Nomad Factory announces Blue Tubes Bundle promotion

Nomad Factory has announced that it is now offering its Blue Tubes audio processing bundle at a limited-time discounted price of $299 USD (normally $399) through September 16, 2011. The promotion is being managed by … read more

B. Serrano releases RedShift 3 effect plugin

B. Serrano has released RedShift 3, a free effect plug-in for Windows. Pitch shifter / delay / phaser / chorus… according TO your settings! Don’t hesitate to tweak all parameters, Red Shift 2 will TAKE … read more

Toneboosters releases TB Module modulation multi-fx plugin

Toneboosters has released TB Module, a modulation effect processor plug-in for Windows and Mac. TB Module is a generic framework for a wide variety feedback and modulation effects. It consists of a set of serialized … read more

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Moog announces Moogerfooger MF-108M Cluster Flux

Moog has announced the Moogerfooger MF-108M Cluster Flux, a new analog fx processor. Expansive functionality combined with warm, analog sound come from the state-of-the-art all-analog circuitry. Musical, flexible, playable, and durable, the Cluster Flux is … read more

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D16 SilverLine Group Buy – Buy one effect plugin to get the whole bundle

With more than 1,000 participants joining, the D16 SilverLine Group Buy has reached its maximum level. Now you have a rare opportunity to get our complete SilverLine Collection for an incredibly low price: buying only … read more

New Sound Lab releases Pacific Ocean & Chorus Echo 501 sample packs

New Sound Lab has released NSL005 Pacific Ocean and NSL006 Chorus Echo 501, two new sample libraries. NSL005 Pacific Ocean features recordings of the Pacific Ocean at various locations along the beach within Refugio State … read more

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Empty Room Systems releases Dim D chorus effect plugin

Empty Room Systems has released Dim D, a chorus effect plug-in for Windows. The “Empty Room Systems” Dim D VST plug-in has been developed to sound like the Roland Dimension D Chorus with enhanced controls. … read more

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whiteLABEL releases d:SHIFT + bolsterisers updated to v1.3

whiteLABEL has released d:SHIFT, a “gnarly delay machine” effect plugin for Windows. A stereo pitch-shifter piles head-long into an echo box with filters bit-crusher and waveshaper. To pour acid in the wounds : modulators attack … read more

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Blue Cat Audio Stereo Chorus, free skins by satYatunes

Blue Cat Audio has released some new skins for Stereo Chorus, a free chorus effect plug-in for Windows and Mac. Many thanks to satYatunes who has sent us a set of beautiful new free skins … read more

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Synapse Orion 8, music production software updated

Synapse Audio Software has announced the release of Orion 8, the latest version of its music production software for Windows. After two years of development, Orion gets its most important update with Orion 8, taking … read more

Variety Of Sound NastyDLA, effect plug-in updated

Variety Of Sound has released version 1.0.1 of NastyDLA, a free chorus echo effect plug-in for Windows. A small but crucial update has been released today for NastyDLA which finally fixes all known issues related … read more

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Variety Of Sound NastyDLA 1.0.1 public beta

Variety Of Sound has released a second public beta bug fix release for NastyDLA 1.0.1, a chorus echo effect plug-in for Windows. Changes in NastlyDLA v1.0.1 public beta Fix: clearly audible lofi artifacts in the … read more

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Mellowmuse updates its effect plug-ins

Mellowmuse has released updates for its effect plug-ins for Windows and Mac. Updated Mellowmuse plugins SATV Vintage Saturator v1.8 – Metering bug in some hosts – fixed. EQ2V Vintage Equalizer v1.6 – Mid range EQ … read more

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The Lower Rhythm releases Basilisk effect plugin

The Lower Rhythm has announced the release of Basilisk, a multiband univibe effect plugin for Windows. Basilisk is a full stereo, two channel multiband ‘vibe’ style effect geared towards electric piano, strings, pads and guitars. … read more

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Access Music announces Virus TI OS4.5

Access Music has announced OS4.5 for the Virus TI series of synthesizers. OS4.5 focuses on new vintage effect emulations and additions to the modulation matrix New in Virus TI OS4.5 Vintage Chorus – The new … read more

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Peavey releases ReValver MK III.V, guitar amplifier modeling software

Peavey has announced the availability of ReValver MK III.V, a guitar amplifier modeling software for Windows and Mac. Developed by veteran tube-amp maker Peavey Electronics, ReValver captures the true characteristics of vacuum tubes while allowing … read more

TC Electronic introduces 5 new TonePrint effect pedals

TC Electronic has introduced 5 amazing guitar pedals that let users play with unique tones created by some of the world’s greatest guitar players. These new pedals – Corona Chorus, Flashback Delay & Looper, Vortex … read more

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Akai Professional announces Analog Custom Shop line of guitar products

Akai Professional has announced the Analog Custom Shop line of guitar products, bringing ‘Boutique’ sound to all with a collection of ten premium guitar pedals. As with previous Akai Professional guitar pedals like the E2 … read more

ToadWorks announces DECO effect pedals

ToadWorks USA has announced the release of a new line of DSP-based effects under the DECO brand. All DECO pedals feature True-Bypass switching with a user-controlled defeatable buffer. In addition, all stereo effects will feature … read more

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ConcreteFX sets free FX Pack, free VST effects

ConcreteFX has announced that it has set free its FX Pack, a collection of VST effect plugins for Windows. ConcreteFX FX Pack Debaser, a flexible multi-fx VST plugin that is capable of generating a vast … read more