Red Ochsenbein releases Cinematic Pulses for Zebra

Red Ochsenbein has announced the release of Cinematic Pulses, a new soundset for the Zebra synthesizer instrument by u-he. Cinematic Pulses is a collection of 80 sounds for U-he Zebra2 which aim at modern cinematic … read more

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The Loop Loft releases Cinematic Drums Vol 3

The Loop Loft has launched Cinematic Drums Vol 3, a new collection of 180 cinematic drum loops and samples. Looking for inspiring grooves and sounds that conjure up imagery without sounding like “stock” material? Then … read more

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Puremagnetik releases Filmscape sample pack bundle

Puremagnetik has announced the release of Filmscape, a new bundle of instruments for media composers and sound designers. Filmscape is over 3GB of sound design and soundscape toolsets for composers, film scorers and intrepid experimentalists. … read more

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EqualSounds releases Epic Trailers Vol 2

EqualSounds has released Epic Trailers Vol 2, a collection of 5 Construction Kits offering orchestral and synth sounds found in theatrical trailers across the globe. You’ll find dynamic instrument arrangements, powerful percussions and a mixture … read more

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unEarthed Sampling releases Siege Drum for Kontakt

unEarthed Sampling has launched Siege Drum, a collection of cinematic and epic medieval multi-sampled drums for Native Instruments Kontakt. Whether a dragon is attacking a town, or a squad of archers are releasing a hellfire … read more

Sample Magic launches Disco & Swing Brass and Deep Atmospheres

Sample Magic has announced the release of Disco & Swing Brass and Deep Atmospheres, two new sound packs. Disco & Swing Brass Disco & Swing Brass features 350+ ensemble arrangements, slinky solos and all manner … read more

Famous Audio releases Atmospheric Piano Themes

Famous Audio has launched Atmospheric Piano Themes, a collection of 20 cinematic crescendos and heart-wrenching piano phrases. This pack brings you 20 professionally played and inspiring piano themes and 20 meticulously programmed MIDI files range … read more

ForceSampling releases Afterlife scoring tool for Kontakt

ForceSampling has released Afterlife, a scoring sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt. The sounds have been processed and morphed from several different soundsources, everything from acoustic instruments like piano and guitar, to analogue sounds from … read more

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Sample Magic releases Cinematic Chill & EDM Arps

Sample Magic has announced the release of Cinematic Chill, a sample pack featuring ambient melodies, lush atmospherics and indigenous rhythms. East meets West in this expansive library of beautifully captured instrumentation and organic rhythms inspired … read more

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EqualSounds releases Manhunt Cinema Vol 1 sample library

EqualSounds has released Manhunt Cinema Vol 1, the first instalment in its Cinema series, with dynamic instrument arrangements, powerful percussions and a mixture of oriental and electronic orchestrations. This collection features five cinematic construction kits, … read more

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Loopmasters releases Aethers 01 by Vincent Villuis

Loopmasters has launched Aethers 01, a sample library featuring atmospheric sounds and field recordings by Vincent Villuis aka AES DANA, dedicated to electronic music producers worldwide. AETHERS 01 contains all the ingredients you need to … read more

Loopbased intros Gamma Waves: Cinematic Synth Leads by Temporal Geometry

Loopbased has released Gamma Waves: Cinematic Synth Leads, a sample library by Temporal Geometry. ‘Gamma Waves: Cinematic Synth Leads’ is a sample pack devoted to the production of modern cinematic style soundtracks made up of … read more

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Payam Tavakoli releases Zebra Cinematic Tools soundset

Payam Tavakoli has announced the launch of Zebra Cinematic Tools, a soundset featuring a collection of cinematic presets for the Zebra 2 synthesizer instrument by u-he. You will find 115 ready to use Cinematic presets … read more

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Future Loops releases Industria Epica – Dark Cinematic Drums

Future Loops has launched its new Industria Epica – Dark Cinematic Drums sample pack. Future Loops has just released Industria Epica – Dark Cinematic Drums, a collection of epic percussive elements specially forged for high-energy … read more

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Audiority releases Omnisphere Cinematic II sound library

Audiority has announced Omnisphere Cinematic II, a new sound library for the Omnisphere virtual instrument by Spectrasonics. Omnisphere Cinematic II is the sequel of our bestseller Omnisphere Cinematic, featuring 100 new modern presets designed for … read more

Heavyocity releases DM-307 – Modern Groove Designer for Kontakt

Heavyocity has released DM-307 – Modern Groove Designer, a Kontakt Player sample library. The DM-307 Modern Groove Designer for Kontakt and Kontakt Player. Heavyocity’s DM-307 is a highly-stylized collection of modular synth drums, live percussion, … read more

Equinox Sounds releases Total Midi: Ambient & Chillout

Equinox Sounds has launched Total Midi: Ambient & Chillout, a bundle of MIDI loops from previously released packs. ‘Total MIDI: Ambient & Chillout’ from Equinox Sounds features their best ten MIDI collections for creating Ambient, … read more

Corin Neff releases Project Xebra for u-he Zebra

Corin Neff has announced the release of Project Xebra, a soundset for the Zebra wireless modular synthesizer instrument by u-he. Project Xebra is a collection of experimental soundscapes, bizarre percussion, and glitchy, gritty, cinematic sequences. … read more

Taleweaver Orchestra releases Ancient Heavy Boxes for Kontakt

Taleweaver Orchestra has announced Ancient Heavy Boxes, a cinematic percussion library for Native Instruments Kontakt 5. What is so special about this library? Ten cardboard-boxes have been recorded in different positions and styles. We used … read more

Patchpool releases Sonic Cinema for HALion 5

Patchpool has announced the release of Sonic Cinema for HALion 5, a sound library featuring cinematic soundscapes, evocative pads and musical textures designed for producing epic soundtracks, ambient music and anything that needs inspiring sonic … read more