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Clicksound launches Tempa Complextro Toolkit 1 for Logic Pro

Tempa Complextro Toolkit for Logic Pro

Clicksound has released Tempa Complextro Toolkit 1, a Logic Pro template for complextro music production.

This really is a truly awesome slab of Complextro production in a MIDI Construction Template for Logic Pro ready for you to tear up and give it your own hell-raising stamp. Kicking off with an anthemic array of pads and synths, don’t be fooled by the sublime. What goes up…must come down, and after the epic drop in this template, hold on to your internal organs, the bass is here. With a super rawness and grit that will make you feel like you are gnawing on a rough rock with a bloodied, broken tooth, this is heads down time, no looking up and you are initiated into the sound of Tempa and have your chance to tame this beast into your own individual chunk of Complextro.

Utilising the full-throttle power of Logic Pro’s in-built Instruments and Effects, the baselines are made up of a combination of EXS24 samples, ES1 and ES2 custom patches and they are seriously heavy-weight speaker-shakers! EQ has been placed on all of the drums and they are also compressed to give you a crisp, razor sharp, cutting edge sound. Two sidechain kicks are also set up each with unique settings: one for the main section (drums, baselines, synths) and one for the drop (synths, fx etc.) Instructions are given on how to add the sidechain to any new tracks that are created.

The Tempa Complextro Toolkit 1 pack is available from Loopmasters, priced at £14.95 GBP.

More information: Clicksound / Tempa Complextro Toolkit 1


Clicksound releases Joe Zay Big Room MIDI Elements 1

Clicksound Joe Zay Big Room MIDI Elements

Clicksound has launched Big Room MIDI Elements 1, a construction pack by Joe Zay for Ableton Live.

Your heart is going to beat itself out of your chest, breaking ribs’n’all with the punch that this MIDI Construction Template for Ableton Live lands on your auditory senses and your imagination. Taking the emotional and melodic nature of Progressive House and thrashing it with an infectious energy of Electro/Tech House, Joe Zay has created a perfect and masterful demonstration of a Big Room House arrangement structure and that can now become yours with which to run wild.

With massively impressive Ibiza-style climbs and builds, you really hit the floor running right from the start with synapse snapping beats and percussion plus some insidious sporadic trance synth snaps. As this progresses, we get into the world of altered-reality with a truly unique bass that defies gravity and form that stunningly evolves through another sublime long build primed with inhuman energy to throw open the gates of this BIG, Big House. You can actually feel the crowd bouncing with the occasional flicks of sweat with this one; a viscerally real, superb slice of Big House with an Electro tribalism of a deadly simple but epically effective rhythms and chord progressions, all commanded by the Sergeant Major of this template; the kick.

Big Room MIDI Elements 1 features

  • Ableton Live 8.2 MIDI Construction Template (compatible with Ableton Live 9).
  • 10 Drum and Percussion Tracks7 Bass Tracks.
  • 10 Synth Lead, Stab and Chord Tracks.
  • 12 Effects Tracks.
  • Separate Sidechain Kick Track.
  • Each track is assigned to one of three groups – Beats, Main and FX.
  • This templates does not require any third party software, all associated samples and file are included in the download.

The template pack costs £14.95 GBP.

More information: Clicksound / Big Room MIDI Elements 1


Ohm Force intros Ohmicide Dubstep Session Pack + 64-bit plugins updated

Ohm Force Dubstep Session Pack

Ohm Force has announced the Ohmicide Dubstep Session Pack, a bundle of the Ohmicide plug-in and dubstep construction templates by partner Clicksound.

All of the construction templates for Ableton Live and Logic Pro within this pack are fully editable Dubstep templates, which allow you to have unrestricted control over any part of the template. You can change the speed, pitch and arrangement of any part such as the drums, basslines or synth leads…what ever suites your mood! They are completely customisable and contain the building blocks for your next Dubstep project. Within each construction template you will be able to see how all of the channels are created, how the sounds are layered and placed in to the arrangement pages and how the included side-chain compression is configured.

The templates also feature Native Instruments Massive and Spectrasonics Omnisphere and just in case you do not have these plug-ins installed each template includes bounced tracks for the third party plug-ins MIDI parts. This simply means that any MIDI parts created using Native Instruments Massive or Spectrasonics Omnisphere have been bounced down to audio tracks within the arrangement page… so you do not need Massive or Omnisphere installed as the bounced audio part will play instead.

The Ohmicide Dubstep Session Pack is available to purchase for 109 EUR. The dubstep templates pack is also available to Ohmicide users for 14 EUR.

Ohm Force has also announced updates to its Mac plug-ins.

Since the release of 64-bit plugins, Mac users have been reporting various issues. Now your favorite VST and AU plugins (work both in 32- and 64-bit applications) are ready to rock again!

Fixes in the update

  • Loading a plugin and removing it while its GUI was open would make the host crash.
  • When trying to save presets, all folders in the dialog box would be greyed out, and all attempts at choosing another location blocked.
  • Contextual menus would appear at the top left of the window, instead of where the right click was done.
  • The ctrl/cmd + click modifiers on knobs would not work.

This upgrade is available to download now for registered customers..

More information: Ohm Force / Ohmicide


Clicksound releases Progressive House Session Pack 1 – MIDI construction kits for Ableton

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Clicksound has launched its new “Session Packs for Ableton Suite/Live Producers” with the release of Progressive House Session Pack 1, a collection of MIDI construction kits for progressive house music production.

Each Session Pack includes multiple, terrifyingly tasty construction toolkits for dance music producers that are completely customisable and aim to help and inspire workflow for producers to create their own, banging individual track(s) and sculpt their individual sound.

Clicksound Progressive House Session Pack 1

The first to launch in the new series is the anthemic, deep and soulful Progressive House Session Pack 1 that contains 4 glorious progressive house construction kits that will totally evoke the Ibiza sunshine and fevered mainroom atmosphere.

All the 4 different kits include pumping drums and tight, snappy percussion comprising of hand-crafted kicks, claps and snares, plus epically sumptuous synths, awesomely ambient effects, beautifully bulging basslines and mesmerizingly dazzling melodies, all polished off with a gloriously glossy finish with sizzling sidechain and routed through an expertly designed pre-configured mastering channel with EQ, compression and limiting so you sound like the pros.

Progressive House Session Pack 1 is available to purchase for £12.99 GBP.

More information: Clicksound / Progressive House Session Pack 1


Clicksound launches online store for Logic Pro and Ableton Live MIDI templates

Clicksound has announced the launch of its new online shop, which offers pure musical inspiration through unique MIDI templates for Logic Pro and Ableton Live.


Unlimited creativity and unrestricted control over musical ideas is now available for producers of any ability at the click of just a few buttons. is a first-class online shop for instantly downloadable, professional, affordable, royalty-free, totally customisable MIDI Construction Templates. The site advances a new approach for building a track by giving elemental ideas, inspiration and providing solutions to restrictions that can come with sampling any type of music from Dance right through to Classical.

Clicksound’s MIDI templates are expertly crafted by a select roster of artists who are working and/or releasing records in the music industry. Thanks also to Clicksound’s contacts with and support from manufacturers such as Native Instruments, Rob Papen and Garritan, many templates have been created using popular plug-ins/virtual instruments such as Blade, Massive, Predator and GPO4. Equally, Loopmasters have also supplied many of the sounds used within the Dance templates that are all included in the downloadable product at no extra cost.

To accompany and celebrate the launch of, from launch-day – 5th March 2012 – Clicksound are offering a free Micro Template of choice when customers register on the site

More information: Clicksound