Short links for August 25th, 2008

Some interesting things I found on August 25th, 2008: # product placements (2008) – 70,200 samples in 33 seconds: nightmare for GERMAN RIAA If you want to register a song at GEMA (RIAA, ASCAP of … read more

Classical Madrigals composed on a 1989 Gameboy

Joey Mariano has released a number of classical madrigals composed on a Gameboy. Joey reinvents the madrigal’s sound with 8bit music, including Gameboy’s chord arpeggiator, extreme pitch bends, portamento effects, and glitchy break-ups. From the … read more

Short links for May 6th, 2008

Some interesting things I found on May 6th, 2008: # Jazz trash robot is an experimental sound-producing entity made from recycled electro-mechanical components. It is a collection of mechanical sequencers and timers, that can be … read more

Short links for November 28th, 2007

Some interesting things I bookmarked on on November 28th, 2007: Simple, Private Storage & Sharing – No signup, no email, just drop and tell whoever you want to share your stuff with where … read more

Atom Splitter Audio releases Games and 8-Bit Kit Volume 2 and Digital Effects Volume 1

Atom Splitter Audio has released two new free sample packs, Digital Effects Volume 1 and Games and 8-Bit Kit Volume 2. Game and 8-Bit Kit Volume 2 includes samples of retro style blips, zips, effects … read more

Alex Mauer’s Vegavox – available on NES catridge only

Alex Mauer‘s album Vegavox is not available as a digital download from the iTunes Store. Neither was it released on old fashioned media like the Compact Disc or Tape Cassette. No, it’s only available on … read more