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Analog Binary Clock

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Anthony Liekens has a cool article on how to use an ordinary analog clock to display time in binary.

Both hands rotate and display two binary numbers, one for the current hour and one for minutes. The hands are cut out templates that carefully align with a backdrop to show binary numbers in the clock’s hour and minute hands. As such, the clock displays the current time in both analog and binary. Because the mechanisms of this clock do not require any electronics, but purely the mechanical rotations of the hands, it is a true “analog binary clock.”

Anthony Liekens' Analog Binary Clock
Anthony’s analog binary wall clock displays 11:40

Check Anthony’s website for instructions and some pdf’s you can download and print to mod your own analog clock.


Can’t get out of bed? Maybe Clocky can help you

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Clocky Alarm Clock

From the Clocky Alarm Clock website:

Clocky™ (patent pending) is an alarm clock that runs away and hides if you don’t get out of bed on time. The alarm sounds, you press the snooze, and Clocky will roll off of the bedside table, jump to the floor, and wheel away, bumping mindlessly into objects until he finds a spot to rest. When the alarm sounds again, you must awaken to search for him. Clocky will find new spots everyday, kind of like a hide-and-seek game.

Clocky alarm clocks were designed to reinterpret the common alarm clock into something that is not stressful and obnoxious but amusing and a better fit between humans and technology.

I used to have some problems getting out of bed (unmotivated by the prospect of yet another day of school bliss). I would keep hitting the snooze button or just shut the alarm completely and fall back asleep.

I figured placing the alarm clock somewhere I would have to get out of bed to shut it would help but the result was that I got annoyed having to get up, and I would quickly get back in bed anyway.

So I guess Clocky wouldn’t have really worked for me, especially because one of it’s features is: 4) Motor Off Switch – Gives you the option to have Clocky stay put one morning.

Cool idea anyway!