Chokehold updates Clipmax free clipper plugin to v1.2.3

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Chokehold has released version 1.2.3 of Clipmax, a free clipper effect plug-in for Windows and Mac.

Chokehold Clipmax

It’s just a pretty basic clipper, nothing fancy or spectacular, but it’s my first and I guess you gotta start somewhere. And hey, it’s free. And low on CPU. And cross-platform. And multi-format. And 32/64 bits. And skinnable.

Changes in Clipmax v1.2.3

  • Fixed AU validation issue.
  • Fixed DMG SymLinks.
  • Fixed license related matters.
  • Improved clipping LED further.

Clipmax is available for download for Windows and Mac (VST/AU).

More information: Chokehold / Clipmax


Chokehold releases Dark VX Kick free plugin

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Chokehold has launched Dark VX Kick, a free sampled kick drum instrument featuring 4 velocity layers, round-robins and a lot of flexibility.

Chokehold Dark VX Kick

The samples on the “DRY” channel aren’t quite “dry”, they were processed by analog hardware EQs, a Harrison 32EQ and an SSL 611.

The “COMPRSD” channel was expanded and squashed with u-he’s Presswerk compressor.

The “SUB KICK” channel spills nothing but ultra-low sub-bass, just in case you need any subwoofers blown.

The “ROOM” Aux was necessary because the original samples didn’t really bring that sense of space into the mix, so I ran them through a Lexicon LXP Room processor to give them back some ambience.

The “REVERB” Aux does what it says, it recreates the sound of a modified Lexicon LXP Chamber.

All the mixer channels are independent samples, you could use this plugin for only the Sub Kick or the samples on the Reverb track if you wanted to. The individual mixer channels can be un-/muted completely by clicking on their respective mute buttons.

The plug-in is available to download for Windows and Mac (VST/AU).

More information: Chokehold


Chokehold releases Alexis D-Four plug-in

Chokehold has launched Alexis D-Four, a free drum sampler instrument for Windows and Mac.

Chokehold Alexis D-Four
The Alesis D4 drum and percussion sound module sampled.

I didn’t just want to get the samples out of this machine, I wanted to capture and simulate the dynamic range of the device – which had an impressive -76dBfs noise floor.

Even though it was a one-shot machine, the idling noise was loud enough so that a close listener could really hear the samples fade into the noise floor differently at changing velocities.

Others have sampled D4s before, but they usually just capture one loud sample and scale its volume down for lower velocities. Which also lowers the volume of the noise floor being played back, and thereby distorting the dynamic behavior of the device. Might sound cleaner at lower volumes, but not authentic.

Younger ears used to ultra-sterile digital samples might find these sounds a little grungy and fuzzy, I find that as well. But it’s not a harsh or evil fuzz, it’s actually a very warm and pleasant hiss, and may just be what’s missing in oh so many modern productions.

Alexis D-Four features

  • A sampled 90s drum module with a huge 1.16GB sound library.
  • 500 drum sounds, 3000 samples, 1 custom patch.
  • Plugin player for Win or Mac, VSTi or AUi, x86 or x64.

The Alexis D-Four is a free download.

More information: Chokehold


Chokehold releases Black Noh Snare instrument

Chokehold Black Noh Snare

Chokehold has released Black Noh Snare, a virtual snare drum instrument for Windows and Mac.

The original is played by a long-haired dude wearing a Noh mask (hence the name) in one of the most controversial bands of all time. I could have called this the “Maggot Snare” or something sic, but I think that blister already exists.

My drummer played his signature model, and I recorded these samples somewhere along the way in 2011 but never came around to actually doing anything with them. Until now.

Black Noh Snare features

  • Sampled snare drum with 9 velocity layers, every velocity layer has 8 random-robin samples.
  • “+punch” Module to add *thump* to the sound.
  • Includes rim-shots.
  • Mapped on MIDI notes D1/38.
  • “Silk” for controlling the attack phase of the snare, for each microphone independently.
  • Un-/mute individual top or bottom microphones.

The Black Noh Snare is a free download at Chokehold.

More information: Black Noh Snare


Free Tiny Metal Impact sample pack by chokehold

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Tiny Metal Impact

KVR user chokehold has released Tiny Metal Impact, a free sample pack featuring 95 samples of metal objects.

In the last couple of days I did a very strange thing for a KVRist… I hooked up my Mic to my Interface and actually recorded something. Hah. I could hardly believe it myself.

Anyway, what came of it were 95 little samples which I very neatly sorted into 4 instrument categories:

* Clicks (40 sounds)
* Clangs (14 sounds)
* Pops (14 sounds)
* Chimes (27 sounds)

The title “Tiny Metal Impact” and the names of these four instrument categories alone should be enough to give you a clue as to what’s cooking. If you still don’t know, read on… otherwise just skip down to the demo track or the downloads.

The download is available as a sample pack and VST instrument for Windows and Mac.

More information: Tiny Metal Impact


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