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Crypto Cipher releases BOL – Tabla Mouth Percussion

Crypto Cipher has announced the release of BOL – Tabla Mouth Percussion, a tabla mouth percussion instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt.

Crypto Cipher BOL

This library includes various natural mouth percussions in classical, folk and experimental styles. It also includea a mouth shot patch (which is also available for free in their free sample pack).

These mouth percussions are the in the notation of tabla instruments. When spoken it reflects various emotions. The library covers various happy percussions in folk styles as well thunderous voices. Sync and transposition features make this library more useful and with effects.

The library is available for purchase for the introductory price of $19 USD (regular $29 USD). All proceeds will go to the Street Dogs charity in New Delhi, India.

More information: Crypto Cipher / BOL – Tabla Mouth Percussion


Sinevibes launches a charity sale with its Multitude plug-in (Mac)

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Sinevibes Multitude charity sale

Sinevibes has announced a sale for its Multitude quad delay Audio Unit plug-in for Mac (AU).

A conventional delay constantly processes and echoes all of the audio on the input. Multitude uses gate sequencers to control sends into four individual delay lines – allowing you to activate them at precise moments in time, such as only on particular notes, chords, or hits.

Multitude is available as an Audio Unit plug-in and comes in 32/64 bit format for Intel Macs running OS X 10.6 or later.

Multitude features

  • Four independent delay units with forward and reverse playback modes.
  • Five gate sequencer tracks for dry input signal and four delay sends, eight separate sequences storable per preset.
  • Eight simultaneous effect processors per delay unit: frequency shifter, sample rate and bit depth reducers, circuit bender, noise, multi-mode filter, saturation, and flanger. Effects can be placed before, after, or inside each delay’s feedback loop.
  • Two separate low-frequency oscillators per delay unit, each with 16 modulation destinations, multiple waveforms, and adjustable chaos feature.

Until 15th March, the plug-in is available for a special price of $39 USD (regular $59 USD). 100% of the revenue from this sale will be donated to the victims of the democratic revolution in Ukraine, to support the recovery of wounded activists and protesters, and to support the wives and children of those who lost their lives.

More information: Sinevibes /


WOK launches Christmas Gift – 2 free plugins

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WOK Christmas Gift

WOK has announced its Christmas gift, offering two free plug-ins for those who are willing to send a postcard or donate to a charity.

Since several years WOK is giving a Christmas gift to all friends, which could be picked up after sending a mail.

Because this year’s Christmas present is something special, with two plugins available nowhere else (one synth and one effect, Win32), like every child in front of the Christmas tree you need to do something special to prove you have been good.

More information: WOK / Christmas Gift 2013


The Unfinished intros Humankind synth soundset collection

The Unfinished has launched Humankind, a new limited edition charity synthesizer soundset collection, in aid of Oxfam.

The Unfinished Humankind

There are four soundsets: Absynth, Massive, Omnisphere and Trilian. Each soundset contains 64 patches and is priced at £9.99.

The soundsets are ‘limited edition’ because they will only be on sale for a month. After that period, they will no longer be available.

At least 50% of sale proceeds will go to Oxfam, a charity that do fantastic work around the globe, helping those who need it most. I say ‘at least’ 50% because I will be providing the option of ‘paying what you want’ and any extra you pay over the £9.99 RRP will go directly to Oxfam. This option is there if you wish to donate more money to Oxfam.

The sounds in the four collections range from the delicate and atmospheric to the downright dirty and aggressive; packed full of beautiful pads and soundscapes, and roaring basses and sequences. There is also a Humankind Bundle, with a small discount, if you wish to pick up all the limited edition sounds.

More information: The Unfinished / Humankind


Luftrum launches Call to Arms: Charity 2013

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Save the Children Charity diploma 2012

Luftrum has launched Call to Arms: Charity 2013, a fund raiser auction in support of Save the Children.

The past two years the sound industry raised over $23000 for Save the Children, in a charity event on the forum of KVR Audio. Companies donating software and hardware on auction to the highest bidders.

This year, my aim is to raise $20000 for Save the Children, marked to the emergency fund for the Syrian children.

Auctions include products by Moog Music, FabFilter , Camel Audio, Goldbaby, Cableguys, FXpansion, Propellerhead, D16 Group, and many more.

All auctions end on October 31st, 2013, 11:59:59 pm Central European Time (CET).

More information: Luftrum / Call to Arms Charity 2013


Mick Gordon launches “Share the Wubs” Dubstep sample library for charity

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Share the Wubs

Mick Gorden has announced Share the Wubs, a new 2 gigabyte, name-your-donation Dubstep sample library with 100% of profits going to help disadvantaged kids learn music.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been asked to do Dubstep a lot lately. Whether it’s for film, TV, trailers or video games people do love the sound of wubs! Well, I think I’ve gotten pretty good at it and I want to share the wubs with you and with others!

That’s right! Share the wubs! 100% of the profits from Share the Wubs will go to the ACMF a not-for-profit organization that provides music instruments and programs for disadvantaged and Indigenous children and youth in schools, remote communities and juvenile justice centers.

The library is now available on a name-your-donation basis with a suggested donation of $20.00 USD.

Donate Here!

Share the Wubs is a comprehensive Dubstep library that gives you all the tools you need to create those speaker wobbling noises that the kids (and a lot of clients) love these days! There’s growling basses and glitch pitch vocals inspired by Skrillex, anthemic builds inspired by Nero, groovy sequences inspired by Madeon and a whole stack of wubby, screamy, 200hz bursting madness!

The library contains 2 gigabytes of loops, stems, construction kits and one shots all containing tempo information ready to be synced to your host – simply drag and drop and you’re ready to Brostep! Each phrase is written in D minor making mixing and matching different phrases and loops simple. Of course, these files can always be pitched to whatever key you’re working in.

Share the Wubs features

  • 353 files, 2.13GB unpacked (1.5GB download), 48/24 wave files.
  • Loops, Stems, One Shots, all with tempo metadata ready to sync to your host.
  • Phrases include growling basses, groovy basses, pads & leads, screamers and vocals.
  • Super punchy drumloops and percussion.
  • An awesome “build ups” category for all those awesome fills, breaks and builds into your drops!
  • All profits go to the ACMF charity (or any other charity of your choice).
  • We encourage a donate-what-you-like with a suggested donation of $20USD.
  • Library produced by Mick Gordon, Joshua Crispin (Generdyn), James Kim (Auvic) and Michael Tornabene (Sqwurm).

More information: Share the Wubs


Luftrum Call to Arms: Charity 2012—Bid on music production software & help Save The Children

Luftrum has announced the Call to Arms: Charity 2012, a chance to bid on music production software and help out children in need.

Save The Children

Last year we had a charity event on KVR. It was titled Call to Arms: Charity and we raised 8712$ for Save the Children. This was done by almost 40 goodhearted developers donating software and proceeds for the charity. Software was auctioned directly in this thread and all the good guys were represented from small individuals to large companies such as Camel Audio, U-He, Spectrasonics, Audio Damage, Voxengo and Rob Papen just to mention a few. The charity was “unofficial” as it was started by me and the official KVR had nothing to do with the charity – other than kindly providing the forum thread for the fund raising.

I have decided to repeat the success from last year and wouldn’t it be amazing if we could break the 10k barrier? The charity can only succeed if developers who were so bighearted to contribute last year decides to support the charity again this year and if new developers join in!

Last year we had a poll regarding what charity to receive the funds. This year there will be no poll as I have chosen Save the Children to receive the funds once again.

All charity auctions end on 12:59 pm KVR Time, October 31st, 2012.

More information: Luftrum / Call to Arms: Charity 2012 (KVR Audio)