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Christian Budde releases Simple Chorus

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Christian Budde Simple Chorus

Christian Budde has released Simple Chorus, a freeware plug-in that was originally created as part of Christian’s Delphi ASIO & VST Open Source Project.

nX-Synth 2 features

  • Simple chorus implementation with up to 8 stages.
  • Speed 0.01-10 Hz and a depth of several octaves (frequency dependent).
  • Mix parameter controls the balance of the sound (0% = dry, 100% = wet).
  • Drift parameter controls the stereo width and the thickness of the sound.

Simple Chorus is available as a freeware VST plug-in for Windows PC.

Visit Christian Budde for more information.


Christian Budde releases Advanced Clipper

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Christian Budde Advanced Clipper

Christian Budde has released Advanced Clipper, a freeware VST effect plug-in for Windows PC.

The ‘Advanced Clipper’ is basically a hard clipping plugin with two stages. Additional oversampling reduces alias noise. The oversampling algorithm is based on butterworth filters (as can be found in rubberfilter) and thus will affect the group delay (you can notice a delay of some samples in extreme cases).

Advanced Clipper features

  • Two stages of minimum phase, butterworth oversampler.
  • Hard clip at higher sample rates.
  • Oversampling of up to 16x (in both stages).
  • Filter order up to 64 (using the max. order will introduce noticable group delay).
  • Tunable transition frequency (in parameter view).
  • Several presets.
  • Nice GUI.

Visit Christian Budde for more information and a link to download Advanced Clipper.


Christian Budde & Stilianos Doussis release RUBBERFILTER v1.0

Christian Budde RUBBERFILTER v1.0

Christian Budde & Stilianos Doussis have released RUBBERFILTER, a VST plug-in offering four classic filter modes to cut frequencies with up to 384 dB/Oct.

RUBBERFILTER removes frequencies in any audio signal, while providing an additional creative purpose.


  • High Pass, Low Pass, Band Pass and Band Notch Filter for both left and right
  • Stereo Link, linking both channels
  • Cut-off Range for upper and lower filter
  • Filter’s Order for upper and lower filter, to change the desired filter Order, starting from 6 dB/Oct with up to 384 dB/Oct
  • Frequency Bars for top and bottom range, an alternative way to use knobs

A manual for RUBBERFILTER is included in the download.

You can download RUBBERFILTER v1.0 here.


Christian Budde releases Noname EQ

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Christian Budde Noname EQ (Copper skin)

Christian Budde has released Noname EQ, a 7-band tracking EQ, designed for low CPU usage with the best possible sound quality.


  • 7 bands: -15 dB/15 dB, 20 Hz/20 KH, 0,10 Oct/10 Otc
  • Filter per band: Lowcut, Lowshelf, Bandpass, Peak, Notch, Highshelf, Highcut
  • Magnitude display (can be turned off)
  • 3 colour schemes: chrome (default), copper and orange
  • GUI options: Text shadow on/off, text quality control
  • Snapshots (A-F)

Some of the options (such as GUI) can be changed by right-mouse clicking on the Noname EQ area.

Since there is no manual it might be nice to know you can copy values from snap to snap by right mouse clicking on a label you want to assign the values in the current snapshot to. The Shift and Crtl-keys can be used for finetune of controls.

Noname EQ can be downloaded here.


Christian Budde releases Christortion VST

Christian Budde Christortion VST

Christian Budde has released Christortion VST, a freeware plug-in which excites the harmonics of the input signal.
It is also possible to invert the phase of each harmonic. This concept guarantees a very surgical control over the distortion produced.

Christortion is released as donationware.

As there is no information about Christortion available on Christian’s webpage yet, you can download the plug-in here: