de la Mancha announces special offer for Strip T’s

de la Mancha has announced a limited time offer for Strip T’s, a channel strip effect plug-in for Windows. If you add Strip T’s to your basket in the de la Mancha webshop, you can … read more

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de la Mancha releases Strip T’s channel strip effect plugin

de la Mancha has released Strip T’s, a channel strip effect plugin designed to be as straight-forward to use as possible but with a wide range of sonic sculpting possibilities. It has a gate, low-cut … read more

Terry West releases CS-12M Master Channel Strip v1.55

Terry West has released version 1.55 of CS-12M, a master channel strip effect plugin for Windows. The popular Master Channelstrip with a fresh new GUI design. Terry West CS-12M master channel strip CS-12M v1.55 features … read more

Softube releases Tube-Tech ME 1B & Tube-Tech Classic Channel

Softube has announced the release of the Tube-Tech ME 1B mid-range equalizer, and the Tube-Tech Classic Channel bundle. The ME 1B is a fantastic sounding eq, especially on vocals and guitars, and a constant reminder … read more

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Steinberg introduces Yamaha Vintage Plug-in Collection

Steinberg has introduced the Yamaha Vintage Plug-in Collection, three professional signal processing plug-in bundles based on Virtual Circuitry Modeling (VCM) technology. Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH today are happy to announce three professional signal processing plug-in … read more

The Lower Rhythm Rhinoceros, effect plugin updated to v3

The Lower Rhythm has released Rhinoceros v3, an updated version of the effect plug-in for Windows. Rhinoceros is a rather colored channel-strip-like utility designed to add weight and character to otherwise stale sounds. With a … read more

Two Notes Audio Engineering updates Torpedo PI-Free to v1.0.4

Two Notes Audio Engineering has released version 1.0.4 of Torpedo PI-Free, a “Speaker Miking Simulation” plug-in effect for Windows and Mac. The Torpedo PI-FREE is based on our flagship model, the PI-101, but only features … read more

9 Soundware releases Orchestral Disorder presets for Sculpture and ES2

9 Soundware has released Orchestral Disorder, a collection of presets for Apple Logic Pro inspired by orchestras. The concept behind the sound set was not to closely emulate acoustic instruments, but rather to explore the … read more

HoRNet ChannelStrip, audio processing plugin for Mac

HoRNet has released the HoRNet ChannelStrip, a channel strip effect plug-in for Mac. The HoRNet ChannelStrip is a workhorse but high quality audio processing plugin, it’s extremely useful in every day to day mixing task. … read more

Solid State Logic introduces X-Rack Stereo Dynamics Module

Solid State Logic has introduced the new X-Rack Stereo Dynamics Module. The new X-Rack Module delivers the same sonic signature as the channel strip processing of SSL’s large format Duality console and the mono X-Rack … read more

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Two Notes Audio Engineering introduces Torpedo PI-101 and Torpedo PI-FREE

Two Notes Audio Engineering has announced the Torpedo PI-101 and Torpedo PI-FREE, two new audio effect plugins. Two Notes Torpedo PI-101 The Torpedo PI-101 and PI-FREE plug-ins feature the unique Torpedo algorithm originally found on … read more