Patchworx series of soundsets.

Patchworx 05 – Trance Synths for Sylenth, is a collection of Bass, Leads, Pads and Synth sounds for Lennar Digitals famous Sylenth soft synth – and has been put together by the new and upcoming name in sounds and patches – CFA Sound.

In late 2008, the German sound designer Martin Breuhahn founded CFA-Sound. Following first soundset releases on Vengeance-Sound and Sounds of Revolution, this step opened the doors for establishing his very own sound and style. While first taking care of all kinds of modern dance music by delivering soundsets for various synthesizers and plugins, he continuously expanded his concept to sample collections and self-programmed plugins – sticking to his slogan “discover the sound of tomorrow”: by being just the special bit different from “bread & butter” sound design.

CFA-Sound: Trance Sylenth Presets features

  • 64 Lennar Digital Sylenth Presets: 20 Bass, 12 Leads, 12 Pads, 20 Synth.
  • 64 MIDI Files.
  • 1 Sylenth Bank Preset.

CFA-Sound Trance Sylenth Presets is available to purchase for £14.95 GBP.

More information: Loopmasters / CFA-Sound – Trance Sylenth Presets


CFA-Sound updates MonoGrizzly to v1.5

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CFA-Sound MonoGrizzly

CFA-Sound has released version 1.5 of MonoGrizzly, a bass monosynth plug-in for Windows.

MonoGrizzly is the optimal weapon for heavy electro and house basslines. Loaded with over 12 oscillators, followed of a charming moog-ladder modeled filter with 2 stages in the back, this plugins warrants wild and fat sounds.

Changes in MonoGrizzly v1.5

  • New gui.
  • Heavy cpu-usage reduction.
  • Duophonic mode exchanged to polyphonic mode (max. 8 voices).
  • Internal improvements.
  • Fm mod for oscillator 2 & 3 added.
  • New lfo targets.
  • Second tube drive stage added.

MonoGrizzly for Windows (VST) is available to purchase for 35 EUR.

More information: CFA-Sound