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Roland Kuit intros To be ON to be OFF- that’s the SWITCH

Roland Kuit To be ON to be OFF

Roland Kuit has announced To be ON to be OFF- that’s the SWITCH, an interactive electronic book that covers all you can do with switches in modular synthesis.

From a two switch interfaced instrument to creating high-end sequencers. Pattern design, logic 3-bits words chopping to logic waveshaping. Audio processing and more…

The ebook is available to purchase for 30 EUR. Includes the Clavia NMG2 Demo soft synthesizer.

More information: Roland Kuit / To be ON to be OFF


Patchpool releases Cosmic for Padshop Pro

Patchpool Cosmic for Padshop Pro

Patchpool has announced the release of Cosmic, a soundset for the Padshop Pro synthesizer instrument by Steinberg.

Cosmic for Padshop Pro focusses on rich cinematic pads, drones, soundscape, bells, synths and cosmic sound effects mainly derived from electronic sources like Hardware and Software synths and more experimental audio applications like Metasynth and Cosmosƒ, a fascinating program which I discovered recently. These sounds are very usable for genres like Ambient – New Age – Soundtrack and Electronica.

Cosmic contains 82 patches making use of 123 original samples produced in 48 Khz / 24 Bit, with a total sze of 1.59 Gigabyte. All patches have the Modwheel assigned, many use Aftertouch and Velocity to control numerous parameters for deep interaction with the sounds.

Cosmic for Padshop Pro features

  • 82 patches in 6 categories:
    • Cosmic Bells (8)
    • Cosmic Noises (12)
    • Cosmic Pads (17)
    • Cosmic Scapes (27)
    • Cosmic Sequences (9)
    • Cosmic Synths (9)
  • Sampled Hardware synths: Clavia Nordlead, Roland D 50, Korg Z1.

The soundset costs 28 EUR.

More information: Patchpool / Cosmic


Roland Kuit introduces the Laboratory of Patching—The Omnibus Version

Roland Kuit Laboratory of Patching

Roland Kuit has announced the availability of the Laboratory of Patching—The Omnibus Version, a bundle of interactive books on patching modular synthesizers.

Laboratory of Patching combines the upgraded and extended interactive eBooks SoundLab I and SoundLab II bundled as one Big Modular Knowledge Lab with over 1700 patches.

Equal parts tutorial, demonstration and resource in modular synthesis, sound design and composition.

Laboratory of Patching features

  • Learn how to use the modules and connections to quickly build robust patches, and get comfortable with high-level patching.
  • Learn through examples that illuminate today’s best modular styles and program design techniques.
  • Understand the “rationale behind the rules”: why modular synthesis works as it does.
  • Use the extensive cross-references to help you connect related concepts and insights.
  • Benefit from up-to-date learning aids that emphasize key points, help you to avoid pitfalls, promote good practices, and reinforce what you’ve learned.

Laboratory of Patching is available to purchase for 210 EUR. SoundLab I and/or SoundLab II users can get 15% discount; College & University students get 10% discount.

More information: Roland Kuit


Clavia releases Nord Beat 4-track Step Sequencer App

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Clavia has introduced Nord Beat, a 4-track CoreMIDI Step Sequencer for iPad.

Nord Beat lets you create drum beats in classic 16 step grid with up to 8 patterns and offers great control over velocity.

Nord Beat also features a Pad Mode that lets you play the Nord Drum (or other MIDI gear) with your fingers and even gives you great control over the velocity!

Nord Beat
Although designed with the Nord Drum in mind, Nord Beat can be used with any MIDI instrument.

Nord Beat features

  • 8 Patterns.
  • 3 Velocity levels.
  • Velocity faders.
  • Adjustable pattern length (1-16).
  • Copy/Paste patterns.
  • Flexible cueing system.
  • Shuffle.
  • Mute button for each track.
  • Tap Tempo.
  • Pad mode with velocity zones.
  • Load/Save song.
  • MIDI Setup (Channel/Note number).

Nord Beat is free and works with any iPad running iOS 4.3 or newer. A CoreMIDI compatible MIDI interface is required.

More information: Clavia / Nord Beat


Clavia Nord Drum virtual analog drum synthesizer

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Clavia will introduce its new Nord Drum virtual analog drum synthesizer at the upcoming NAMM show.

Clavia Nord Drum

The Clavia Nord Drum Virtual Analogue Drum Synthesizer redefines the concept of drum synthesis offering both great sounds and unrivalled tweakability and playability.

The Clavia Nord Drum offers an impressively wide range of sounds from retro analogue drum sounds to richer and harmonically complex waves to create stunning organic sounds. Without the need for samples the Nord Drum offers everything needed to programme sublime drum sounds and is about to change the perception of what’s possible with synthetic sounds.

Designed for the performing musician, the Nord Drum features four high-sensitivity inputs and can be triggered by a wide range of electronic drum pads and/or acoustic triggers offering an ultra-fast triggering detection and huge dynamic range for the added feeling of a real instrument. The Nord Drum can also be triggered by MIDI Pads and sequencers to integrate in any production or drum kit setup.

Nord Drum features

  • High tweakability with extensive sound shaping controls.
  • Extensive editing controls.
  • Cool retro analogue sounds or stunning, harmonically rich organic sounds.
  • Ultra fast triggering detection and high dynamic range.
  • 4 High sensitivity trigger inputs with Trigger level control.
  • MIDI In/Out.
  • Lightweight and robust aluminium chassis.

The Nord Drum will be shown at the AM&S Nord Booth #6464 at NAMM Show 2012.

More information: Nord Drum