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Cluster Sound releases OSCAR Live Pack

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Cluster Sound has announced the release of Oscar, a massive multi-sample Live Pack based on the OSC Oscar, a rare and iconic British synthesizer from the early ’80.

Cluster Sound Oscar

The OSCar is a vintage hybrid digital/analogue synth from British manufac-turer Oxford Synthesiser Company (OSC). Designed by Chris Hugget after the collapse of EDP, this masterpiece of engineering features digitally controlled dual oscillators with analog filters and plenty of knobs packed into a yellow plastic case with distinctive rubber elements.

The Oscar implements two wide-range DCOs and a set of 5 additive waveforms but can also carry out harmonic synthesis, allowing to create customized waveforms. The filter is built from two resonant multimode 2-pole filters (the same used in the Wasp synth) with overdrive and separation controls. The digital oscillators and the analog filters are digitally controlled using a Zilog Z80a microprocessor running at 4Mhz.

The Oscar simply sounds like no other synthesizers. Thanks to the characteristic filter design and the additive facility, this stunning rubber-based synth can generate a sound palette far wider than any other monosynth. The Oscar can easily deliver mellow organs, dark drones, brutal distorted basses, sharp pseudo-digital FX and screaming leads. It can also generate classic analog sounds but it’s at its best when taken to extreme.

Oscar is based on 64 multi-sample recordings and 285 WAV effects and loops obtained by stressing the subtractive/additive oscillators through the split personality filter. This Live Pack delivers 271 Instrument Racks, 161 Live Clips and 5 meticulously crafted Audio Effect Racks, an ultra-flexible package delivering one of the coolest vintage synth ever made.

OSCAR features

  • Size: 1.9 Gigabytes.
  • 24 Bits / 44.1 Khz.
  • 64 Multi-sample recordings.
  • 161 Live Clips (119 Audio + 42 Midi).
  • 105 Multi-sample Instruments.
  • 166 FX Instruments.
  • 5 Audio Effect Racks.

The Live Pack is available for purchase for 29 EUR.

More information: Cluster Sound / Oscar

Cluster Sound releases Rhapsody free Live Pack

Cluster Sound Rhapsody

Cluster Sound has announced the release of Rhapsody, a free Ableton Live Pack featuring the sounds of the Rhapsody 490 polyphonic analog string synthesizer by Elka.

The Rhapsody 490 comes with just three sounds (Violoncello, Strings and a combination of these two sounds) characterized by a fixed distinctive chorus effect. But the unit used for this library has been equipped with a switch that allows to activate/deactivate the chorus, definitely a very useful hack!

Rhapsody is a multi-sample Live Pack based on 6 recordings created by sampling the three sounds with and without the chorus effect. Rhapsody delivers 21 Live Presets (with useful macro controls) each of which consists of 49 perfectly-looped samples (each note of the 4-octave keyboard).

Rhapsody features

  • 220 MB content, 24 Bits/44.1 Khz.
  • 6 Multi-sample Recordings (294 samples).
  • One sample per note (4 octaves).
  • Perfect loop-points (no crossfading).
  • 21 Live Presets.
  • 15 Sampler/Simpler devices.

The Rhapsody pack is a free download for registered Cluster Sound users (requires Ableton Live 9/Suite 9).

More information: Cluster Sound / Rhapsody

Cluster Sound releases SONIX Live Pack

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Cluster Sound SONIX

Cluster Sound has announced the release of SONIX, a multi-sample Live Pack based on the Moog Sonic Six, a rare and obscure analog monster from the early ’70s.

The Sonic Six sounds rough, aggressive, overwhelming and different from any other Moog synths. This is mainly due to some modulation capabilities not found in other non-modular Moogs. This obscure synthesizer implemented a diode ladder filter, a Ring Modulator, a Noise Generator, two discrete oscillators and two independent LFOs with separate rates and waveforms. The LFOs can be affected by the envelope generator and mixed into each other, allowing extensive and unusual modulation possibilities.

Sonix is based on 80 multi-sample recordings obtained by capturing 32 VCO combinations and 48 multi LFO settings. The recorded material is delivered through 144 Instrument Racks that range from rough leads to unusual polyrhythmic effects, ring modulated synths and exotic drilling sounds. Sonix contains also 800 Multi-Clips (multi-sample notes available as tuned audio clips) that allow to play 16 of the 48 LFO settings in sync with your track.

SONIX for Ableton Live is available to purchase for 29 EUR.

More information: Cluster Sound / SONIX

Cluster Sound releases Sigman Ableton Live Pack

Cluster Sound Sigman

Cluster Sound has announced the release of Sigman, a multi-sampled Live Pack based on the vintage Korg Sigma, primarily designed for raw analog basses & leads.

In the late 70′s Korg experimented with a machine for players looking for a simpler alternative to knobby synthesizers. The result was the Sigma, a bi-timbric semi-preset synth with rocker-tabs, micro knobs and two X-Y joystick controls. The Korg Sigma is based on 19 VCOs grouped in two discrete sections (Synthe and Instrument) that can be cross-modulated and filtered with a LP/HP Filter. Each VCO is equipped with a single dedicated control including Korg35 filter circuits for shaping the sounds.

Sigman is based on 30 multi-sample recordings obtained by sampling the VCO presets and custom cross-modulated sounds. Sigman delivers 90 inspiring and meticulously crafted Live Racks with dedicated macro controls, part of which simulate the ring-modulator, the joystick filter and the single VCO knobs of the original Sigma.

Sigman features

  • 800 MB content, 24 Bits/44.1 Khz.
  • 90 Instrument Racks.
  • 90 Live Devices.
  • 40 Live Clips.
  • 30 multi-sample recordings.
  • One sample per note (3 octaves).
  • Sampler / Simpler versions included.
  • Perfect loop-points (no crossfading).
  • Requires Ableton Live 9.

The Live Pack costs 24 EUR. Until December 24th, 2013, it is available to purchase for 9 EUR with coupon code SIGMAN9EU at checkout.

More information: Cluster Sound / Sigman

Cluster Sound releases SX-1001 free Live Pack

Cluster Sound SX-1001

Cluster Sound has announced SX-1001, a free Ableton Live pack based on the Jen SX-1000 synthesizer.

Released in the 1978 by the Italian Jen Elettronica, the SX-1000 is a cheerful mono-synth. Used by artists like used by Future Sound of London, LFO and Prodigy, it has been the first synthesizer implementing an hybrid oscillator (four years before the Juno 6).

The SX-1001 is based on 16 multi-sample recordings created by sampling the SAW, SQU and PWM waveforms with different settings. The SX-1001 delivers 33 Live Presets (with dedicated macro controls) each of which consists of 37 perfectly-looped samples (each note of the 3-octave keyboard).

SX-1001 features

  • Size : 430 Mb.
  • 24 Bits / 44.1 Khz.
  • 16 multi-sample recordings.
  • One sample per note (3 octaves).
  • Perfect loop-points (no crossfading).
  • 33 Live Presets.
  • 33 Sampler/Simpler Devices.
  • Requirements : Ableton Live 9.x.

SX-1001 is free for all Cluster Sound registered users (registration is free).

More information: Cluster Sound / SX-1001

Cluster Sound releases Pathos for Live

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Cluster Sound Pathos

Cluster Sound has announced the release of Pathos, a multi-sample Ableton Live pack designed for organic pads, rich strings and warm synth keys and based on the semi-modular polyphonic Korg PS-3200 synthesizer from the late ’70s.

The Korg PS-3200 is one of the biggest, rarest and amazing sounding synthesizers ever made. Released in 1978, just few hundreds of units were manufactured during the following four years. It has been used by artists like Hans Zimmer, J.M. Jarre, Emmerson Lake & Palmer, John Miles, Rick Wakeman, Tangerine Dream and by other legendary artists and synthesizer pioneers.

Thanks to its truly polyphonic architecture, the Korg PS-3200 sounds like no other synthesizer. It’s a ‘two oscillator per voice’ polysynth that means 48 keys can be played at once and articulated independently of each other. Each of the 96 octave-divided VCOs, 48 (Korg-35) VCFs, 48 VCAs and 48 envelopes, makes its own contribution to the character of the sound. The result is a very musical, rich, warm, deep and unique sound which has been simply described as an orchestra of synthesizers.

Pathos features

  • 130 Live Presets, 130 Sampler Devices, 30 Clips and 7 Audio Effects Racks, including a great sounding simulation of the Korg PS-3200 Ensemble FX.
  • Based on 27 multi-sample recordings, each of which consists of 18 notes with a length between 9 and 18 seconds, and all the samples have long and perfect loop points.
  • Captures all the nuances and the organic variations of the machine and at the same time reduces to the minimum any kind of key transposition or sample crossfading artifact.

Pathos for Live costs 39 EUR.

More information: Cluster Sound / Pathos

Cluster Sound releases Live Bundle

Cluster Sound Live Bundle

Cluster Sound has introduced the Live Bundle, a collection of drum & bass libraries for Ableton Live.

Live Bundle delivers 6 advanced drum+bass instruments designed for live performances and studio sessions.

Wave Drums: the first wavetable drum synths based on Simpler. In few words, a masterpiece of sound design, a massive arsenal of chromatic drum synth instruments with endless potential.

Wave Bass-A: the first wavetable bass synths based on Simpler. Thanks to the multi-selectable oscillators and to the masterly use of all Live sampling features, it amazingly simulate the sound of of vintage bass synths

FX Drooms: the first percussive ensemble using multi-select layered FX samples. A massive collection of FX layered percussion kits specifically designed for a wide range of electronic music styles.

Micromal Gbox MKII and Minimal Gbox MKII: the first Live instruments using the sample selector (MKI version) and the sample-FX-layering technique. They will turn Live into a powerful and extremely flexible groovebox for minimal music productions.

Low Beats Clipbox no primacy, all the same a great tool. A powerful and ultra-flexible collection of sliced clips, specifically designed for electronic and tech-based music productions.

Live Bundle features

  • 7,660 WAV Samples
  • 1387 Drum Clips & 1192 Drum Racks.
  • 100 Bass Instruments & 100 Bass Clips.
  • 60 Ensemble Clips, 60 Construction Sets, 60 Ensemble Racks.
  • 256 Wavetables.
  • 2.6 gigabytes content.
  • Compatible with Live 8 & Live 9.

The bundle costs 79 EUR. Cluster Sound customers who own a product included in the bundle can get a discount.

More information: Cluster Sound / Live Bundle

Cluster Sound releases Drum Cluster for LIVE

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Cluster Sound Drum Cluster for LIVE

Cluster Sound has announced Drum Cluster for LIVE, a drum sound library for Ableton Live.

Drum Cluster is a massive collection of sculptured drums, construction patterns and modular devices for Live, a hyper-customizable drum library designed for every form of electronically generated music.

Drum Cluster contains everything a producer needs to create stunning, solid, pristine sound quality music. This cutting-edge package brings tons of rugged kicks, sturdy snares, sparkly hats, deep lofills, esoteric vocoder FX, bubble glitches, edgy shatters, noises, one shot synths, basses, and the list could go on and on.

Drum Cluster for LIVE features

  • 6,000 WAV Samples, 6,000 Drum Hit Racks.
  • 100 Drum Kits, 374 Special Kits.
  • 160 Drum Modules, 160 Drum Multi.
  • 150 Convolution Presets, 150 Convolution Racks.
  • 850 MIDI Clips.
  • Native 24 Bits / 96.1 Khz.
  • 1.2 gigabytes content.

Drum Cluster for Live costs 79 EUR.

More information: Cluster Sound / Drum Cluster for LIVE