Code Diggers releases DQ Band Dynamics Rack Extension

Code Diggers has launched DQ, a band dynamics Rack Extension for Propellerhead Reason.

Code Diggers DQ

DQ is a band dynamic processor for vocal de-essing, drum punch reduction or accentuation, sidechain bass reduction and generic surgical band compression and expanding for creative and mixing purposes.

DQ features

  • Compression and expanding modes.
  • Steep 96 db/oct filters for precise detection range selection.
  • Configurable up to 20 ms lookahead time for sharp transient handling.
  • Sidechain input (with passthru output for convenience).
  • Intuitive preview modes.
  • Detector cv output and processor cv input for use with other devices.
  • 64-bit internal processing and optional 2x oversampling.

The DQ Rack Extension costs 35 EUR.

More information: Code Diggers DQ


Code Diggers releases D-Filter Rack Extension

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Code Diggers D-Filter

Code Diggers has released D-Filter, a filter Rack Extension for Propellerhead Reason.

D-Filter is an extremely functional and easy-to-use 2-in-1 lowpass and highpass filter module. It can be used both as a high quality filter for mixing and as a creative FX. Sound excellence is achieved through internal 2x oversampling and 64 bit floating point processing. Awesome “Dual” knob which controls both lowpass and highpass cutoff frequencies included!

D-Filter features

  • Bandpass and bandstop modes.
  • Master frequency control (“Dual” knob).
  • Adjustable slope : 12/24/48/96/192 dB per octave modes.
  • Adjustable resonance.
  • Optional analog-modeling filter overdrive.
  • Optional output limiter.
  • CV inputs for all parameters.
  • Intuitive indication.

The D-Filter Rack Extension costs $35 USD.

More information: Code Diggers / D-Filter